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  1. k. That was what I wanted to know then. You have both enlightened me.. :)
  2. Yeah, that one is ok. I was talking more about the time he was knocked out with chills and fevers closer to camelyn. cant see what he did 7-10 days before then. The lightening to save them from darkfriends is the most logical choice, but that was only 3 days before he got sick...
  3. I take that point.. :) But what did rand do to knock him out so badly close to camelyn? was it the lightnings? if so, does the sickness come closer and closer to the time he channels? Cause the lightening was 3 days prior to when he was completely knocked out with fever and chills.
  4. lightheaded doesn't necessarily mean he got sick.. I assumed it would come stronger. Since Nyn was knocked out her first time for a few hs. just like rand did later on... Not saying you are wrong, I just didn't think that was the sickness...
  5. In Eye of the World, Moiraine states you usually get ill a week to 10 days after first time you channel (at least that goes for girls, since she was explaining this to Nynaeve. Could be different for boys I guess..) Miraine also says she noticed Bela didn't need any help getting rid of the fatigue, and that this must be rands doing. However, it was not until right before Rand and Matt gets to Camelyn that Rand got the Illness you get for first time channeling... It took them more than 10 days from leaving Aemonds Field to get close to Camelyn, didn't it? And it couldn't be cause of t
  6. I think people needs to die. Harry Potter last book sucked, cause no major guys really died. Only thise few we dont really get connected to. So rather then writing who shouldnt die, Ill write who I think SHOULD die: Lan, defending Nyn against major forsaken Nyn, avenging Lan. Killing the forsaken, but dying herself Rand. He needs to die. There is no room for him after the war, like there was no room for frodo. Moiraine. If she comes back, like it seems, she cant be wandering around. Too cool for the white tower. Bela, so all theese silly jokes could end. Those are the majo
  7. Completely agree with this. I now know a few things I didnt want to know till Im actually reading it myself. Thanx to all that has spoiled it for me. How hard is it? Or is it just that you want to show how special you are cause you have your book, and some of us not?
  8. Well, Im pretty sure this age will end with victory to the "team Creator". However; one thing the DO has enough of is time. So even if he doesnt win THIS time, doesnt mean he never will..
  9. To ask a question back to threadstarter: Do YOU understand Balefire?
  10. Id like to see a great many scenes.. ;) But Ill name the ones Id love the most: -Kinslayer and Ishy dialogue -Battle of Manetheren (the story Moraine tells the Emond fielders) -Shagar Logoth (the boys meeting Mordeth) -Battle at the eye/the gap/Shayol ghul -Battle in the sky (Rand vs Ishy) -The first battle where Perrin fights as Wolf (where Rand puts fire to some trees..) -The battle for the stone of tear -Rand and Mat in Rhuidean Too many to go on.. lol
  11. Id say Mat wins, but I did not vote him. Cause Mat "cheated". Its not Mats experience and knowledge that makes him a great general. Its the experience and memory of all those OTHER generals... I voted Ituralde. I know too little of Jagad to vote for him. What Ituralde has accomplished with the small amount of troops he has is nothing but astonishing.
  12. I read the books up to "pillars of creation" or something like that (the main charackters of the series were not even in the book untill last chapter...). I got so pissed off by his "free market is great, everything else is evil!" way of writing. So I stopped.. Then I picked up Wheel of Time, and never picked up another SoT book.. and I never will.. and Goodkind (or goofkind as majs calls him ;) )is a silly silly man, and should be burned as a witch...
  13. well.. the pattern causes everything to happen..
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