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  1. This make absolutely no sense based on what has already happened and what we have learned through RJ answers. First off, in TGH, we see the heroes come out and fight for Rand. If your explanation was correct, then Rand would have become an empty shell, as well as any of the other characters that may be heroes (we don't know if they are and at this point do not have any indication, save birgette). Second, if they are reborn, how will they fight. They will be what, between one and two years old? Are we gonna have an infant Hawkwing come and lead the armies as Mat's co-general? Here is what happens. The heroes that are in TAR will manifest when the horn in sounded. The ones reborn will not and will stay in their reborn body with no knowledge of who they were, as a normal human would. As for the fighting, we don't know exactly how it works, but in TGH we see that their fight is tied to how Rand did. Thus, they prolly can kill, though it seems they cannot be killed (but can be prevented from advancing). This is what we know so far.
  2. Especially among all of the overage ones Egwene is going to put on the books. Especially since none of the Novices or Accepted are required to take any oaths. She thinks the Tower is largely safe from internal rot. She is so wrong. I believe the book had the names of some of the accepted and novices that were darkfriends. Not only that, Egwene knows that the accepted and novices do not take the oath and there may be some there (unless it said in the chapters she had them take it then release, like Nicola did. She may also have done this anyways)). She also knows that any that were not darkfriends before entering the tower will not be recruited by the blacks. I do not think she believes the tower is uncorruptable nor does she think it is safe, but she does, and rightly so, believe it has very few darkfriends left that can touch the one power.
  3. I have never seen RJ say anything like that. He has however said that none of the main female characters are ta'veren, which rules out Egwene. Rand needs Egwene to be Amyrlin, so the Pattern has made it happen for him. Its an effect of Rand's ta'vareness. And we have seen what seems to be a giant expansion of this effect for Mat, and that means Rand (and prolly perrin too) will have an even larger bending.
  4. I can't remember, but I thought Rand told him when he sent Mat to Salidar to fetch Elayne? I'm just going off memory here, so take with a grain of salt.
  5. I personally think the extra spoiling was due to the TP use from rand and how he was connected to it.
  6. What body would there be? Where is the body from Sammael? We see him get touched by Mashadar, but that is it. What about Rhavin and Be'lal? Neither of them had bodies, because they were balefired. Just because we don't see the body does not mean she is not dead. The fact we see the compulsion gone, something she is the master of (and HAD to be done with saidar in this case), if enough. Who else could have done the compulsion? Semi is dead, Mesaana is not going to be a part of this, and I doubt Cyndane or Moggy came for a visit at this precise time. You guys say that we didn't have a badass enough confrontation, but how many of the forsaken battles left you there thinking "this truly could not have just happened. Oh my god WTF". This one has far more impact than the rhavin, be'lal, sammael battle.
  7. The fact she was so built up and so cunning is what helps play into this scene. Rand went off the deep end, loosing his humanity to the point that not even one of the best of the forsaken could come close to predicting this. Him doing this is absurd. Graendal knows he has LT knowledge, she knows how LT works, and she knows how Rand has acted in the past. She fears balefire for its effect on the pattern, as did the rest of the forsaken. She knows the light fears it as much or more. How would she even anticipate that the most powerful ta'veren and champion of the light would take an actio
  8. Here is what I said about Graendal dying in the favorite scene thread This is the reason for the scene. As for the evidence that she is not dead, in reality there is none. In fact every single piece points to her being dead. Lets take a look: 1) Rand at this point is actively using his memories as LT. He knows how she works and her methodology. She knows LT better than he currently knows her (he is not 100% LT) but LT never would have done this, nor would Rand based on EVERYTHING he has done up to this point. Her expecting this would be like us expecting the communist dictator himself bringing a suitcase nuke into the US and setting it off. It is absurd. 2) The compulsion was done with a skill, that only Graendal could have pulled off. It was both heavy and subtle; it made sure he would do only what she said while being hard to detect. Nynaeve is a master of delving and even she could not begin to detect it all. Plus, like the poster above me stated, Graendal may have liked to destroy minds and make pets, she was the true master of compulsion and used it in subtle ways when it suited her. She, and others, had said this themselves, and even noted how dangerous it was to discount this fact. 3) The compulsion was removed after the balefire. To have this happen, she would have had to had the weave dissipate after Rand received the information (which would mean that she could not use this man in her plans anymore since he would not have orders), she had someone else do it (Graendal loves her compulsion and is very prideful of it. Plus, there is no way she would trust anyone with the knowledge she has. Since it is detectable by Nynave and she can see some of the weaves, we know that this had to be done by saidar), or she did it herself. The last option is the only one that makes sense based on what LT, the other forsaken, and graendal herself had said about her methods. 4) If graendal set it, then she was hit by the balefire. Bye bye. Now, we know Rand did not use the full power of the CK, nowhere near it. He would not have erased graendal back to when she was free. I think at most it could be two weeks, and that would almost assuredly been enough to unravel the pattern with how much she influences things. I suspect it was maybe a few days. Now, lets go over the evidence for graendal escaping: She knows people so she would have been suspicious or planned it. This goes against everything RJ has shown us about the forsaken. They make plans, they make contingencies, but they are prideful and make many mistakes. Graendal is not immune to this. I can say with 99% certainty that she did not see this as a possibility. Although, this should not be counted as a mistake since what happened goes against the realm of all reason. So, in closing, having her live would defeat the purpose of this scene as well as go against mountains of evidence for her being dead. Not only that, there is no real evidence, other than "she's better than that" feelings by some people. As RJ would say, "Graendal is toast".
  9. I have seen this opinion a few times and I am going to have to disagree. I think he let her go for the same reasons as he let moggy free and revived the others. He thinks they are his best tools in this age. I do not believe Moridin was faking his anger in the prologue or lying about what she was supposed to do. She was supposed to capture Rand without hurting him. When SH came into the cell, he reiterated that she failed and that she had to complete her mission. That is why we did not see her go to Cads first. She picked up the sad bracelet and went directly to Rand and placed it on him. Based on everything that is known about it she had no reason to expect him to be able to escape at this point. I do not believe that Moridin would have expected him to be able to free himself from the sad bracelet either. But, then the whole thing with the TP happened. We see Moridin's face thus confirming it is the link. This does not mean the DO gave permission to Rand to use it, nor did Moridin. In fact, I am going to say that neither one knew what happened (especially since there will be no report from Semi). The DO is paranoid; he would not let rand touch it himself. Now, I believe that the intent was to turn rand with the 13 fades after he was brought back to moridin, or that he simply would have been broken by semi on moridin's order. The TP thing was a true wildcard and totally unexpected.
  10. No. You would have had to have all those AS who made it be darkfriends with intimate knowledge of how the TP works. Not only that, the DO would have to have given rand permission in tSR to use the TP, which he had no reason to. Lastly, Rand would have realized the dif between the tp and saidin then...when he reached through callandor he felt the taint and the sweetness of saidin. The TP, described in tGS is very different. I do not think there is an angreal for the TP: most forsaken barely ever used it, and if one of them were able to make angreal in this age we would have heard. Edit: Sterling, I don't think he holds as much as with the CK, I think it is the inherent nature of the TP that makes him feel like he is all powerful. I do not think he can hold more of it that he could Saidin.
  11. This scene was not just about killing Graendal but about the depths Rand has fallen. It shows that Rand has gotten to the point he is willing to commit atrocities and is as bad as the shadow now. The fact that Graendal did not expect this shows that LT never did anything, or even considered anything like this (or she would have been worried about it in a PoV), that rand has abandoned the light. This is why it is a great and powerful scene. It is also why, even with the other theories going around already, Graendal will stay dead.
  12. I think my favorite scene was when Rand reached out and grabbed the TP. I was shocked..I honestly could not believe it. Very powerful scene and touching it took the lions share of the fault for his complete loss of emotions for the reminder of the book. Next to that, Egwene meeting with Eladia was awesome. Taking the beating there with the sitters watching, proving her point. Great scene. As for complaints, I disagree about Perrin having nothing get done. I think some important strides were taken by him. He poured everything into getting faile (too much imo) and now he had nothing. He needed to rediscover who he is (motif for the ta'veren three), and these scenes are an important part of that. I do agree that Mat sounded off. I think BS will be able to take the criticisms from this volume to improve his writing of him in the next book. He did a really good job with Rand and Egwene and when he puts as much time into Mat I think a good voice will develop. To finish, we get some good info on the TP..good to see the effects on the person and how it feels. Now though, we have an issue. Rand used it and it is obviously what was causing the darkness everyone saw. Even though Rand Rand got his emotions back will he still have that darkness from the TP? I also wonder if Moridin and the DO know what happened.
  13. Mordin is Nae'blis because he is the only forsaken that has the same goal as the DO does. Yes, the other forsaken want the DO to be free so they can have their infinite power or to have liberties they didn't under the light, but that's really the only things they are focusing on. Their goals are not at all in line with the DO except for getting him free (which is enough for him to use them, but also prolly one reason he has no trust). How can we tell this? First off, they always talk about their coming power and kingdoms, etc when we see the point of view. We also see them talking about being jealous, or looking forward to being able to off another of the forsaken they don't like to raise themselves. We also see how they do not understand why they are not to kill rand, how they worry about balefire, or the fear they have of using the TP. Most damning though, they believe the DO is actually going to have a world where they will rule. Mordin though, he is more in line with the DOs goals. I think some of this had to do with him being a philosopher (the idea of the DO and the eternal war fits in his worldview), some on his use of the TP and some on the fact he is the DOs champion. We see him thinking about the eternal battle and about this whole thing as a game of stones. He cares about beating the dragon because of this war and ending the wheel of time...the same thing that the DO really really wants (and, other than petty jealousy of LT, we see the others have nothing in common with this goal). I don't think Mordin expects to live past the DO being free, in fact I don't think he cares. He uses the TP freely even with the cost (which I think is having the DO actively influence your personality in addition to the saa) and is seen as "insane" (which, if the forsaken knew what the DO thought and planned they would think of him as well). This is why Mordin is Nae'blis in a nutshell. He really is the only one who actually has the same goals as the DO.
  14. Well, its possible that rand himself is necessary for the DO to actually escape. Otherwise there were no reasons to try and turn him, other than pride. Also, if the seals fail, even if the DO does nothing, effects will be felt. I think some of the things happening are inherent with the DO having access. Much of it would happen anyway..decay, the dead rising, corridors. These are due to him being more free, I doubt he has to take any action for these things, they just happen. The DO cannot hide (nor does he want to) He has to win. He cannot win without going on the offensive
  15. Yeah, I would imagine if the act of stabbing Ishy in the chest with the sword melted a power-wrought blade that there is more to him then just flesh and blood. I've noticed a lot of people tend to overlook the fact that Ishy/Moridin is more then just another Forsaken, or even first among the Fosaken. He has a special connection with the Dark One that I still don't think we've seen all of yet. As for the battles, I would say that Rand tapping into the Eye is what made him a match for Ishy, and I don't think even at the very end that Ishy had any intention of killing him. I think at the very end of TGH Ishy was prepared to kill Rand, but perhaps the Horn caught them in a "one on one" kind of dual because of it being linked to the heroes battle with the Seanchan? I am curious, if Ishy was reconnected with the DO after the end of tEotW then what caused him to go bonkers? Was his growing madness at all attributed to the taint, or was it just a product of him living 3000 years with increments of freedom? For that matter, why did he pretend to be the DO at all? Was it all a show for Rand, or was Ishy already so far gone that he really thought he was the DO freed and ready to take the world? Or did it start out as a show for Rand, and turn into the latter..... Ishy has been crazy for awhile. He was pretty out there during the war of power if what the other forsaken think is on target and I am sure that his half binding has not helped with his mental state. But, the half binding does not explain it enough, and is not really at the core of the issue. Who Ishmael is and was is why he is crazy. In the AoL, he was a deep thinker, a philosopher. He reasoned out the reasons for things happening, the order of the universe and the pattern. That was his specialty (Look at the Big White Book, it lists some of his publications). I am sure he came up with the belief that the creator never interceded even before the bore was drilled. Anyway, the bore was drilled and the DO appeared. This was sure to interest our philosopher, and this is where the core of his current beliefs began. He saw the DO as the antithesis of the pattern and engaged in a battle that has happened over and over again. These beliefs may have been very compatible with what he had written before the bore and he most likely thought he was the only one who understood the battle. While all the other forsaken wanted power and immortality, Ishmael was the one who instead wanted what the DO wanted. Now, with this belief came the thought that he was the DOs champion. While the other feared using the TP, Ishmael embraced it. This is the final steps of his madness imo. We know that using the TP has a very heavy price, other than the saa, but what is it? I think it is becoming more like the DO: loosing what makes you human, valuing the same true goals that he has, and simply thinking like him. This is why things seem different to Ishy/mordin. He is thinking far more about the big picture of the age lace, the endless battles, the positioning. He did not kill rand in those first battles because, as the DOs champion and with the imprinting of the DO the TP does, he knows that for a full victory to occur that Rand has to convert to the shadow willingly. Remember, the DO is a big control freak, he wants an absolute victory, he wants to take the ace. Also, it is possible Rand is needed in some fashion to actually unseal the prison. So, in a nutshell: Ishy was a philosopher, and when the DO appeared it helped him form a worldview about the endless battles. He felt a connection with the DO, and unlike the others, embraced the price of the TP (which, imo, is becoming more like the DO). And he does not kill rand because the DO wants total victory over him, ie him kneeling. And because Ishy/Mordin is more in tune with the wishes and personality of the DO thus he was named nae'blis.
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