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  1. Playing devil's advocate, eh? Okay, I'll give it a shot. There are quite a few reasons why Elayne’s “plan” was a dumb one, starting with the fact that she didn’t actually take the time to make a plan. She acted on impulse with her motivation for moving fast being that her Warder would try to stop her from doing it. If she knew that Birgitte would see this as a bad idea, would that not clue her in to the fact that it may be dangerous? Why was it dangerous? Start with the fact that if it would be believable that one of the Forsaken would visit one of the Black Ajah in Elayne’s dungeon, isn’t it possible that one of the Forsaken could interrupt her little impromptu interrogation? It might not be likely but it is a possibility. The bigger reason it should have been obvious that it was dangerous is past experience. Elayne has been aware of three instances where a darkfriend channeler/s have been captured and held. In all three instances, other darkfriends have either killed them in captivity or freed them. Stone of Tear, Mohogdien in Salidar and Ispan on the way to Caemlyn. That’s three for three. She should have expected someone to come to either free or kill these prisoners. Being in the dungeon with them was dangerous and stupid. As far as Elayne channeling, she hasn’t been able to rely on it since the early days of her pregnancy. On the very night that she was depending on channeling to protect herself, it took three tries to embrace the source. That’s like walking into a possible gunfight with a gun that may or may not reload and just hoping that you won’t have to shoot. Yes, her own guards were right outside the door, but she had no way to communicate with them if she needed their help and they had no way to communicate with her if any problems came into play. That’s not backup. No danger to anyone but herself? Is there any reason to believe that being stilled would hurt her children? As far as I know there isn’t any…. Being burnt out has a detrimental effect on Warders doesn’t it? I imagine stilling does too. Elayne is bonded to Birgitte Silverbow and the Dragon Reborn. So if Elayne were to get stilled it could cause the death of two Heroes of the Horn. Sounds to me like stilling Elayne could put the whole world in danger. And that’s if she is not captured again. In that case how many would have to die this time to get her back? In addition, she can have her children in a dungeon and have them be born healthy. It was an idea that would have been great had she taken the time to plan. Rather than make and hold the gateway herself, she should have gotten one of the Kin to hold it. She could have make wards to be tripped in the event of any problems so that her guards would know to come in or she could have been warned to leave through the gateway. Or had guards come through the gateway to protect her if needed. She rushed into this so fast she almost went in claiming to be a Forsaken while wearing pink slippers!!! For this to even be called a plan there would have had to of been some checking of details and considering what might go wrong. Elayne did neither; she proved once again that she is an irresponsible, inconsiderate child.
  2. p80 He'd lost the unconsciously slumped posture that many young men adapted, particularly the tall ones. I think that adapted should be adopted.
  3. I can't stand Faile. For me it's bad enough that she is still a teenager and thinks she knows better than everyone else about everything. (Yes, this is common in the series and of many teenagers and twenty somethings too) But Faile tops off this undesirable attitude with manipulating people. I could forgive this behavior if it was only people like Alliandre and Rolan, she doesn't owe them anything. But she doesn't stop at that, she manipulates Perrin and Loial to get her way. When this is added to the fact that her own husband thinks that she "keeps close purse strings on the truth", she is the type of person that I avoid whenever possible. Also rather that accept that Perrin doesn't understand what she wants from him (the yell at me to prove you see me as an equal garbage), she gets mad at him. Why not explain why she's so upset? If she had never left Saldea and had no experience of other cultures, it would be understandable, but she has been to many places including the Two Rivers and has seen that other cultures have different ways for men and women to interact. Expecting people to read your mind is unreasonable and annoying. Faile is selfish. She has been told time and again that Perrin is important to Rand and winning the Last Battle and rather than accept that and support Perrin in this she is constantly trying to get him to run away from this responsibility. In Tear she begs him to run off with her, she has a manor house built in the Two Rivers and encourages him to stay there and tries to talk him into distrusting Rand and so on. She just has too many personality traits that irritate me for me to be able to stand her.
  4. For me, the reason why what the Seanchan do to women who can channel is different from putting a collar on the Forsaken is simple. Moghedien was scared and shamed and kept against her will, like any other prisoner would be. The damane on the other hand are as a rule brainwashed and tortured until they believe that they are less than human and deserving of being treated as dangerous animals. The reason why the Egwene and Teslyn and others hate the Seanchan so much is because they know that if they had remained in the adam even a few more days or weeks then they would have lost their sense of self and become the tamed animal the Seanchan make of women who can channel. For me imprisoning someone can be necessary, but making them lose their identity and sense of self is evil.
  5. I am not really sure how i feel about the Aiel. They have good and bad qualities. They are honest and honorable and hard working and so on, but they are also crazy. They offer to let people kill and or beat them when they make a mistake. How weird is that? However i find their victories over wetlanders believable. In the Aiel war, they had the numbers and the element of surprise on their side. Throughout the books, there are comments made about the size of the armies and how compared to what Rand gathers armies are small. The 4 clans coming out of the waste would have been huge compared to what Cairhien could come up with. And the amount of damage that they could have done before Cairhien even realized they were coming would have taken care of the trained soldiers before Cairhien could mount any defense. When this is added to the fact that the nations didn't unite to fight them right off and concentrate their efforts, it makes since that the wetlanders had their butts handed to them. As far as Gaul and the Children, it seems to me that the Children aren't really all that skilled at fighting people who fight back. They obviously used to win battles because of Nial's banner collection, but from what we've seen of them they mostly go around and threaten and intimidate people who can't fight back. So it seems pretty believable that Gaul could kick their overconfident butts before they really have a chance to react.
  6. Rand can't fix himself in TAR. Egwene shows this when she went to Salidar in TAR in the flesh. She had just got strapped and she made it go away so she could sit a horse, but as soon as she left, her sore bottom came back.
  7. I don't think that surrender is necessarily easier than fighting. Look at all the trouble Nynaeve has with surrendering... I think that it depends on when you start to learn and what type of person you are. I am a very uptight person and would find it easier to fight that to completely surrender. I can't even fall asleep easily because I don't like to give up control.
  8. I think it's your favorite too. :PI'm not convinced, I think Serenla is a closet Crossroads of Twilight fan. Now why you gotta go and tell all my secrets? :o
  9. So, how many stories from the Age of Legends involve that particular ter'angreal malfunctioning? Enough to keep people listening to the stories? But not so many that they would suck all the fun out of the idea of using it?
  10. No, Mordeth is a wholly separate entity to the Taint. Mordeth was the last survivor of Shadar Logoth, and he merged with Fain but was unable to take him over. Eventually they settled into one very crazy man. Fain/Mordeth was at Fal Dara, the dagger was with Mat. You may have a point that it was Mordeth's evil that Aginor was refering to rather than Mordeth himself. I tend to think of them as the same though because Fain thinks of the evil in the dagger as being part of himself and making him complete.
  11. I think it's your favorite too. :P Ya think? I'm really not sure. Sometimes it's like Rand and his girls, I love em all the same... ;)
  12. Awesome! Now you can read Knife of Dreams, which I think is my favorite. ;D
  13. I was implying a question: How do different people experience different things with those 3? Sentient things are capable of perception. Different experiences for different people, that could be an indicator of perception. The fear shower reads thoughts, that seems unlikely. Nynaeve & Egwene seemed to be unaware of their experiences before they entered. There are a couple of reasons why I think that the fear shower makes a person experience thoughts. One is the fact that Nynaeve made the arch come back. Nynaeve had no real trust for Aes Sedai at this point, so what they told her wasn't as firm and unquestionable. I think this doubt of the "rules" in her thoughts made it possible to do something that as far as the Aes Sedai know, can't be done. Or in other words, if the person going through "knows" something to be true, then it is true, but if they think it is a possibility then it is only a possibility. Another reason I think it shows what a person expects to see is the original testing of the device. Two women went through warded and aware and got burned out. Exactly what they thought would happen messing around with a ter'angreal that they don't know how to work. When someone went through with no warding and didn't remember, she saw her fears. Yet going in she was scared and she had to have been thinking about what was the worse she would experience. My last reason for now comes about when I try to decide why it was made originally. It was most likely made in the Age of Legends, before any war and bad stuff was happening. Why would they feel the need to torture each other with this thing? Or prove that someone could face the worst things ever for them? It was a different environment. Worth was proven through accomplishments and public service, not strength and arrogance. But they did like entertainment and fun things. Which leads me to go where have I seen a fun thing that has an arch and can make anything you can imagine a reality? A holodeck!!! Only rather than tell computer your wishes, you just think them...
  14. After this life he may be, but I don't think that Mat was tied to the Wheel before it. I am very sure that Aginor is refering to Mordeth. The evil that he created in Shadar Logoth is old and something that corrupts as much as that city does would be a friend to evil people as well as an enemy since the evil was directed to the Shadow. Most of the "extra" memories Mat has come from the Finns, with maybe a couple from the "Old Blood". And Birgitte says that when she is born normally she doesn't remember who she is anyways. The main reason I don't think that Mat is tied to the Wheel is that Birgitte would know him as whatever Hero he would be and yet she only shows that she remembers him as the Sounder of the Horn. I suppose she could remember and keep it from everyone, but she slips so often by saying things that she shouldn't know about, that I think she would slip on that too.
  15. In the Fires of Heaven News Comes to Cairhien a little more than half way through, Mat brings this up. Elayne chose to ignore Mat because she thinks that Andor has queens not kings, so she doesn't understand what Gaebril's motivation to kill her would be. Since she can't think of a good motivation, she decides Mat is mistaken or exaggerating. So mostly Mat is ignored due to having low credibility with the wondergirls and their own arrogance.
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