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  1. Why does everyone think that Rand needs to help Lan? That't Egwene thinking. Rand's logic must be failing because we like Lan. His reasoning was sound and tactics good. Lan draws the enemy out, The main force travels to the capital (Shayol Ghul) and kills the king (DO) then hits the enemy from behind while they're still trying to figure out who's in charge. Morraine is not abobe sacrificing Lan for the good of the world. Egwene could always send someone - but wait - she gave away the tower forces to the hall. All she has authority to do is treat with the other monarchs who are all going to side with Rand. Maybe evel Elayne when she sees not one house from Andor or Cherrien ( I can't spell it) agrees with her. It's only considered Rand's fault because he has the ability to do something about it. But it is actually half Nynaeve's fault for making him gather up all those men, and half Lan's for being so "honourable" in the first place - putting a dead land he's never known ahead of the woman he loves? That's not honourable.
  2. I've got a bad feeling that it'll go the way of LOTR book 1 - 90 pages of the conference at the field of merrilor, with quick breaks to gather up the Seanchan from Tar Valon before concluding in another 90 pages. Of course, since there's no journey involved (gateways) they'll have to have a chapter or two on Lan or Talmanes or Tuon to keep you interested, but mostly it'll be all talking, travel to Shayol Ghul, then game over.
  3. I think Rand Sedai needs Lanfear for a bit longer, but needs to kill her after he's sealed the bore since she's the only one who knows how to drill it again. The forsaken say allot of things. They probably believe them. But you may have noticed that they don't bother to learn anything new. Whereas the RandLanders need to learn quickly and are throwing themselves into it. They also have good trainers. I get the feeling that in AOL knowledge wasn't always shared freely.
  4. My guess is that this is what makes grey men
  5. Haha... See how I'm funny? Anyway..... To say that the introduction of the Three Oaths stabilized society after the breaking is naive in the extreme. And the fact that they are giving up half of their natural life span is pretty stupid. Retarded may have been a bad choice of words but I've never been a very PC person. Philosophy is all well and good but whether or not 300 years is enough versus 600 years isn't the point. Their primary concern should have been about preserving knowledge. Which they did a piss poor job of. Half the lifespan means twice the number of generations between Age of Legends Aes Sedai and modern Aes Sedai. More generations of Aes Sedai means more knowledge lost. Not to mention it cut in half the time the AoL Aes Sedai had to record or impart all that knowledge to the next generation. Of course that is assuming that the Three Oaths were instituted before all the AoL Sisters were dead. They knew that if the Forsaken ever escaped from the bore that they would have all the knowledge of the previous age. They should have been making sure whatever weaves and artifacts that survived the breaking were saved if they could have been used against the Shadow. Now they did collect a pretty good stockpile of angreal and ter'angreal but modern Aes Sedai have no idea how most of the ter'angreal work. Again, failure to preserve knowledge. So, instead of preparing to defend against the Shadow should it rise again, they decided to eliminate male channeling and take all the piss out of the women. And if you think about it, the Three Oaths do nothing but impede the forces of the Light. The oath against lying is nothing short of completely pointless. The Aes Sedai of today have found every possible way to be dishonest without actually lying. Because of the oath against using the power as a weapon none of the Sisters are very well practiced at fighting with Saidar. Swearing off making power wrought weapons was beyond stupid. Nothing is going to stop dreadlords from arming the Shadow's armies but you deny the same advantage to the armies of the Light. Egwene thought about abolishing the Oaths but oh no! Siuan thought it would give the Sisters an identity crisis. Aes Sedai are an exaggerated version of what is wrong with modern governments. They think they know what is best for everyone but in reality they are only screwing us all. [/rant] You are right to rant. Especially since I doubt the Ashanman will submit to the three oaths, even if they did find a binding chair. And it's not 600. The Jenn Aiel built Rhuideen about 1000 years after the breaking? They had an AOL Aes Sedai with them. Assuming that on average they were around 200 at the time of the breaking... I think 600 is a low estimate.
  6. But when have they ever espoused that code at all ? My opposition to the upcoming pacification stems not from that fact, but from the idea that the Aiel must need change at ALL. They are a militaristic society, sure, but so is everyone else - what they definitely are NOT is a monolithic society. As we saw when we went to Clan Two Spires (more made-up-names, I apologize) they have quite a substantial portion of their populace who lives quite happily as artisans, craftsmen, food-producers, what have you - after all there must be people who produce the spears and weave the veils as well the people who use them. There was no indication that Rhuarc's second wife (lets call her TwAmys since I doubt she will ever appear again) - who specifically did NOT bear arms - was any less respected than, or spat upon, in comparison to the warrior womyn. In fact quite the song and dance was made of her authority and the respect that must be accorded to a hold mistress. Is there any indication, really, that the Aiel live for war and nothing else, compared to anyone else ? Sure they had their clan raids and territorial spats, but whither then Tear and Illian and Mayen ? What about the periodic warfare between Arad Doman and Tarabon over Almoth Plain ? Other than the great war, which really wasn't about conquest but more about punishment, the Aiel to me seemed quite happy to live within their nation and leave everyone else alone. As opposed to say, the SEANCHAN. Why have they suddenly been singled out as a warmongering horde of malingers who need reformation ? No other people are ddicated to the Way of the Leaf bone deep. The Aiel are, and only the recent Aiel seem to think that it was a promise to the Aes Sedai. They are Daishan, it's who they are. When Toh is met, it is as if the transgression never happened. If they believe they met their Toh, then according to their own culture, it must return to how it was before. It's not something Rand should force on them, it's a decision they need to come to on their own. Otherwist they have no Ji.
  7. We only have "Myth" that tells us that the DO was imprisoned by the Creator. I believe Rand will need to re-create the prison. He'll bind the DO in his own power. It was a human using this power that drilled the bore. Of course, if he throws Padan Fain into the bore the DO may be destroyed. And then Moridin will go Wow! I was wrong! And he and Rand will go off and have a beer and talk about old times.
  8. LTT didn't balefire himself. RJ was specifically asked that question at signings, and was quite insistent that LTT's death and Dragonmount's creation were not by balefire. Since LTT was the Dragon he was able to pull in a fantastic amount of power, and we saw the result. Getting on to your question, actually there has been some speculation (unproven, as far as I know) that a balefired person might eventually be reborn. However, this passage from Lord of Chaos strongly suggests that a death by Balefire is an irreversable final death: This doesn't mean they won't be reborn. This just means that the DO doesn't have the ability to travel in time, and he needs to catch their souls on the instant of their death to be able to use them. Balefire kills them in the past.
  9. He'll steal a queen (again), save the girl (again), demoralise the enemy (again), be completely rude to all he speaks to all the while radiating innocence, come up with an out-there theory about people he can't understand and have a re-match against Galad and Gawyn just to prove the luck's still there even though the eye isn't. All this has been done before though, so his crowning glory will be making Talmanes laugh
  10. Not Rand's funeral, Elayne's funeral. Many years from now. Aviendha and Min discussing the intervening years and what will happen now.
  11. It's only north in relation to Tear right? Could she be in Caemlyn to help stop the invasion?
  12. Ok, Field of Merrilor. Mat seeks out Siuan and Bryne nearly takes him out for the disrespect he's showing. He wants his horn, so he get's Siuan to take him to Tar Valon, which it, of course, being invaded by the Seanchan. He bumps into Leillwyn Shipless and they both say "You!". Then he once again kidnaps Fortuona and takes her to the field of Merrilor. When he get's back he's rude to Egwene and Gawyn get's all red-faced, so Mat offers to drub him and his brother in a rematch. "Oh come on! I've only got one eye. Surely your 10000 marks is a safe bet?" Rand tells Galad that he's his brother. Cadsuane and Morraine have a show-down. Aviendha shows up and all four of them get married on the spot while Tam and Abel's jaws hit the ground. Loial brings the Ogiers. They all side with Rand while staring down the Aes Sedai and holding their axes tight. And later: Raen goes Rhuideen then he and Rhurac and Loial sing a wittle song.
  13. The anti-evil stuff originated from the suspiscion and paranoia of an entire city. If Rand means to slay the Dark One, then he'll need to throw Padan Faindeth into the bore. If Rand wants to seal the Dark One perfectly, without tainting the one power, he'll need to touch the Dark One with the Tru Power, so effectively he seals himself away.
  14. Could also be as simple as Aes Sedai enjoy nothing more than complaining about other Aes Sedai
  15. My only disappointment would be if Raen didn't learn the songs. My only disappointment with the last one was the Two Rivers remaining a part of Andor. Andor doesn't deserve it. Personally, I like Sanderson's writing. I just didn't like the splicing of the timelines in the last two books. I'm pretty sure everyone's caught up now, so the next book won't have Tam in two places at once. I'm sure I'll enjoy it - even if my theories on how it should be don't pan out.
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