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  1. LOL! Dude' date=' if you want to be ashamed of someone, there are plenty more people from your country I'd be more ashamed of than Pammy. Starting with GWB.[/quote'] Pam is from Canada and GWB is from the States. So, Canadians have a right to be ashamed of Pammy. I mean, really, what is her claim to fame...a silicone chest(and thats not the fakest part about her..do you ever hear her speak--she's a flake)and topnotch fellating ability of washed up rockstars. meh, whatever.
  2. Fav character: Mat with Rand and Lan coming a close second. Fav scene: I'm with leafburner on this one where Mat owns both Galad and Gawyn. That was the best.
  3. Actually' date=' that is in the 3rd book after he has been Healed of his connection to the Shadar Logoth dagger.[/quote'] Right you are, my mistake.
  4. Hi Amalasan and everyone else! I am almost through the series twice now. I just started my full second reading in mid February without reading any other books inbetween. I'm half done Crossroads of Twilight as of yesterday. Of the first books I've read TEOTW and TGH the most. I think at least 4 readings each. It has been interesting in the transformation each of the characters makes with each new book. I think that's why I have read the first two books the most. I like how they started as wide-eyed and mostly innocent. I think the favourite part for me in the first two books(and
  5. :D Thanks for the welcome Spacey and Amalasan! Spacey, I have checked out the Band of the Red Hand and it is certainly a place I am considering joining. I'm not a member of any Org yet. Amalasan, I'm on my second reading of the WOT series. I'm currently half way through Crossroads of Twilight. I'm all for discussion of any of the books, just point me in the right direction. I like discussing everything and reading ideas and theories of other readers no matter how hairbrained they might be. I think that is why I am here. It's all good. Have you read all of the books?
  6. It seems that I am currently the newest member and I'd just like to say hey to everyone. So, hey. This seems the place to be. So I'm here and I think it'll be swell. :D
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