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  1. In "The Great hunt" the girls go to Tar Valon and are being trained and one of the first lessons they go through is how to open up to the source (the concentrating on the opening flower crap.) They are also told to touch the source but not channel it by the AS instructor. At that time they mention heightened senses if I recall correctly. Rand also accesses the source by using the flame and void trick similar to the flower trick the girls use, and if I recall correctly it gives him heightened senses. Why is it not possible for Galad, who spent most of his life training in the sword and most likely using the flame and the void tecnique for concentration to push it further in the face of a great challenge such as the fight with Valda and reach out to the source? It is not like he would know what he was doing. Like the novices in Tar Valon he accesses it but does not channel it into a weave or anything like that. Also If I remember right Flinn was an old guy that could be taught to channel a was quite powerful after he learned its use.
  2. Although I found the Se-Folk annoying they did wipe out almost all of the Seanchan channelers (cant remember how to spell it) in Randland. When Mat frees them in Crossroads of Twilight they destroyed most of the Seanchan naval might as well. If only RJ would have described that battle, book 10 would have been AWESOME; but no, we are told about one of the largest battles of the one power in the series from the POV of Mat as he sits on a rock looking out into the harbor with horror due to all the smashed and burnt out ships and bodies floating in the water.
  3. Lanfear was channeling as she went into the doorway (attacking Rand and company) and Moraine dove at her and shoved her in(she was not channeling) Maybe the trip severed Lanfear.
  4. Suian and Leane both lost their ageless look after they were stilled. They were then healed and did not regain the ageless face. The ageless face is the tightening caused by the Oath Rod. The Wise ones have a slowing which is due to OP usage but they do look older. the knitting circle look like grandmas by their descriptions. Sure they are WAY older than the oldest AS, but they do not display the ageless face because none of them were subjected to the Oath rod.
  5. I would love a full chapter run down of the Wind Finder escape from Ebu Dar in the Crossroad of Twilight book. There was more One Power tossed around in that battle than any other in the series so far. Imagine POVs describing the Seanchan blasting their own ships and Wind Finders ripping boats to shreds. I was pissed when RJ left that to Mat sitting on a rock looking at the aftermath. Mat kill Couldin for sure should have been written.
  6. I think the meeting with Perrin will be great. The WCs are gonna want his head and Galad will probably go along until he sees his mom alive. Then he will have to calm everyone down probably with Berlain's help. Thus her falling for him.
  7. "Ashama Kill." for sure is the best scene so far. But one scene I just chuckle at every time is when Mat puts the smack down on Galad and Gawyne. Never under estimate a farmer with a pole. I like the Nyn healing Logain scene as well. There are many decent scenes but those are my favs.
  8. Rand has made a lot of bonehead decisions to avoid the death of people, especially women all through out this series. He may use people to get what he wants, but he does not just throw people out there as cannon fodder. The people that fight for him are trained soldiers and death in service is their job. He has not porposfully sent civilians into the grinder to get anything as I recall. He takes on the damage himself. If Rand had any idea they would commit mass suicide he would have found another way to cleanse the taint, or he would have just let it be the end being near and all. Except the author was using this event to preach.
  9. Bob I agree with you about the way he concludes things very quicky. The entire fight between the Seanchan and Windfinders was almost an after thought. Mat's battle with Couldin was all off screen leaving a disappointment for me. Most of his major battles have been that way
  10. The point Jordan was implying is Rand cleansed the taint from sadin but in doing so it caused the destruction of the Female Choden Kal which in turn caused the deaths of an entire race of people. The question is if Rand had know of the consequences of this action would he have still attempted the cleaning? I think not. I will admit RJs point was rather lame in its execution ONLY because we did not have enough of a connection with the people in question. Now if it would have caused the death of every Tinker then we would have gasped. I know I would have.
  11. At the end of book 7 Rand and Mordrin crossed Balefire and it had an adverse reaction. The theory is that act linked the two of them. Mordrin is the face Rand keeps seeing.
  12. I always thought it was Alvarian that caused their actual deaths (well their suicides) she was in Tremalking for three weeks after the cleanising trying to find out what all that power was up to. I just blamed her for talking the elders into killing themselves. That way I didn't have to blame Rand and Nyn. :D
  13. Galad's 7000 renegade White Cloaks are even in the area that Perrin is in. All the rumors about White Cloaks on the move and such. Galad is the only son close enough to meet up with Morgase before the end of this series and that has to be one of the plot lines finished. Galad will thank Perrin for keeping Morgase alive and pardon him for splitting the skulls of those white cloaks in the first part of the series.
  14. Remember Flinn had been healing his own injuries when he was a soldier for years before Taim found him. I'm sure Dashiva and Taim helped him by showing him how to make weaves he may not have thought of, but their weaves were used as weapons for the most part. Dashiva meddled with his healing while he was training with Taim to hone his already efficent skill.
  15. Min may call him a "woolhead" and such, but she shows her love for him and FOLLOWS his decisions even if she doesn't like them. The other two are to arrogant and will not give up their own desires to follow him, they think they know what is best but dont really care to find out what he thinks. Thats why Min seems the best for Rand.
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