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  1. I'm surprised that despite everyone mentioning Gawyn's defeat of the warders, which would make him easily let's say for argument's sake in the top ten swordsmen of the land, nobody said anyhing about how it was also said that Galad routinely beat the crap out of Gawyn during practice...so that would make Galad even better than one of the best swordsmen we see. I don't think most of you are giving Mat enough credit to be extremely weak and to soundly defeat two of the hottest sword fighters in the series. Screw ta'veren, Mat is just a bad ass!
  2. Was it egwene's dreaming that foretold Perrin riding with wolves as far as the eye could see following him?
  3. have any of you ever seen a four way chess set? then you can have the dark, the light, seanschan and.....well i dont know anyone else...everyone else lol who cares. what im REALLY interested in, is Stones. does anyone else think that its basically the game othello? i would like to know how to play snakes and foxes too. what kind of rules would always prevent you from winning without cheating?
  4. For specific characters...Thom is just the coolest character from any book ever. A Shienaran Asha'man though...actually anything Shienaran. I just want a topknot!!
  5. You think they would still search for a song? maybe some evil black metal from beyond the blight or something? Or...ahem...Dhoom Metal? ok...pun time is over, im going to bed.
  6. I had never seen an explanation for the abbreviation so despite kind of assuming it was that book, I had wondered if maybe there was another i was unaware of...
  7. I vote Alise...she cant effectively channel to any degree, and she can't run like an Aiel, so you would have a much better shot at avoiding her if necessary!
  8. Page 34 of the BWB(? I dont know what this abbreviation means but I'm assuming its the book I'm looking at) "Sources are not clear whether or not Da'shain Aiel could channel, though they do agree that the Aiel could often enhance channeling, as when adding their voices to the seed singing of the Ogier."
  9. you think the Darkfriend Tinkers follow the Way of the Poison Oak Leaf?
  10. slightly off topic but matrix made me wonder...how would a really large group of gray men affect someones vision? if you couldnt look anywhere without your vision "sliding away"? would you just get really bad vertigo?
  11. I dont know if or where it's mentioned in the books but it is mentioned in the "the World of the Wheel of Time" psuedo encyclopedia thingie
  12. i dont necessarily think swordfighting per se...just a fight, in the physical reality world...i dont see why either would not throw every power available to them at each other in any case.
  13. Now SH and Fain facing off is something I didn't think of...that would be wicked awesome.
  14. in PoD its mentioned that Aviendha is one year short of 20, and Egwene and Elayne haven't even reached their 18th year, so that would make the big 3 18 or 19ish
  15. I dont really have any precedent for this idea, just some random ideas as usual... SH being the DO manifest in reality, physically fighting Rand. At the same time, on the secondary plane that is the Bore/PoD the DO and Rand having a true source-fueled battle. Sort of a two layered battle, one mental one physical, one reality one T'A'R, or whatever version of it exists at Shayol Ghul?
  16. Everyone has basically mentioned all of the things that bug me except for one thing...and I understand the explanation(and feel it is really clever and believable, but still drives me crazy) The idea of ta'veren as perfect deus ex machina. Anything, no matter how remote, can be just thrown right into the story and be blamed on ta'veren. "Hmm...I don't feel like building a reasonable explanation as to why blah blah happened, lets just make it so and call it ta'veren." While we are being so negative though I'll throw in a plus. I have to say that last line of the Dumai's Wells plotline
  17. He should be happy that he is a Swede...they have so much of the best metal....of course maybe it was their depression and reindeer sadness that influenced the creation of the metal...
  18. Just totally out of left field, with no proof or even hints to make me think this may be true... The singing, with a cutting from Avendasora on the bore, the remaining Tinkers, Ogier and Aiel and Rand with some kind of modern day 100 Companions singing the Tree over the bore...I dont know why I thought of this...I certainly have no reason for it lol...just some random thoughts. I figure if it were up to me...obviously the seals don't last forever I would try something new ;)
  19. I hate to bump this up so far but I just finished FoH again and (RJ's supposed denial notwithstanding) the line that makes it kind of jump out at me is Birgitte right after she gets up and about "He is out there somewhere, a baby perhaps, or a young boy." This is not too far at all in the timeline from when Mat meets Olver for the first time.
  20. I'm really surprised that after seeing so much scandinavian metal(and non-metal) there has been no mention of Mortiis(The Stargate??? come on perfection in a handy box) Neptune towers, Wongraven etc...and Kveldsanger is effing GOOD go listen to it now. I command it.
  21. I am kind of curious about the RPing areas...basically wondering if there is room for the casual participant? The sheer amount of forums and subforums for that here is a bit daunting and it has been awhile since I got involved in anything like that. I get online often, but generally for very short lengths of time, what with work taking up so much of my time, so I don't want to get involved in something that I'm rarely going to be truely active in unless that is acceptable. Point me in the right direction, anyone?
  22. I guess you missed that bit on the front "sequel to...." :P I have to (grudgingly! lol j/k) admit I feel where you are coming from. It gets old after the 300th time you go through something similar though ya know? Ah if only the book could look at you and go "ok this guy knows a bit...i can ditch chapters 7 and 22...shorten this pov a biiit...there, ready to read..."
  23. That is simultaneously amazing and terrible. Poor guy!
  24. Slightly off topic, one of you mentioned the rehashing of definitions and explanations at the beginnings of each book...this..drives..me..nuts. And it isn't just WoT, Harry Potter had such an over abundance of this I wanted to scream... By the second book, you know what saidar and saidin are, you know male channelers go mad, you know about the gleeman's cloak, and so on and so on....How many words could've been cut out with the removal of those bits? I just wanted to say I'm glad someone else shares this annoyance with me! ;D
  25. I will admit that until I read the post about RJ denying this it is exactly what I thought. I would love to see this kid though...with his "fugly" face.
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