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  1. Trollocs were created using the True Power, I believe.
  2. I'm quite sure that all Myrdraal are male, though for reasons unknown to the Forsaken. I think a great deal of things about Myrdraal are a mystery to even those who indirectly created them. WRT Female Trollocs, this was one of the questions in the Knife of Dreams book tour: So, we can assume that every so often a band of the males will go back to the blight and rut, producing many offspring. Or perhaps ones that have yet to leave the Blight. Luckers: Myrdraal aren't quite sterile, just there's no females so they've nothing to breed with, and their sperm kills human ova. (from http://wot.wikia.com/wiki/Letter_to_Pat_Korda_1995)
  3. My favourite title is also "The Shadow Rising", for reasons pretty much the same as those expressed by "Balefire to da face".
  4. I have a guitar, somewhere... haven't played it in well over a year though.
  5. I think it's great that these people are pulling together to support research into this terrible condition. As Werthead said, Alzheimers gets about as much attention in today's media as the black plague. I'll also get a t-shirt, if they ship to the UK -- can't get onto the site from work -- and I wonder how much a signed copy of Fevre Dream would go for?
  6. I think the only way for a username to be changed in phpBB is by the admins of the board. I've never seen a phpBB site that allow members to change their own username.
  7. I think Morrie just want to beat on Rand himself. I think it's another ego thing.
  8. Paxam


    Thanks, Laurana. :) How would one get into the roleplay here? I'm not experianced at such things, so the guides to "post a bio to the div you want to join" kinda confuse me. :D
  9. Paxam


    Yes, well, I doubt RJ will ever have the forsaken sitting around a coffee table, when one of the blurts out and say, "You know that little guy who used to hang around with us back in the olden days, the one who was always playing a banjo or something? Well, funny story, I bumped into him in Caemlyn and accidentally balefired him. Hahaha." :D
  10. I really can't see the Amayar dying being the gasp moment, and if it was what RJ was referring to (which seems sadly likely), then if he expected us to gasp, why not have mentioned these people more than a handful of times before, and those times as more of an afterthought to just put in a funny word? Really, we don't know anything about these people. They have no place or purpose in the story as of yet. They are irrelevant. I think Aram's going to the dark side with the Prophet is more of a "gasp" event. More related to the actual story.
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    Egwene, thanks for the welcome, firstly. Secondly, I got it from Forbidden Planet, which is a comic/cult shop on Bold Street in Liverpool. They also had the GRR Martin book out early, but being a student, I couldn't afford that one as well. :) And I can't recall anything to do with Asmo happening in KoD, though since I leant my copy to my GF, I can't check up on that.
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    Hmm... you'd be surprised how many people in Liverpool Uni have absolutely no idea where it is. There was a girl from Edinburgh who didn't even have a clue. And Lands End? Where's that? :) Just kidding.
  13. I haven't played D20 for an age, but I think once you're a certain level, you can select a sub-class, and then you choose which class to level in, but your sub class has to remain below your main by a certain amount. Probably wrong. Oh, and I bought NWN some time ago (October last year, I think) and still haven't even gotten around to installing it. So don't feel bad about being late.
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    Yes, I believe so.
  15. Paxam


    Hi Everybody! (Go on, say "Hi, Dr. Nick", you know you want to.) :) I'm new to this site, obviously, and I just thought I'd introduce myself a little, and see if anyone cares. So, here goes... I'm 18 year old who lives in the North East of Scotland (anyone here heard of John O Groats? That's pretty close to where I am, just 30 or so miles further up the coast from here), but I'm studying at the University of Liverpool in England. I study Astrophysics, which is much more complicated that I expected it to be when I was filling in my UCAS form. I've been reading the Wheel of Time series since around 2001, I think. I've read all of the books, and even though I got KoD a few days before it came out, I didn't read it until the end of November. Bad me. On the internet, I'm also on TarValon.Net, which I'm sure many of you have at least heard of. So, it'll take a while for me to not think "Dai M'Hael" whenever I see people say "DM". :D Anyway, that's my brief introduction. Hopefully I'll get to know some of you people.
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