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  1. Sarah Ash - Tears of Artamon series - Lord of Snow and Shadows 01, Prisoner of the Iron Tower 02, Children Of The Serpent Gate 03 rules....;D really it's amazing ;) can't stop reading it...dragon-daemons and all that... and thanks jmashore for list...but there is very little I like there or which I haven't read yet... anyone? some books that are hard to track down like Sara Ash's and with dragons??
  2. ;D thanks for suggestion...it sounds like really awesome book! :) I will start reading it as soon as I finish Codex Alera ;)
  3. I've come across a really fantastic new series by Jim Butcher...Codex Alera :) :) Can't wait for book five (Princep's fury) and book six ;D if anyone know any other new series like this post them here ;)
  4. lol Terry Goodking, is it now?... or is it maybe "Goodkind"? Whatever I have read TSot by Terry Goodkind many times...as for Historical Fiction I don't like to read it if there is not a lot of magic in it...and usually Historical Fiction books are all alike more or less which I don't like either:) no I prefer epic fantasy...epic heroic fantasy...with a little romance flavor in it... and thanks Raena for information about Kerr Katharine books ;)....(could you maybe give another hint if dragons have any major role in it or only minor...as support characters in the story? :))
  5. hmm I've came across this series by Kerr Katharine; Act One: the Deverry books • Daggerspell • Darkspell • The Bristling Wood (Dawnspell) • The Dragon Revenant (Dragonspell) Act Two: The Westlands • A Time of Exile • A Time of Omens • Days of Blood and Fire (A Time of War) • Days of Air and Darkness (A Time of Justice) Act Three: The Dragon Mage • The Red Wyvern • The Black Raven • The Fire Dragon • The Gold Falcon can somebody who arleady read it tell me if this series is any good? (are there any familiarities with wot or tsot?) it has very good rating on amazon and other sites....and ton of fans...but... and in act three are there any DRAGONS....or they are only in title...lol ??
  6. cant wait... :D I hope that the title is Dance with Dragons for reason....love to see more of dragons in action and interaction whatever...I didnt like the last book A Feast For Crows as much as other books in this series. It was a little boring... :) I have no doubt that Dance with dragons will be much much better ;D
  7. lol I did write in my first post in this topic that I -hate- Stephen King and his Dark tower(dont know why but I do)... ::)(I read first book in this series...) and I read Mcaffrey's books...hmm little epic in her books...and her dragons are boring...have very little emotions and personality...more like robots or animals...dont like that kind of dragons... I`ve taken a look in other topics...nothing new that I dont know off...most of it I read arleady...
  8. yeah I read it...and yes I didnt like Pern very much...better for me was Paolini's Inheritance series and E.E. Knight's Age of fire series... I read Naomi Novik books too(some people like them very much)However her characters in books are to plain for my taste...read classic like Dickson Gordon Dragon Knight series-> enyojed his system of magic and dragon shifting I`ve arleady read dragon books by those authors too;Graham Edwards, Briggs Patricia, Donita K. Paul Alan F. Troop...
  9. I`ve arleady read and enyojed greatly some of those; Wot, Sot,Lotr of course, then almost all Terry Brooks books, Raimond Feist and Martin George books... heh I`m big fan of dragons...so I liked those very much too; Elizabeth Haydon Symphony of ages...Elizabeth Kerner books, Mercedes Lackey Halfblood chronicles and Obsidian trilogy,Bertin Joanne; Dragonlords, Cook Dawn; Truth series... ...dont like books like Malazan empire...I get confussed...and those by Robin Hobb (dont like his stile of writting), hate Stephen Kings books too ::) anybody know any series/books similar to those I like? :) some book similar to wot but with dragons (shapeshifting or normal) would be great...but I cant find any... :(
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