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  1. I have a couple theories on why there has to be a 13th book, despite the fact that RJ said there wouldn't. (1) if it was supposed to go in one book, it would be like 3,000 pages long. (2) thirteen is a significant number in the WoT series, and I think it would be cool if there were 13 books. (1) the series needs a sequel after all the books where Rand gets married and has kids and is the king of everything and such. just a thought
  2. I think you are forgetting that he would also have to kill his half-brother and the dragon reborn Rand. Also, don't you think it kind of odd that Rand is marrying Elayne who is related to him?
  3. If I remember correctly, Rand Saw the Saa in the man's eyes, confirming him as Moridin
  4. I'm sorry about the misunderstanding. Men can not be directed with the warder bond. Lan and Rand prove this because Lan can be and Rand can't, and I'd say they both have really strong wills, this is why I assumed that even while not holding the power, Men who can chanell have a degree to which they cannot be compelled. Just simple fact.
  5. Sorry. I'll add Moridin along with Balwer and Thom along with anyone else you people mention.
  6. That's not exactly what I meant. you can tell by the Warder bond with allana and rand that Male Channelers have some resistance to Saidar
  7. Excuse me, but you are forgetting the best girl in the whole series, and my favorite all out character after Mat, Tuon.
  8. something I forgot to mention. If you never read TEOTW in the 2 different parts. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. seriously need to read the beginning of part 1. It has a alternate prologue about Egwene that really intro's the characters really well
  9. If you want my advice, just read the seriees over again, I just started my second read through, i'm only on the 4th chapter, and I've already spotted so many things that I've never saw before. For Instance, when we meet Thom for the first time, and he sees Moiraine and he stops performing. Because he recognizes and Aes Sedai. And when Moiraine is talking to Mat, Rand and Elwin, and Rand feels like he would do anything to stay near her. She must have been using a form of compulsion. I also think that the spark might have already infested itself in Rand, because when-I think-Moiraine was using
  10. But what about him seeing Moridin's face before the "Battle".
  11. this is just an idea, but when Rand's hand gets blown off, he gets up and his gaze watery and there are black flecks floating in his vision. Could this not be the Saa from the True power via the link with Moridin. Maybe Rand was holding the True power and didn't know it. Maybe it created some sort of block between him and the tRUE Source. 2 things that could mean ths could be true. (1) I belive right before Rand meets Semirhage, Doesn't he see Moridin in his head? (2) while he is lying down, he can't move, could this be a side effect of True Power, then he finally gets the One Power in him, an
  12. I still think that ... what was it? the bank of teh White Sea (Manethrendrelle) where Mat's gonna die the 3rd time in his life as Mat Cauthon. Also, I think that Mat is one of the hero's of the Horn, and this is a really crazy theory, but what would happen if somehow do to the time wierd in dream world, that mat was Gaidal Cain, though I strongly believe it's somehow Olver. I mean, come on, Olver follows the exact characteristics of the story between him and Birgitte
  13. I don't care much anymore about spoilerss. sometimes I will even skip ahead when i'm bored with a part and just see when the next ex. Rand part is. I still read everything, that's just what's fun for me.
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