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  1. I've loved reading this thread! I honestly haven't given The Eye a whole lot of thought since it's appearance in the first book. However some of the theories make sense based on inference just from what the object is named. The Eye of the World. The world of the prophecies is madness and chaos, turmoil and strife. We have titles that reflect this "The Gathering Storm" The location of the Eye and the name of it, fits with the imagery. The Eye of a storm is a place of calm amidst turmoil. The Green Man's sanctuary was that, but more so, if the power of the Eye has been protecting Rand from madness then that also holds. Also, and very obviously an eye see's. For some reason I remember Ishmael saying that he'll 'blind the eye of the world'. And then one of the names for the dark one is 'Sight blinder'...Again it might just be some literary resonnance but...I also don't think that image strands like that emerge if there is not meant to be any correlation. As we saw when Rand and Nynaeve cleaned saidin, channellers do not have to die to purify the power, yet the Aes Sedai who created this pool of pure saidin sacrificed themselves. Such a feat is nothing short of heroic, interstingly the Eye covered The Horn, and the banner, the Horn calls back dead heroes to help protect the world...The Eye protects Rand from madness and maybe bumps up his Ta'Veren luck...but it's almost like some gaurdian angel stuff with this force watching out for him. It also fits that the eye slowed the weakening of the seals. It aso kinda ties the Amyrlin, and therefore the White Tower, who's title of duties includes being the "Watcher of the Seals" to the Dragon if he does infact command The Eye of the World. This is a tennuous tie as its really just through literary device but it flows for me. It reinforces what needs to happen, the Aes Sedai need to follow The Dragon's directive, the seals need to be destroyed and the bore needs to be resealed with both saidin & saidar. The Amyrlin has to follow the dragon...he's the one with the eyes. Anyway, just some thoughts.
  2. Also, we are talking about $17.00 product. I understand it's more the principle, and $17.00 is still $17.00 dollars, which is a lot when you only have a little. But honestly, you only get refunds or compensations when you ask for them, and generally you have to prove that you paid what you paid and when you paid it. Like with a reciept, but I would encourage all of the people that had paid for the New Spring series to either ask Dabel Bros. for a refund or ask Tor for a discount.
  3. Perhaps try writing a polite request, explain that you paid already and never received the full product, and see if they would reward your long patience with a free or discounted copy. It never hurts to ask. And might yield a satisfactory result and a letter to them would be more successful in attaining your desires outcome than anything you'll post here.
  4. They are interpretations of the characters, no one said anyone has to buy them, if they don't appeal to a person's artistic pallet, there's lots of pens, paper, and paints out there, and all the freedom in the world to try and do better.
  5. Wow, I managed to post my reply inside the box of quoted txt...thanks iPhone. What I'd meant to say was: keep in mind that the Atha'an Miere have been marooning male channelers on the island of madness, and were I a forsaken in search of dreadlords for my army in tarmon gaidon...I'd try to stock up there. Also we don't know where Demondred is and what he's been up to... That's my approximate original response separated from the qoute box. Near Thakan Dar they seem to keep a village of borderlandsr slaves. I assume this is where they are breeding people to make all kinds of little monster pawns from, plenty of ladies to pair with shadow turned AMC's
  6. So, we know that the Aiel male channelers (AMCs) went into the Blight... Possible sources of these red-veiled Aiel: -AMCs were turned via 13x13 method, and they live for hundreds of years. Plenty of time to breed with any other DF Aiel brought to the Blight, and create evil Aiel. -Aginor (Right? was he behind Shadowspawn?) Pre- or Post-Reincarnation. Could have twisted any number of captured Aiel, same result. -Sammael sent a bunch of Shaido there with the nar'baha, and they were corrupted somehow. Admittedly the weakest theory I've got. I like the theory I read in this thread about raiding the Isle of Madness, too. Maybe that was the source for the women the AMCs bred with? This would explain the dark eyes. PS Yes, I read the entire thread. Very informative. I suggest reading the whole thing to anyone that hasn't. Set your posts per page up to 40, and it's only 8 pages long.
  7. I think this is a pretty good guess, I assume the 'black eyed Aiel' (interesting how that misnomer of a saying has come true) are the Male Aiel channelers that have gone into the blight to battle the Dark One over the years, I think it likely that they've been turned to the shadow. 13 black ajah sisters channeling through 13 Myrdraal. And then the madness is allowed to run rampant as the Dark One has control so to speak. Unlike the Forsaken, who he protects from the madness, these, he submerges in it, making them tools and pawns of considerable but very controllable power. It also wouldn't surprise me to learn that the Isle of Madmen, has been harvested regularly...I mean, the Shadow has had gateways since forever, and Ishmael was never fully sealed away.
  8. Well, where to start. Mostly I think I plan to use this for a while to monologue about some observations/opinions/ideas I have regarding the patterns of interrelatedness in The Wheel of Time with other novels/worlds. They'll possibly be quite general, I may delve into some fan fiction set ups as I have this terrible aspect to my imagination that essentially bastardizes the Wheel of Time World by cutting and pasting it with elements from other stories. It's a terribly blasphemous streak in me, but it's a good part of the fun that I find with this series. I mean one of the things I appreciate the most about the Wheel of Time World is that it was constructed porously enough that I can rationalize my impositions into a semblance of plausibility. To warn or inform, sources I draw from for my corrupted vision of it all are about to be short listed. First though I'll state that I've been reading this series since about 7th grade, so that means 1995 or 96...I've read the series over at least three times, possibly more for some of the books. I used to own the Wheel of Time PC game and played it through (it got stolen, sigh) and also have the Wheel of Time RPG game from Wizards of the Coast. I have as much of the comics as are available so I consider myself a pretty dedicated fan. The Wheel of Time would hands down be my favorite series, and Robert Jordan is among my top three favorite writers. Since I'm on the subject my favorite writers are: Ursula K. LeGuin, Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Phillip Pullman, Robin McKinley, Piers Anthony, Stephen Brust, Tad Williams, Terry Brooks....Brandon Sanderson is definitely rising in the ranks of my appreciation. I've read Mistborn, Elantris, Stormbreaker and The Way of Kings. So I'm definitely a fan. Tolkien and Lewis kind of go without saying. Anyway, this list kind of begins laying out the ingredients of the mental melting pot that WOT stews in within my brain. Also, I am an actor, with a theatre degree and I minored in anthropology and english. I don't know how this blogging gig will run for me. Sometimes I'll argue/criticize things. Because I both love and hate inconsistencies in the story, but I figure I'm better off running my typer over here than doing it too much on the forums. Anyway direct world fusions I like to think of hijaking elements from are in no particular order as follows. The Codex Alera, Avatar the Last Airbender, The Dragonriders of Pern, The Left Hand of Darkness, Chthon, The Song and the Silence Trilogy, the Abhorsen Trilogy, Xanth, The Talent series, Myst, The Hero and the Crown and the Blue Sword, Mistborn, and Stormlight, Shannara... Yeah, its chaotic. However...I like to imagine a big huge ol' series of what if's. Like this. What if, say during the Trolloc Wars, a group of Aes Sedai used the Portal Stones to go in search of Allies. The Portal Stones can do more than just reach the reflected mirror worlds, though that is all we've seen them do in Randland of the present. However in the Age of Legends, things were different. Whats worse, what if this small group of Aes Sedai were followed by a few Black Ajah sister's and dark friends? It gets silly. ... But fun. I like to try and imagine how I can fit all the disparate elements that I'd like to put in the World of the Wheel of Time, but placed in such a way that the Pattern would allow it and the story as told, would simply have a few more wrinkles/dimensions but not be very altered. As my intrusions would always have to yield to the story as rendered. But I can't help but want there to be fire lizards, spren, daemons, and furies and mistings, random talents, ...all kinds of chaos...I mean...what would a Hemalurgically enhanced Myrdraal be like? I also have this opinion/theory/idea...that because Brandon Sanderson is writing within the Wheel of Time, his work has become more closely linked to the World of Robert Jordan, within the universe of the collected conscious. Also, with this idea is the one that as thankful as I am that Brandon Sanderson is finishing the series, it isn't truly cannon. Like the mirror worlds within the series, this is perhaps the closest reflection of what the last bit was like, however, it isn't the true world...and so its kind of through this opening of the unfinished end, all my silly, fun, fantastic little ideas can infiltrate the soil there and take root. So...this is along the lines of what I'm thinking about, and what this blog will probably reflect.
  9. Just dropping by to introduce myself in some sense. I've been a member for a while but have been pretty scarce in stating a presence here thus far. Still I like what is done here, and appreciate all the info, and would like to perhaps exchange more ideas and whatnot within this lil' community. thats all for now really. cheers, B
  10. Well I've been reading through this here and there. I have to say though, there really hasn't been any news of progress on this project in a very long time. Universal has the rights, and so, it might be able to become something. I would hope that it would be good. One thing that people discussed was how to portray channeling. I have some ideas, however, the great thing about The Eye of the World, is that, none of our touchstone channelers have come into their power yet. Moiraine is the one who primarily channels. What she does appears as the effects to everyone around her, she throws fireballs, that isn't hard, she makes mist, she makes herself grow...as the audience we are seeing the story more from the perspective of the young people coming of age. Therefore it isn't until Egwene, Nynaeve, and Rand start to learn in The Great Hunt, that we need to be concerned with the appearance of weaves. Then I think it becomes a matter of the camera's eye staying in the perspective of different characters, similar to how it is presented in the books. Also embracing the power, well there is no reason why we cant go into the minds eye and see the images that are used by the story. A flower opening to the light, the flame, this type of stuff happens in films all the time. So by staying in the perspective of certain characters this, we wouldn't see the 'glow' of saidar, until Egwene and Elayne meet one another. As an audience we'd be prepared for it, because Moiraine can spend some time on exposition while she trains Egwene to make her jewel light. Another thing that I've seen a whole lot of discussion about is this thing of having the internal conflict moments of the guilt and torture and recrimination of the characters as the struggle with difficult decisions. Well, thats where acting comes in. We don't need to spend forever talking about so much of the things, so long as the actors play the parts well. Granted we'll need some small bits of dialog, so that we can know the themes of what they're thinking and when...but it really shouldn't be too expository. Nothing kills a story faster than too much exposition. And it is something that is particularly tricky when it comes to fantasy and sci fi. Which is why I think these films can be so difficult to put together well. What I would hope for from this film would be something with a look and feel along the lines of the film Perfume, Hamlet (the Kenneth Branagh version though thats really the feel of Cairhien and Andor for me), even dare I say it the more recent adaptation of Pride and Prejudice...mostly because people actually walked in mud...which isn't to say that I'd like everyone to have English accents. (I find that to be a very trying convention, that any film not set now is filled with R.P. accents) To be honest I'd be thrilled if basically it was epic fantasy done with more of an arthouse feel. Perhaps directed by Aang Lee. It would please me if the film score was not your typical, I'm an epic film, lets hit all the same notes we do in nearly every fantasy. Bad guys attack equals loud drumming and darkly ominous sounds...its trite. I'd prefer something more organic. With a soundtrack composed mostly by instruments that would have existed/are actually mentioned in the story. Dulcimers, Harps, flutes, fiddles/violin, drums, bells...no piano, not much or any orchestral arrangements. Anyway these are some thoughts. However, I genuinely hope that nothing happens with this project before I'm in a position in the world to have some genuine input about it.
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