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  1. I think you are all pretty confused. The Light at the moment, and I'm assuming in AMOL as well, is pretty messed up. All over the ENTIRE world, the DO's orders have been to "Let the Lord of Chaos rule". It seems to me that they've done a good job. Moridin is going around tearing holes in the pattern to get around. Semirhage comepletely destroyed the Seanchan Imperial family and court. Graendal has broken the Sharans sacred Sh'botay and Sh'boan 7 year rule, and no one knows how much havoc that has caused in Shara. The Aes Sedai, even the non Black Ajah ones, are all at eachothers throats, aka sisters being assaulted by other sister within the White Tower, and is growing worse by the day thanks to Alviaran/Mesaana. The rebels have their fair share of dissension within as well, although Halima was uncovered later on. Randland is completely racked by war, famine, and strife, thanks to chaos and the spoiling food. In KoD Rand said he hoped to break the seals himself before the pattern starts unravelling completely. You know about those ripples that happened to Faile, Mat, and Perrin? I'm pretty sure that's the pattern completely loosening. So by the time Rand has to break the Seals, everyone is probably still going to be tearing eachother apart. Likely the 12 Gholam will be running around trying to kill the most powerful Aes Sedai, aka Elaida, Egwene, Elayne, Rand, Cadsuane. And Mat. About them needing millions of Trollocs to fullfill the Tarmon Gai'don, they sent hundreds of thousands in something of an effort to kill Rand. A single person. Not to mention someone mentioned that those hundreds of thousands of Trollocs and Myrdraal were going to be a small taste of the last battle, and that the world would forget Dumai's Wells in what was to come. The Trolloc Wars were - what? 400 years long? - and they said the land was literally flooded with trollocs. imo, the world doesn't stand a chance either way. Not to mention the dark one litterally being free, or if you forgot Rands trip to Rhuidean where he saw the Bore drilled by Lanfear, a huge city of the AOL completely destroyed by the ground errupting in obsidian fire, simply because he was free. Wonder what he'll do when the pattern is already half destroyed? A bunch of fire? my 2 cents :)
  2. I forget which book it's in, but the battle where the HUGE army of trollocs attacks Logains manor and Rand uses blossoms of fire and deathgates like mad... and Dumais Well is way up there too... Gotta love the simple "Asha'man, KILL!" and they all explode.. crazy
  3. Hiya, and will do :D I've been trying forever to decide my favorite character but I can't seem to pick! :P I'll check out all the different Orgs :)
  4. Hi everyone... I got into WoT a few years back and been a hardcore fan since :) Im here now though :)
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