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  1. I realize that Cairhien's history is pivotal, i'm just noting how little our characters have to do with the city, I believe Mat and Thom road down the river past its border in TDR, and Moraine hardly shows much concern or interest in the troubles and civil war in Cairhien, one of the only times it crosses her mind that we know about it is when Rand sends the Tairen nobles on a red cross mission with extra grain up north. Rand and Galad are first brothers, sharing the same mother, but they have different fathers, Rand of Jaduin and Galad of Taringail, who also fathered Elayne. so Rand is
  2. So I just finished reading my favorite section of the first half of WOT, the truth about the Aiel's past, The Tuathans past and Rand's past. This includes perrin's return to Emonds field via the ways and all the preparations to liberate the two rivers from the Children of the Light and Trollocs. so its a good two hundred pages, and forgive me if i'm a bit jumbled, but as i understand things right now: Shaiel is the Maiden name of Tigraine, who fled Cairhien because Gitara Moroso (who was like the vessel of prophesy for Rands destiny) told her that she must or everything is bust. Accor
  3. maybe its just something i missed in KoD, but why does that WikiWot slayer article say that Rand is one of Tigraine's sons? I don't remember any of the wise ones mentioning that. see, i always thought that Beren taking Isam while fleeing Malkier, was her bearing Isam as a child, and ending up in the Waste because of the Trollocs, then she becomes a maiden and goes to war and dies in birth on dragonmount. making rand lan's brother, i thought, can someone clarify what the story behind Rand's parents is?
  4. I didn't realize the side effects to the power could be giddiness, but it makes sense, it would be a ripple or a flashback but without the actions of Power comming out of him. Wonder if tapping the Eye of the World only required a little thread and then essentially opened the floodgates that sent his consciousness into Age of Legends mode because having that much power in him woke up LTT or put him into the state at which either the Pattern or LTT controlled him and performed the tasks of that battle. I don't see any other explanation for him going to Tarwin's Gap, skimming to TAR and fi
  5. The first time Rand touches Saidin is actually in Ch 11 of TEOTW, 'the road to Taren Ferry,' when the group is fleeing the Dragkar on their way to Baerlon. It is one of the few, or perhaps only time, that his contact with the Source is described in his POV without being in the Void. quote: "With all his heart and desperation he silently shouted at Bela to run like the wind, silently tried to will strength into her. Run! his skin prickled and his bones felt as if they were freezing, ready to split open. The Light help her! And Bela ran." and thus Moraine mentions it when Rand meets
  6. So I am currently just embarking on another read of the books, I've just gotten into the Dragon Reborn, and upon reading the chapter that Egwene faces the trial of the Accepted. When she is in the second arch of the Ter'angreal she sees Rand pinned to the ground by a pillar of stone from a fallen ceiling, he asks her to kill him saying that its the only way to save him, that he has to focus inwardly to keep at bay the insanity that probably was the same fit that took Telamon in the prologue of tEotW, and that the darkfriends and Aes Sedai coming for him would be able to turn him to the S
  7. As the Forces of the dark are forced back into the blight and the heroes near Shayol Gul and Rand enters some realm of power within which the Seal on the dark one's prison is located, there he walks up to the ominous black doors and pulls out a roll of FlueTape and straps shut the doors and says 'if the women don't find you handsome, at should at least find you handy'
  8. I think the reason that RJ wrote all that so piecemeal is because he was trying to depict acurate strings of consciousness for Rand's journey in a battle that he isn't ready to undertake. as for explaining how it all happens, He climbs physicaly to the top of the hill where the cliff is and fights, then he Travels to Tarwin's Gap, not Consiously though, which i think there is an explanation as for why he did so without the foreknowledge. Lews Therin indwelling. by the end of the book we've seen Mat make remarks in a language he doesn't know because of his connection to the old blood a fe
  9. Ingtar being a DF was a small shock, but it wasn't without foreshadow, it was just difficult to think that whatever strange actions he did show were evidence of evil and not just some private agenda or vendetta or family history with the Horn or something involving Agelmar. Its true that in these books, often the more square or normal characters end up being the ones hiding things more so than odd glancing and secretive weirdoes. Ingtar keeps saying 'I MUST get the horn' and Hurin two times or more says in the background 'that isn't the way' or something similar. this is almost, from a literar
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