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  1. LMAO! So maybe we should use Bela to seal the hole in the Bore :D I don't think anyone would live to haul Bela off to the glue factory.
  2. Why not Elaida vs. Egwene? The Tower vs. the Tower in Exile?
  3. That was in Shadow Rising, I believe. Mat hears her muttering something like that as she passes through the halls of the Stone.
  4. RJ did an incredible job developing Mat's character. I'd be really worried an author would screw it up with an outrigger. I'd be okay with a Tam story because the author could take more liberty with him because he's a less developed character.
  5. Ishmael is who Lew Therin faces here, right? If so, why is Ishy free? This has never made sense to me, in that my understanding is that Lews Therin trapped the forsaken when he sealed the Dark One's prison. Can anyone clarify?
  6. Yes, peasants. Study my words carefully and have intense debates on semantics and forum logic. But the real question is "Does any of this really exist?" <(^-^)> you seem like a nice person. I think you understood I was joking and you pointed out something I didn't know about the auction. I'm happy. Does anyone else need anything to let this die?
  7. You totally deflated my cynicism. (Thanks for correcting me).
  8. I'd be okay if there was a book 12 and book 13 only if they were released with a short time of each other (a month at most). Book 12 could be called A Memory of Light and Book 13 could be called The Wheel of Time. My two cents.
  9. Yey! The richest wheel of time fan gets to be in the series. Maybe the cameo character's name will be Waryn Buffyt or Wilem Gates.
  10. I agree with mb - Harriet will make sure the dialogue feels right. RAND - if you read BS (what a great set of initials) the one thing I can tell you is that you can sense his growth as an author between Elantris and Mistborn.
  11. I think I know what you mean, but I don't see it as a bad thing. Robert Jordan had his own voice, and no author (good or bad) could finish AMoL the way he would have. Brandon Sanderson is good, and in ten years he'll be even better, but he'll never sound exactly the way RJ did. I think we're reading his books hoping it will sound like RJ, which it won't. Sanderson's voice is younger, maybe a little more optimistic - and I think that reflects in the dialogue. Also, Sanderson has said that he works very hard in the world-building process to avoid rehashing old cliches - he has yet to write a medieval England setting.
  12. ***[Level 11 Spoilers]*** Rereading the series each time has made me more patient through the later books - instead of being annoyed that Rand doesn't get more screen time, or that Perrin takes four books to rescue Faile, etc. Knowing the story ahead of time allows me to notice more subtle things about RJ's writing - his genius with POVs, structuring the books, etc. It's made me more patient with the womenfolk. I used to hate reading one of the Nynaeve/Elayne/Egwene/Aviendha chapters, but now I realize how much work RJ put into making fully fleshed out, unique characters.
  13. Yes! I'm not convinced either. He's too obvious. It would be a great twist to have him turn out to be a good-guy in AMOL. He's like Elaida -- nasty, unpleasant, cruel, arrogant, but not a dark friend. Well then that makes three of us. I also am not completely convinced that Taim is a DF. I could see RJ pulling some twist where there is some alternate explanation to Taim's seemingly shady actions. In fact a few months ago I remember seeing a thread on this site that offered some pretty good alternate explanations. Oh and Taim is much, much cooler than Elaida. How dare you even compare the two (LOL). Have you guys not read the last three books? Taim is a darkfriend - associating with known darkfriends, ordering them to kill Rand, etc.
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