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  1. Thanks Barmacral. I think I will wait until later. That post helped me out. Guess it's just on to tDR after this book. *grins*
  2. Ok so I couldn't stop reading the EotW, and I loved it!!! So great, as I'm sure you all know. I had tGH on deck for when I finished it, so i am now almost half way done with the second book. It's still overwhelming how many more there are tho. But I guess I should be happy i have so many more to enjoy. Think I should jump off after this book and read the prequil, or wait til after KoD???
  3. ...almost done with it. On chapter 42 with about 100+ pages to go. I guess from my research the concensious is to wait until after tGH to read the prequil, so i think i'll do that. I also thought i came across something about there being a prequil trilogy??? Anyone know anything about this??? Jehaine thanks for the welcome, and I hope to see you around the boards often. I'm not sure if you are thinking of The Shadow Rising, which is the 4th book in the series, but let me know...
  4. hahaha.....and i'm pretty sure St. Brendan was named 1500 years ago with my coming in mind, so that he would have the same name as me, the great. Yea it's all in the hall or the record of earth somewhere around here....i can find it if you need proof Bram.... Almost done with tEotW!!!! (bout 100 pages left) Love it and i have tGH ready.....when should I read New Spring, and is someone going to write the other 2 prequils???
  5. yup, pretty much the same story here happyhands. Stay safe over there, what is your possition?? Faelene, I was a computer engineering major at Notre Dame, and took some time off after deciding that D1 lacrosse was way to hecktic with an engineering major. I am planning on going back, but might take a semester in boston close to home to get back into it. South Bend is about 1000 miles from my home town. But I think that I will stick with the engineering, but might switch to a different type, dunno really yet. Only time will tell, as the Wheel turns.... I don't have too much down time for reading, pretty much on the train, and before bed, but I started reading tEotW only a few day ago and am hooked...finally :) I'm about 1/3 of the way through and love it. I've got GH and DR on deck ready to go when i'm done. I don't think i'll have too much trouble getting caught up for the release of AMoL...
  6. Thanks everyone. Wow so many options and opportunities here. Well I am 200+ pages into the EotW now and am loving it, I haven't had too much of a chance to look around yet as the book is quite enthralling and taking up most of my down time, but when I do get a chance to look around and make posts and everything I'm sure we will have a lot of fun. Keep the welcomes coming and if you have questions about me just ask. Robert Jordan FTW!!!
  7. Hello. My name is Brendan, but you may call me Blaze. I am 22, and live in MA taking some time off from college before getting that degree...I really don't know what else to put here so if there are questions, I will respond to them. I think I received The Eye of the World when I was about 15 (or somewhere around there as a birthday present or something like that). At the time I was fully enthralled with the Dragon Lance chronicles and the numerous other books that followed that wonderful series. (Highly recommended if you haven’t already discovered the magic of the duo of Weis and Hickman) So engulfed in that world and those characters was I, that The Eye of the World found a spot on my book shelf; it was as quickly forgotten as it had been attained. Now, about 7 or 8 years later, I found myself going through that dusty old book shelf and pulled out the magical creation of Mr. Jordan. I am still only in the beginning of it, but I haven't felt so excited about a fantasy saga since reading Tolkin way back when (somewhere around 5th grade I think). Needless to say I have a long journey ahead of my, but already the world feels so deep and enriched. So I hope you will all helpfully guide my travels through the WoT books, because I will no doubt have questions and comments as I progress (the glossaries only can do so much...). I look forward to chatting and meeting al lot of you in the near future and feel free to leave advice, comments or questions. And again…Howdy!!
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