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  1. Plus his foxhead medallion would have gone cold if there was even minor chanelling nearby. I seem to remember him feeling the medal going cold even when Joline and the other aes sedai were teaching the two ex-sildame bout saidar using very small amounts of the one power.
  2. Not to mention the fact that 5 oaths on the oath rod would make the average lifespan of an aes sedai 90-120 years. The full life potential of an unbound aes sedai is 600-700 years. With three oaths, reaching 300 is considered real lucky. With an already diminishing no of aes sedai and sparkers/learners with each year, they cant afford a small life span of 100 years, caz the tower would die pretty quickly if that was the case.
  3. Rand hadn't reached his maximum potential at the time of the fight in the aiel waste. In fifth book, he remarks that he has gotton noticeably stronger in the power after asmodean's teachings, enough difference to make him actually consider what his true strength is. This isn't the exact quote, but from what i remember, this was what he thought.
  4. Definitely not a df/chosen. She was later on given the title of "Shadow Cutter", as translated from the old tongue, in appreciation of her efforts against the dark. And i doubt her caution can be labelled as arrogance. Lews therin's plan was afterall a mad risk, compare the two choices available at that time. Lews therin's plan, with extreme risks, or Latra's plan to create two sa'ngreal with enough power to potentially break the world and use that power to seal the bore. Best case scenario, the the dark one is permanently sealed off, worst case scenario, the dark one is temporarily sealed off. Either way, was a win-win situation for the LIGHT because even if the dark one is temporarily sealed off, it would give the light enough time to regroup, root out df's, take care of the huge no of the chosen at that time, formulate new strategies and ter'angreal to use against the shadow etc. And Latra didn't ask all female aes sedai to go along with her. She only asked women of noticeable strength and influence to join her cause. The weaker ones, who wouldn't have been used even if the women were cooperating, joined of their own accord, after realizing the plus points/low risks of Latra's plan as compared to Lew Therin's.
  5. Rand al thor, we see various point of views in KOD of white tower/rebel aes sedai feeling the weaves failing. Despite the 'keeping' weave, food is still spoiling, both in WT and the rebel aes sedai camp. The wards in the white tower are also failing as well, rats are entering the white tower. I think in one POV, elaida asks her keeper to make sure the the wards around the tower are woven again. There was also a Romanda POV that sisters refuse to even consider the possibility the saidar itself is failing etc.
  6. I dont think so guys. She's saying, there are only two stronger that a MAN can use. One is the male half of the cheoden kal and other is unknown as far as we know. Rand can only use the female half of the cheoden kal while linked with a very strong female channeler only, so i doubt it counts.
  7. Because Sammael told us in in one of his meetings with Graendal in book 6 or 7. He was thinking on Graendal's compulsion zombies and his comment went something like this, "but of course her compulsion wont work on me, or any man wrapped in the source". This isn't the exact quote, but that's what i remember. And it makes sense, the chaotic nature of saidin and the constant struggle of control makes even a moment's weakness is a potential deeath. And since compulsion does exactly death, its not possible to compel a man holding Saidin.
  8. asmo was spot on, thats what i meant. I'm not trying to theorize a forsaken mode of attack, just curious about the way ta'vern were protected. For some reason, i believe that the wolves protect perrin from compulsion in some form. Sorry, if i was vague.
  9. They were originally made for the purpose of sealing the bore but during the manufacturing process, Sammael (or was it Bel'al?) attacked the factory where they were being made and all access keys were lost/destroyed except for the ones in Rhuiden. And of course, there was the danger of breaking the world apart with that much power. Lews Therin wasn't in favor of this plan, he wanted to seal the bore with a 6 male 7 female aes Sedai circle but the female aes sedai considered it a too dangerous plan and refused to cooperate, waiting for the completion of the cheoden Kal. Since all access keys were believed to be destroyed/lost, all hopes of sealing the bore with it were nullified, let alone cleansing the taint. Besides, you must remember that rand was told the exact method of cleansing the taint by the Finns. For anyone to figure that method out in the AOL in the midst of all chaos was going to be a very hard task, especially considering the fact that there was lot of tension between the male and female aes sedai before lews therin wen ahead with his 113 companions. The aes sedai camp was divided between males and females, with all female sedai of noticeable strength refusing to even talk to the males. There was an online robert jordan story about the strike at shayol ghul that tells about this in detail. It was at this address, but its been removed. http://www.tor.com/shayol.html
  10. I was just wondering whether it was robert jordan's plan all along to shield rand, mat and perrin from compulsion or am i looking too much into things. Rand is protected from compulsion because of his ability to channel Saidin, so long as he holds it, he cannot be compelled. Similarly, so long as Mat wears the foxhead ter'angreal, compulsion won't work since its a direct weave. And although we haven't seen it in action, i think there's a high chance Perrin can't be compelled due to his link with the wolves. I imagine something like Perrin being compelled for a very short time, but breaking free as soon as the wolves make contact with his mind. I have no evidence for this except for the fact that Saidin spirit weave protects Rand from the forsaken manipulated dreams, the ter'angreal for mat's dreams and the wolves for perrin's dreams, so i think they also protect him from compulsion. Now i know these protections have loopholes. Rand can be compelled if he's not holding Saidin, and Mat if he's not wearing the ter'angreal, but the thing is, if one of the forsaken is near enough to rand (while not holding saidin) or mat (without the ter'angreal), with the intention of a direct weave (compulsion) attack, i doubt he/she would use compulsion. Probably balefire or some other weave. Now the thing is, the chance of Rand/Mat/Perrin facing an attacking forsaken without Saidin/ter'angreal/wolves is very low, since as i mentioned earlier, if they are, compulsion would be probably be the last weave that forsaken would want to use. So, in a way, they are protected from compulsion, or maybe i'm looking too much into things. What do you guys think?
  11. I hope it happens, although i don't think stilling her again is necessary. Flinn could just replace the saidar woven weaves with saidin. What i really want is to see is a Elaida Vs Siuan (at full power) death match. Although it was stated by robert jordan, that even at full power, Elaida was slightly stronger then Siuan, but i guess not enough to matter in a duel. Maybe add in a fully restored Leane for the linking and overkill.
  12. I was re-reading book 9 a few days back and after reading the entire far madding hunt for the rogue ashaman by Rand and Nynaeve and the subsequent ass-saving by Cadsuane, i had a few questions regarding power wells. Firstly, can a shielded person draw Saidin/Saidar from a full power well or will he she be unable to do so?? In far madding, the true source just vanished, where as while shielded, you can feel the true source, you can strain to reach it but you are blocked, will that cause any problem while trying to draw power through a well while shielded?? Secondly, can a stilled person draw the one power through a full power well?? In stilling, a person's ability to reach for the true source is cut off, but he/she can still sense it. Personally, i think stilling only cuts off the ability to open to the source, the body's ability to channel Saidin/Saidar remains there and if they tried to draw from a full power well, do you think they would be able to channel that small amount one power drawn from a different source than the true source?? at least until the well runs out, since they don't have access to the limitless source of the one power in the true source and cant refill the well.
  13. I think Elayne will make him some sort of cuendillar-terangreal/angreal saidin well type hand thing. ;D
  14. Actually, if rand ever gets in the mood to wipe out the white tower, he doesn't need the ashaman at all. It would be a six step process for him and should at most take half an hour. Step 1: Gather Male Half of Cheoden Kal and Callandor Step 2: Travel to some hill near the white tower. Step 3: Spend 5 minutes deciding whether to use Callandor or the Cheoden Kal. Consider the fact that Callanor has no buffer and has only 1/10 of the power of the cheoden Kal, choose the cheoden Kal. Step 4: Spend another 5 minutues deciding the mode of attack. Massive lightning all over the place ala Seachchan, wrap the entire city in a huge ball of flame, massive earthquake, one massive weave of balefire etc etc. Step 5: Execute Attack Step 6: Travel back home and get it on with Min.
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