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  1. Thanks, I went out and got the first book by George Martin and read a few chapters. I think I will like it a lot.
  2. Hello all, I have been reading WOT for 15 years. It was the first fantasy series and the only that I have read. I am in desperate need to get myself involved in another series but have no clue what i should start. I spent 3 hours today in the book store just staring at the vast options. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Im just nervous about starting something new and not have it be as good as WOT. Something with great character developement would be wonderful.............Thanks!
  3. Im looking to start playing with a group of people online, much like BF2 with clans. If anyone is interested please let know. Im sure that the game would be a lot funner if people talked and used strategies. Also if you have any suggestions on how to start a clan type thing let me know. Thanks to all,
  4. Thanks for the advice, how do I apply to be a warder? Are there other characters as well? Is there a seperate website? When role playing is it done in real time? Im pretty sure I can go for hours with questions but all I need is a place to start from. Thanks for the help. ;D
  5. I actually never tried it although it sounds like some thing that could spark my interest. My only worry would be that I would drag people down with my Noobness
  6. Oh....I was thinking that maybe I should give a little about my self. I have been reading WOT for along time and probably read the first book at least 12 times and the others a little less. I found this site about 4 years ago and would come back to it to find any answers I had. I have always been impressed with the community here(how could you folks be anything but great, your all fans of the greatest books ever), but it is not until now that I have come to join. I hope to get the most from this experience and have fun with those who share a love for something great.
  7. [glow=red,2,300]HELLO[/glow] Im new and am looking for any advice on how to get the most from this site. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I thank all who reply.
  8. Hi, Im new to this site as well as to anything like it. Im curious as to what RP and ORG mean. I would also love any advice on how to get the most out of this. Thanks to all in advance. (I have been reading these blogs for about 2 years and just now decided to join)
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