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  1. Good point Ares, i didnt look at it from that way. It certainly does make sense.
  2. I just type in the web address exactly as it is and use my browser. :-) Its pretty cool, the first thing i see is RJs face (and not much else except a very simplified -that is, without any extra graphics, pics, colours, etc - rendering of the site, but its all there. :-)
  3. Hey Ares, no hard feelings at all, and i appreciate the apology. :-) Like i said, need to get the re-reads done (Winternight and Narg now await me) so im sure ill either agree with the Graendal or Lanfear theories or hit upon something else. :-) But here is (as Ben from the podcast would say) a crazy theory: i believe that ta'veren were all at some stage Dragons. Powerful ta'verens like Rand and Hawkwing are reborn as is needed, but guys like Mat and Perrin are brought back again and again in different guises and roles to keep the balance. Im thinking if Ishamael could escape the Bore as often as he did, the would have been able to wreak much more havok is there was no counter to him. But that brings me to my whole 'Recharging of the Wheel' theory which im still considering. What do u think, sound plausible? And sorry about the 1-paragraph thing, ive just sent this from my cellphone.
  4. No not you. :-) I was talking about Mr Ares reply. :-) Nothing wrong with yours man, no worries. :-)
  5. I appreciate your comments, and thanks for being nice about it. :-) I realize i am a newbie on the site, and im only on my second re-reading of the books, but hey, we are all fans of RJ and what he accomplished with THE series, so it would be nice that everyone would at least respect other opinions but it can't always be that way. But thanks for being cool and for the encouragement. :-) Im sure my theories will change, or ill just get proper evidence. :-)
  6. Wow guys, sorry I opened my mouth! There were better ways of telling me that you didn't agree with me, don't you think? Retreating! Retreating!
  7. Thanks for your comments. :-) I realize I need to get a bit more evidence in. :-)
  8. Hi Guys, had a thought after listening to part 2 of the Asmodean-podcast: What if Lews completely took over Rand's body, Travelled to where the murder occured, took out Asmodean, Skimmed to his rooms (thereby throwing Asmo's body into the infinite nothingness beyond the platform Rand Skimmed on), and appeared again? Give me a moment here: RJ said that the killer is obvious. Who else knows more about the Forsaken than Lews? He would have studied them during the War of Power wouldn't he? And Asmo was taken by melancholy moods (that Rand saw, and thereby, Lews) and when a man's melancholy, what does he do? He drinks. Lews had motive, too: I mean, the Chosen destroyed his world and his life and caused his name to be reviled through thousands of years. And if Lews could have taken over Rand's body (and Rand didn't remember this), he had opportunity. Asmo would have looked up, seen Rand (but not Rand) standing there, seen the intent in Rand's face, and might just have realized he was looking at Lews before he died. Still leaves open how he was killed, but hey. :-) So, what do you all think?
  9. Cool, thank you, I've found the Black Tower Org. :-)
  10. Hi guys and girls, Sorry I've been quiet for a while, been busy at work and not getting time to come here. :-( I would just like to thank you all for the great welcome you gave me, I gotta tell you it was a better welcome than I received at Wotmania, and even though that was the first site I became a member of, I've realized that Dragonmount is the site, considering that RJ made his 'home' here. :-) I'm also an avid listener of the podcasts, have now downloaded them all (caught up, in other words) and I'll be listening to Ep 25 tonight. For those of you who asked what kind of stuff I write (well, busy writing, put it that way), I'm busy with a Fantasy trilogy, a Star Wars trilogy (considered fan-fic but I'll get it published in a GFFA), and I also write poetry and short stories. And for Elgee, I'm in Pretoria. :-) Hoe gaan dit man? Ek's baie bly om te hoor daar is meer van ons SA's hier as wat ek gedink het! :-) Anyway guys, thanks again for the great welcoming messages! E P.S. isn't there an Asha'man society here? I want the dragon and sword on my collar! :-)
  11. Cool thankyou all for replying and giving your opinions. :-) I will definately read up a bit more on all the theories concerning Verin and really see if my thought has more or less merit than I thought it did. Thanks again, Evad
  12. Hey everyone, had an interesting idea after listening to one of the podcasts yesterday: What if Verin is Black Ajah, and she is after the Horn of Valere? I've always thought that Verin acted a bit strange, even for an Aes Sedai. Now imagine this: In KOD, when we see her for the last time, she's on her way somewhere. Maybe to Mat, Thom, Olver? Let's say Mat rescues Moirraine; they exit the Tower of Genjei (or wherever they come out) and are set upon by Verin. If she is Black Ajah, she would be in an excellent position to take over the Horn from Mat (since it seems she knows exactly where it is and has been hiding it all along). If she manages to kill Mat (and Moirraine, who would defend him, thereby depriving Rand of her help too) and Thom, she would be the only one able to use the Horn. Mat, as a ta'veren wouldn't be with Rand at Tarmon Gaidon, and whichever Chosen in charge of Verin would also find himself/herself in a tight spot. Verin, as Aes Sedai, could rise to Nae'blis! So what do you all think? (Don't know if this has been discussed before, so please don't pound me if it has!) :-)
  13. Hey Everyone, how're you all doing? It's great to be able to join a group where there are so many other people discussing what is, in my opinion, one of the greatest works of fantasy fiction ever imagined. I'm a budding writer myself, and I'm awed by what Robert Jordan created. To us, I'm sure that it seemed effortless and wonderful, but I'm sure he must have had moments where he would have strangled Rand if he could. :-) Anyway, it's great to be a part of such an impressive and respectful online community - being in South Africa, there are no conventions and gatherings, so this is definately the next best thing. And hopefully you'll all hear my theory about Verin and the Horn of Valere on the next podcast; if the casters read my email on that show, feel free to drop me a message. :-) So, be good, or be good at it, Evad
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