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  1. Well, then why are we just standing around? *Picks up Poledra and throws her into the pool then jumps in after her bringing a case of Wolfie TQ from her secret stash with him* :D :lol:
  2. ...I'm guessing we're done now? Well... *HuggleSnuggleKisses Poledra* :o YAY!!! Now, I'm officially bonded to you on DM
  3. YAY!!! That means you're now a full Aes Sedai, right? Well, congradulations, love of my life... I'll have to take you out to celebrate this when I come out there
  4. ooc: IT'S SUPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >.> <.< >.> Don't tell nobody... I've actually yelled at mom and dad because they called it dinner... :oops: ic: Grinning, "I would love to have supper with you, my love." He said before he kissed her on the lips again. Grinning, he turned her towards the place she usually taught her novice class, and started her walking, "I don't want you to be late, so scoot, I'll meet you later for supper, I do love you Poledra." He said before he pushed her lightly, to make her walk just a little bit faster, then having on his very devious grin, he slapped her butt. ooc: Sorry my love, I couldn't help it :D :P :o
  5. ...Just keepin' this to the top so Pol can reply... she's back from her vacation, btw...
  6. >.> Darn... I guess if you two grow even closer, she's gonna drag me along on another road trip, just to see you... >.> <.< >.> ...COULD BE FUN!!!!! :D Anyhoo... this thingy might be put on hold if she's needed to post again... she's on a 10 day vaca. starting today, she said she'll try to get on if the Hotel they're staying at has like, free internet for an hour, or something like that... but that ain't official... If she won't be able to get on, I'll let ya'll know... >.> I guess having someone's significant other on here has it's perks, huh? lol :lol:
  7. >_> Do I get anything special for being the first one to reply? Probably not... all well, two points is better than one :roll:
  8. *Quietly comes in and sits down in the Audience* Good job mi novia, see? I told you, you'd do it soon enough
  9. (ooc: *HuggleSnuggleKisses Pol, then looks at everyone that poked in to say hi* Hey everybody, thanks! :) (ic: ) Feeling the emotions coming through the back of his mind, Stephen stood up. "It is done, my love," Grinning at her playfully, Stephen hugged her back, and while doing so, he lifted her up off her feet, spun her around a few times and planted her back down with a very passionate kiss on her lips. "I will never leave your side, my Aes Sedai love." He said grinning knowing she wasn't quite yet an Aes Sedai, but she would be in a few days. ooc: >.> <.< >.> 'Bout fricken time, j/k mi novia, you know I love ya hmm... >.> *Goes to poke in on her Raising thread* oh, btw... *Pokes Pol* c( - ;
  10. *shrugs* Well, we could try it their way, but this kinda seemed funner *eg* Nodding before Poledra took his head in her hands, "That sounds good to me, my lady." He said, but something seemed to be missing. Looking her in the eyes, "I vow to you, that I will protect you from anything and everything that poses harm to you, that I shall love you through eternity, with my hope and salvation of rebirth from death thanks to the Great Lord of the Dark, and that I shall always be there when you need me, whatever the reason." He said with his head still in her hands. ooc: Sorry, couldnt think of much more, my love, heh... does that work??? :?
  11. ooc: I'll take care of that now... ic: Being the kind hearted person he was, it was a miracle to find he was a Shadowspawn... Stephen had never had strong feelings for anyone before he had met Poledra, so when she voiced her own feelings, "I...I..."He said... torn between the small feel of jealousy that he had to share her with another man, even the little bit it seemed she had. and the great surge of affection he had for her, giving over to the second, taking a cautious glance around, "I am as sure of my love for you as the Dark Lord shall rise again... I would go against everything I had to, and even revoke my vows to the Great Lord of the Dark, just to give you vows no mortal man could possibly comprehend." He said hoping she'd realize what he had just said. He had just said that he'd forsake the Great Lord, which was all he had, for her. Holding his breath for a moment, "I would sell my soul again, and take every torture any walker of the light could possibly undergo in Shayol Ghul, if it meant I could become your warder, Poledra." he said, hoping she'd take it all as he wanted her to.
  12. "Sure, Poledra." He said hiding his excitement, why did she make his heart jump this way? Why, when she is around, did he have a hardtime doing anything? Following her as she started into the Tower gardens, Stephen couldn't help himself. Waling beside her, he moved his hand slightly to touch hers, just to see if she'd hold his hand.
  13. I'm here... not that anybody knows me, or cares... *shrug* I'm here anyways... :lol:
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