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  1. She knows the Prophecies of the Dragon, specifically "Five ride forth, four return. Above the watchers shall he proclaim himself, bannered cross the sky in fire." The watchers refers to the people at Falm, and it seems to me that Moiraine would know that type of thing. Verin did. She could probably guess that it was the next place he was sure to show up.
  2. I think that the exact wording is important here. It is not 'to live you must die.' It's "If you would live, you must die." I think that's a very important distinction because it implies that he would need to want to live, and be willing to die at the same time.
  3. For the fog, she says that there are not ten women in the tower that could do that, implying that there ARE women in the tower who can do it. On the Invisibility, yeah, but that's really just a variation of the illusion weave rather than an entirely seperate weave, right? Balefire, good for her. The dagger, stated perfectly already. The tracer on the coins is basic. By all accounts that seems to be something all Aes Sedai would be able to do. No, just no. She specifically states that the objects have no affect at all on the weave. If anything, they're a hindrance, since they require her to have the object if she learns the weave with the object being a part of it. She says clearly that the objects have no affect other than to aid concentration, which doesn't actually make the weave stronger. Also, she figured out the trick using the stone as a focus while she was still in the Sun Palace. Again, the stone doesn't make the weave more powerful.
  4. I'm refering to the 21 level female strength system which Luckers mentioned earlier in the thread. RJ stated that those percentages were on a Bellcurve, which implies that a bellcurve would be the distribution pattern for channelers. It is most uncommon to find an exceptionally strong or exceptionally weak channeler, and most are in the middle. I believe the comparative strengths of the Aes Sedai(and other female channelers) we've seen support this. Please excuse my lack of direct quotations and saying several rather than searching through all of Robert Jordan's answers to find exactly where he said a level or two. I assume(as I believe most people would) that a level represents a certain degree of aptitude or strength. The fact that a level system can be used implies that there is some type of logical increase. It may not be that each level is equal to another level, and it could be that level 9 is exponentially stronger than level 8. However, we have no reason at all to assume that the levels represent an inconsistant increase in strength, and every reason to believe that they represent a static increase in strength.
  5. I just want to clear up the numbers for some people. 62.5% of women can PASS, which means that 37.5% fail. I did some calculations based on a comparison of the percentage of men and women who could pass the threshold set by the Aes Sedai and here's what I came up with. Based on the 21 level system of women's strength in the power, I determined that the threshold for becoming Aes Sedai is a power level of 7.875. This is static for both men and women. By using the percentage of men and women who could pass based on strength, I determined that the maximum possible strength for a man would be 22.76. This means that men are 1.76 levels above women(at the maximum power level) based on the 21 level system for women(i.e. Lanfear is a 21, and Ishamael and Rand are both 22.76). If we assume a perfect bellcurve then a man and woman of average power would have a difference of .88 levels. This difference would reduce to practically nothing at very low power levels, and increase to the already mentioned 1.76 level difference at the max. All in all, the average power difference between all men and women is .88 levels or about 4%. That's it, the average difference, mathamatically, is 4%.
  6. Obviously the ability to channel exists still. Miracles are just people using the OP. Even today there are a lot of people who can do unexplained stuff, and there are alternative medicine practices that most certainly fall into the same catagory. Obviously the Age of Legends will begin when someone realizes that their special ability, whatever it may be, is actually a lot more flexible than they thought. That person will start looking for others who can do the same things and behold, a channeling tradition is born.
  7. For about two thousand years the Aes Sedai WERE the most powerful and wisest of humanity, with only a few exceptions. They simply knew more of the world of everyone else in history, politics, and general knowledge. A middle aged Aes Sedai had still lived longer than anyone who couldn't channel, and an old Aes Sedai had the knowledge of generations. They had every right to believe they were the best, because they were. The new initiates would pick up on this right away, and try to act like those Aes Sedai who had been around for two hundred years. It's when things started changing that they became ignorant. All of a sudden there were people who had gone through harsher training and lived for just as long. Mat is still young(three years ago he really was the fool Egwene thinks of him as), but because of the extra memories he's at least as good a general as Gareth Bryne, who has had a lifetime of proving himself. Rand recieved a crash course in politics from Moiraine, Elayne, and others, and had to grow up really fast. But that's besides the point. A lot of the examples of the main female characters talking down to the men are actually just that. It's the way the women in the world think, not just the Aes Sedai. Min thinks the same things of Rand as Elayne does.
  8. Aes Sedai only need their hands for certain weaves, and only because the motions have become part of the weave for them. For weaves that they were not taught with hand motions, it makes no difference whether they're walking around regularly with their hands free to wave, or bound and gagged. The number of weaves a channeler can handle could be partially related to strength in the OP, but I'd say it has more to do with training. When Egwene was handling all those weaves she could channel less of the OP than the Accepted who was teaching the class, because of the Forkroot of course. Egwene did have the "benefit" of being taught by the Seanchan though, for whatever difference that makes.
  9. The scene I'm refering to happens before Moraine goes to Rhuidean, and before she goes into the stone door Ter'Angreal in Tear. I have to go and reread the passage(again) still, but I believe that Rand failing without a woman who is dead and gone is Min's interpretation of a viewing of Rand, and that the only viewing to ever have failed was that Moiraine would marry Thom, which is obviously a viewing of Moiraine, or of Moiraine and Thom together. It's entirely significant to Rand because it represents the fact that she could have a vision that doesn't come true.
  10. So I came to a realization while I was at work. The viewing of Moiraine that never came true was that she would marry Thom. That is why Moiraine was able to tell the girls that she knew the face of the man she would marry better than any of them, because Min already told her who she will marry.
  11. One scene that has given me goosebumps everytime I've read it is in Ebou Dar when Mat rushes up to help Elayne and sees the Gholam. Just the way that's written and the fact that it's the first time we've seen anything that's really superhuman in terms of shear physical abilities. It really has a kind of chilling affect.
  12. I'd just like to point out something that's being totally ignored. When a sparker first channels, they usually cause something to happen, but don't experience the heightened senses that those who are more experienced get. There is no indication that they could hold the source unconciously and not channel. In fact, because they can not sense the source and don't know how to embrace it, I find it very unlikely that they could hold the source for very long under any conditions(even life or death). Also, a learner can't touch the source until they are guided to it. That is a fact. Being able to achieve the oneness is not the same technique as embracing the source, even though they start the same. One final point, Galad embraced the oneness and gained apparently heightened senses on command. There is no way that someone could embrace the source on command their first time, and by Galad's thoughts this is familiar to him.
  13. Galad may be able to learn to channel, but that scene has no bearing on that. All the scene proves is that Galad is a swordsman of blademaster quality, which we already knew. The scene is written similarly to some of the scenes where Rand channels, but if you go back to some of Rand's early fights, specifically against High Lord Turak in TGH, that it is written similarly, but with specific mention that Rand was not holding Saidin.
  14. The Forsaken most certainly have dealt with LTT, as they were all Aes Sedai at the same time and then fought each other. The experience the Forsaken have with madness is what they know from madness caused by things other than the taint.
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