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  1. well - call me impressed. Very nice... I really like how the different parts are all incorporated with each other. Was it drawn / designed by yourself or was the artist a WoT Fan ?
  2. I've gotten some more work done to my WOT tattoos. I actually won a contest w/ the tattoo shop and got a free hour of ink.. took about 30 minutes to decide what I wanted to do. My wheel / serpent looked unfinished and I wanted to add the spear, banner and andersova (sp) leaves. I left it to the artist to figure out how to make it work. Though it's not 100% identical to the compass icon I am very happy with the result, and it unique to me all the more. We decided the proper phrase was "a rendition of the logo" I still have to get it colored - left it in black / gray until I can decide what I want to do with it.. probably just going to go w/ brown haft and green leaves though I have half a mind to go blue with it too (favorite color) Also got a couple of spots on the dragon touched up... this is from when it was a day old.
  3. yeah, that's pretty nice. I really like how the banner looks on the spear - great color / shading. @thom / xader - In comparison to the front or the back of my leg, yeah, the very back of my calf was the most sensitive part... I thought it would have been the area over my shin but it wasn't so bad there. Really I didn't think any of it was too terribly bad at all, a couple times was enough to make me cringe and take notice, but definitely not something that would prevent me from doing it again (or in the first place)
  4. Cool. my original tattoo idea was going to be identical to what you have there luckers, so far as serpent and wheel, but on my shoulder, but then I decided I wanted to be able to see it... and then I decided I wanted it to be the embossed look... then blue...
  5. from my attempt to win a signed copy of TOM on Tor/Forge's blog contest in November: "Growing up through elementary school I was a huge book worm – in 6th / 7th / 8th grade I read lots of young adult fiction from the paper-back racks in our school library. They never really lasted very long, usually a week at the most. This was a real bummer because I always wanted the story to go on forever. One summer day my parents came home from a yard sale and my Mom had a stack of extremely thick books she presented to me. She said it was the beginning of a series she thought I would enjoy. What she had brought home was EotW, small paper-back, tGH large paper-back, tDR, hard-cover, and tSR hard-cover. (plus, she got them all for like five bucks!) This was most likely in 1994 when I was in 7th grade. I remember this: my little sister and my Grandmother both had the same birthday in July, we usually celebrated it with a large family pick-nick at my Grandparent’s house… I vividly remember spending the whole day on one of those 3-section ratcheting lawn chairs covered in strands of vinyl tubing reading Eye of the World – I was engrossed. The best part was, after the fist book, there was a second… and a third… I’ve been reading them ever since. I remember one winter I spent all weekend in bed under a mountain of covers (corner room, up in VT = chilly) reading one of the books. I remember many late nights with the house completely still, propped up in bed, away on grand adventures with Rand and his friends. Sometimes I would re-read the last book just before a new one would come out, to keep up to speed. I went to a full-time one-year technical college in 2000 and began my first complete re-read with my spare time. I began my second complete re-read in September 2007. Sadly I have not been able to convert my wife who reads murder mystery type stuff… although I did read to her on the phone in while we were dating in college as well as during the 22 hour drive in a rented truck after graduation when moving all my worldly possessions from my home-town to hers." and furthermore... I have all 13 books and New Spring in hardcover, almost all of them have been christmas gifts, other than the initial group from the yard sale. Also last month my wife got me the coffee table book / encyclopedia type deal "the world of Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time" by RJ and Teresa Patterson... plan to dig into that after I finish TOM - bout halfway through there... I also had a hardcover Fallon Blood (hense the username) but I'm afraid it went missing and all I have left is the dust jacket... I'm only about 5 hours from atlanta but I've never been to a DragonCon but hope to go to a JordanCon sometime in the future... My alias on ew-too talkers was (is, but who goes on them anymore...) darkLord which I had decided was a mix between Rand and a Myrddraal (love the cloaks...) I thoroughly enjoy the books but do not study plots, etc... pretty much take it one page at a time at face value. I try not to look too hard at fan art because I don't want it to influence the images I've created in my head all these years... I have two WOT tattoos on my right calf, which I posted on a tattoo thread earlier this evening, which made me decide I should do the intro page... I don't really have a lot of time for these forums but I would like to get to know them a little better as I am able to... um... been married ten years in May, and I have four daughters ages 1.5 to 13, two biological and two adopted... I do most of my reading during the colder weather, when it's nice out I try to be outside in the garage or out on my bicycle... guess that's it ?
  6. looks like this thread is a little old but not totally stale... I had wanted to get a tattoo for several years, and my coworker started to get a bunch of work done by a local artist which helped peak my interest. After September 2007 I decided I wanted to get a wot tattoo and spent the next few months deciding what I wanted to do. I got a gift certificate for christmas 2007, and finally had the guts to make an appointment mid-Jan... did the serpent and wheel... it's about the size of an orange. The artist said I went "balls deep" for a first tattoo. I also like the metallic look of the UK paperback "Knife of Dreams" logo which was what I presented to the artist, except I wanted it in blue instead of steel / chrome, because blue is my favorite color. I got another gift certificate for Father's Day in 2008, and finally decided what I wanted... blew up a chapter icon and removed the box w/ photo-shop... got the outline done in October 2008. Got a late birthday present in April 2010 and got the dragon shaded in. (tax return!) I think my next step will be to add the spear and banner, avendesora leaves like on the map compass / traditional wot symbol to my serpent / wheel except I think I'm going to use Rand's heron marked sword instead or Mat's ashandarei instead of the spear... or a combination of those two plus perrin's axe or hammer... not sure yet though. Anyway... the serpent / wheel is on the outside of my right calf and the serpent is on the inside (technically front, inside, and back, since it wraps around... I couldn't believe when we got the transfer blown up to the right size it was like 10" long) I told Heather (the artist) ahead of my appointment that the dragon was supposed to be "scarlet with a golden mane" and let her figure out how to shade it... she had sketched out some shading on grayscale on paper when I had the outline done, which was before I decided to make it color... glad I did though, she nailed it. I still need to go back for some touching up, but I figured I would get that done when I add more to it. Oh, and on the serpent / wheel orientation I actually chose to reverse the image vs. the uk paperback's cover, I wanted the serpent head coming in from the left going forward on my calf, and I liked how it made the sword blade wagon spokes have the leading edge forward.
  7. just looked through this thread and have the following comments: 1, yes - the UK book covers are awesome - used "kife of dreams" chrome-looking symbol for the basis of my tattoo on my calf, except changed the hue from silver to blue and reversed the image so the serpent's head comes in from left to right. 2. Within the next few weeks, on the opposite side of my calf I am getting the dragon as on RJ's gate in the appropriate color scheme... might have to just do the outline first and shade in later though, because I only have a 1hr gift certificate and it's probably a 3hr tatto. probably not relevant to the discussion... I wasn't going to comment until I saw the posts about the UK covers. :)
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