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  1. Hey bit of a strange theory perhaps - didn't start thiking bout it til I'd actually finished the series and now I've read it, I've picked up on more and more hints, so it'll be cool to see what you lot think. How about Thom Merrilin getting together with Moiraine (provided she survives) it would so be the perfect match - King and Queen players of the Game of Houses.
  2. Heya nice theory. There's a couple of threads left ouy tho: Elaine's pregnant, Aviendha soon will be, will Min still be following Rand around? What do you reckon about Alivia helping Rand to die though? OMG Lan can't die - he's amazing!
  3. Re: Berelain « Reply #9 on: February 27, 2008, 03:00:20 PM » Quote -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- in the viewing Min has doesn't she say that Berlain will "fall head over heels" with a man from Murandy. Isn't Logain from Murandy. He and Berelain have access to one another and this could be Logain's glory which Min keeps seeing....
  4. Hi Sorry I'm probably being really dim but you said - 'It would be suicide for him to go back. We know he isn't going to be killed obviously and something is going to happen with his eye, but why would they kill Lanfear and not him for the same thing? Ta`veren work or something else? ' What's the thing about his eye?
  5. Isn't it possible that Cadsuane killed Asmodean? She was hunting Taim and Logain - and has plenty of experience. She also comes in in the Crown of Swords which is when Robert Jordan said it should be obvious. She also fits the criteria of being believed dead. We don't know who she is really working for either - but Min said that Cadsuane would teach Rand something and in that respect she has/will become a substitute for Asmodean, even if she is not teaching Rand how to channel inevitably it will come down as to how he is to rule the people. I was just wondering what anyone else thought of this theory..... :)
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