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  1. You guys really hated the book huh? Honestly it seems like you hated the last three. Did they have issues? Yes, but you guys are acting like they were horrible. I like AMOL. I liked all three. They finally moved the plot. We finally saw a resolution. I don't think RJ would have resolved every sub plot. Not in three book. Characters died. Did we really expect everyone to live. It was the Last Battle. The ending of an age. Too many battle scenes? It's the Last friggin Battle. Did you all expect random hair pulling, more baths and cups of tea. We finally saw a Forsaken actually seem kinda scary. Was it perfect? Hell no, but was it as bad as you all seem to believe. IMO no. No matter who finished the series folks would say it's off... the pacing is wrong... that characters are wrong. It was RJ's story. No author could have written it like him. Under the circumstances I think Sanderson did a decent job. I'm glad I got to read AN ending. It may not be THE ending we all would have gotten from RJ, but I can live with it.
  2. I thought Talmanes fighting the good fight in the beginning was sad. He was killing Fades and fighting in spite of being mortally wounded. (I was happy he lived) Avi killing Rhuarc was really tough. Rand... he went through so much. Birgitte. So sudden. had to reread it a few times. Noal saving Olver. Lan fighting Demandred. I just knew he was going to die. (so glad I was wrong)
  3. That's not really what I think. Just being sarcastic. I have no idea who the red veiled, dark eyed, spear carrying people are. Nothing about that description makes me say channeler or even Aiel. I will just have to RAFO
  4. People believe they are dark channelers because the Aiel send all their men who can channel into the blight to hunt the DO at SG. The theory goes these Aiel have been turned to the Shadow. Gotcha. I just doesn't make much sense to introduce dark channelers and have them not use saidin. I will just have to wait and see. I would believe alternate portal stone evil Aiel before evil channeler Aiel that show no signs of channeling.
  5. I can wrap my mind about the evil Aiel part because of the veils and spears, but what makes people think they are dark channelers? The merchant wasn't held still by bonds of air, the ground didn't erupt, and he wasn't burned by fire etc... He was killed with a knife. A regular knife. Doesn't make sense to introduce Aiel dark channelers and have them NOT channel.
  6. I was a bad kid. Fighting, getting suspended, all kinds of stupid stuff. I was in the 6th grade, we had just moved to a new part of St. Louis, and I was just acting out. My teacher Mr. Washington gave me The Sword of Shannara to keep me occupied while I was stuck in in-school suspension . Most black kids didn't read fantasy, but it was a really good book. I was hooked on Brooks until I discovered David Eddings ( Belgariad/Mallorean). Freshman year of high school this kid Ben Rhone was reading The Eye of the World. That was in 96. I asked him if I could borrow it and I've been team Jordan ever since.
  7. Why can't Mat just be Mat? He is already a cool character. At this point in the story I don't think it matters. We will probably never know, but I doubt he is Aemon. Maybe a relative.
  8. Male 30. Started reading when I was 15. Favorites in no order Rand, Thom, Logain, Lan, Mat, Avi, and Galad. I dislike Egwene, Elaida, and Gawyn.
  9. I started reading in 8th grade. That was like 95. Wow, I've been caught up in these books for a long time. I didn't think I would still be reading The Wheel of Time 20 years later. I can't wait to read the last book, but I'm a little sad that this great series is almost done.
  10. I realized a long time ago that the characters weren't going to die. The fact that characters like Hurin, Morgase, and Thom to name a few haven't died at some point is just a bit unrealistic. No knock against Jordan or the WOT, I've been reading the series since 96, but the fact that most if not all of the characters will probably live did kill a lot of suspense. We all knew that Mat, Thom, and Moraine were going to make it out of the tower. I'm not a huge advocate of death, but even characters like Leane and Domone are still alive. I wouldn't be surprised if Valan Luca pops up again and somehow survives The Last Battle by some sort of blind luck. I do enjoy seeing how the characters get out of their "near death" situations and I've invested way too many years not to finish the books. A little more suspense wouldn't have hurt though.
  11. If Galad can channel he hasn't been taught yet... that scene just proves he can use the Oneness. There is no evidence in any of the books that he has ever sensed, touched, or held saidin.
  12. I always thought it was Taim as well.. I know that everyone believes that he isn't a recycled Chosen, but something is up with him. He was either trained by the Forsaken or he is something more.
  13. I typed that wrong.. I like his arrogance as well. Based on his actions I can't see him cutting off his beard. He is man enough to all but scream "I'm a Friend of the Dark when he is near the forces of good, but scared enough to shave his beard because he "might" be recognized. Plus he can channel. Why was he living so rough? I just never understood how Taim would show up in that condition. Excuse my hasty typing. Just trying to get all my thoughts out
  14. Thank you and I thought the same thing as well. Only thing that always bothered me was his arrogance. I just can't see Taim shaving his beard. Saldeans love their beards. Plus all types of folks visit Caemlyn. Seems to me he would have kept the beard. I know he was on the run, but I doubt most people knew how he looked. It always struck me as odd.
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