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  1. I agree with Moric that the colours have more meaning than just the colour that they are. That was kind of my point. Who knows what info. from Randland Luthair took with him to Seanchan? There were hordes of ter'angreal in Tear unknown to the Aes Sedai for thousands of years, we already know Luthair took a different version of the prophecies of the dragon over to Seanchan...who knows what they know about the meanings of red and black from the Age of Legends?
  2. A lot has been made about red and black in this series from Moridin's colours on Moghedian and Cyndane to the colours in Taim's "palace". So what significance, if any, is there in the fact that the Deathwatch Guard's colours are red and a green so dark everyone describes it as black, and why are the Deathwatch so touchy about everyone confusing the green and black? Could they know something we don't?
  3. ***possible spoiler*** Imho, Olver is Gaidal Cain....notice all the times he is described as never going to be pretty (aka a nice way of saying ugly) and Birgitte says Gaidal was spun out already. Some will say he was spun out after Falme...less than 10 years ago....but time in Tel'aran'rhiod does move rather mysteriously...
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