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  1. I read that trolloc females were designed to be happy to be used as breeding machines, and spent all their time being impregnated, sitting around until they gave birth, then caring for their young until they got knocked up again. I'm sure I read that somewhere official, but my BWB is packed away and I can't quote it for you.
  2. Your theory. Thesis is used more to refer to a subject for a composition or essay, while theory is usually used to refer to a stated proposition that is as yet unproven. In the parts of the books where Mat interacts with Elayne and Nynaeve, I find Nynaeve and Elayne to be illogical haughty stuck up twits, while Mat acts like a hero. I think Rand's attitude toward women is ridiculous and stupid. How many men and women died because he refused to kill Lanfear? I think Perrin's fixation on Faile is kinda creepy. It was romantic when she was stuck inside the hedgehog dreamworld, but in KoD? Creeeeeeepy. I find Egwene's actions to be reasonable considering her situation. Unlikely, since she's only 18 and there's no chance that she would actually be that smart (being raised in a tiny village and only being exposed to the world for 2 years), but logical. I'm a girl.
  3. Mat is pretty damn awesome. Rand is halfway insane, and will let others die in order to avoid killing even one woman. His entire attitude towards women annoys me. Perrin starts a war and kills thousands of people to save one woman. And two queens, but that's just incidental. Galad starts a battle and a riot in order to get two women, one his sister, to a riverboat so they don't get arrested. Gawyn is a narrow minded snob who facilitated the battle inside the Tower and contributed to the political abduction and abuse of the man destined to save the world. He does let Suian go though. Lan, while not unkind to women, is hard and scary. I think out of the list, he's the least of a jerk. He does save Nynaeve's life in the river. Mat travels halfway across the known world to save the lives of three women. He rides into a battle between two armies with a handful of friends to help save one woman. He adopts a street urchin after saving the kid's life, provides for him, and becomes a father to the boy when all he really wants to do is dice, drink, and dandle serving women on his knee. He leads a complicated scheme in order to save two women from the collar, risking his life to do so. And in the next book, he'll try to infiltrate the land of the 'Finns to save another woman. I can't think of one bad thing Mat's done that's on par with all the chauvinistic stuff the others have done. Yea, I think Mat's the most gallant, followed by Lan.
  4. 1. Mat, mainly because he's the one character I'd like to meet. That is, if the books came to life. He's got the best personality, he's funny in a subtle way, and he generally tries to enjoy life while taking his responsibilities seriously. My kind of man! 2. Thom, assuming I knew him before (assuming you mean me to put myself in Elayne's shoes). I'm not sure I'd trust his advice if just met him. 3. Verin. She's kind enough when she's not preoccupied with her project. 4. Tam al'Thor - he seems most experienced out of all the Two Rivers folk we know.
  5. It would really suck if the Finns see through a person's left eye, and he plucks out his right..
  6. Well, I'll just say that the Oaths are subjective, and that writing is not speaking. I do not think that saying "Call me Alys" is a lie, but I do think that it is a deception if it's a reply to "What is your name."
  7. I don't think that writing is a form of speech. I think that an Aes Sedai can lie in a letter if they agree with the above statement. If they disagree, and truly believe that the Oath covers all forms of communication, then I don't think they could. Like you said, subjective.
  8. I disagree. In the same vein, as long as the intent to communicate is there, saying "You may call me Robert" would be a lie if your name was Jane. But Aes Sedai, after being asked their name, say "You can call me..." several times in the series. They were asked their name, and they then communicate...a lie. I have another theory. Remember that if Aes Sedai believe a lie, they can say it for truth. So if an Aes Sedai believes that writing a lie or nodding when the answer is 'no' is breaking the oath, than it is, for her. But if another does not believe so, it's not. Maybe one Aes Sedai can write lies, but others can't. The Aes Sedai go by the letter of the Oath in order to stretch the truth and manipulate people into believing that they said something that they really didn't. If they can delude themselves into believing that intentionally allowing someone to think they said one thing when they actually said another is ok, then they can delude themselves into beliving that writing lies or gesturing incorrectly is ok.
  9. "I vow to speak no word that isn't true." How does that restrain a woman from writing a lie? Putting pen to paper, and inscribing words onto that paper, is not "Speaking" in any sense of the word that I've ever heard. That's called Writing. If Aes Sedai were to vow to "...write no word that isn't true" that would be another thing. It does not make sense that a vow against speaking would keep one from writing. How does one know that something is impossible unless one tries it? Did Pevara and Seaine attempted to write lies in order to discover if their method of search is valid, or are they going on what they've been told by other sisters? Other sisters have been wrong before.. "It's impossible to heal stilling. It's also impossible to write a lie."
  10. Aviendah said that the threads would grow slick with time. I assumed that Elayne lost control because she waited so long after pulling the first thread, and that she took so long to actually do it.
  11. If the Oath is to SPEAK no word that isn't true, the assumption that Aes Sedai can't WRITE lies holds no water. Yet, in the books, the Sisters in the tower (the ones hunting black ajah) search records looking for statements other sisters made, on paper, that could be proven false.
  12. Semirhage is not invulnerable. I refuse to believe that about <I>anybody</I>. I think that Cadsuane may be able to because: a. Nynaeve and Elayne, two naive and inexperienced girls, think to milk Moghedian for info. Egwene actually <I>frightens</I> her into giving up info. Cadsuane is smarter and more experienced than them..she'll think of it. b. She's Cadsuane. She'll try. And she'll be confident enough to believe that she'll succeed. c. If nothing else, her ally Sorielia may wander up and offer to help break her.. d. If a taveren happens to wander into the room, she may spill something VERY useful. Like I said, I'm just theorizing about this whole topic.
  13. I always associate the word argument with harsh words and negative feelings. So I'm glad we're both trying to avoid that. :)
  14. Was it Egwene who ordered Mesanna* to tell her one new thing every day? If Semirhage sees stasis boxes as useless, and Cadsuane orders her to teach her something she doesn't ask about, that may come up. MAY, I say. Just speculating here. *[i meant moghedien..man i'm tired]
  15. I apologize for starting an argument. I'd rather discuss than argue, or even debate. It bothers me when people start snapping at each other over theories, which is why I rarely post - I'd rather not take part in 'debates.' Maybe I should have said, 'If the forsaken are finding these boxes with barely any time to search (see my previous posts for clarification on why i think they had little time), they must just be stumbling over them. Which means they're laying around in plain sight, even if there's only one per country, on average.' I never meant to imply that they're so common that our heroes have wandered past, around, or over them several times in each book. I just think that at least one should have been seen, somewhere. Maybe I should look up the scene where Nynaeve and Elayne find the male A'dam and the Seal in Tanchicho. There may be one in that museum (but probably not, again, not trying to imply that they're THAT common). Also, if I'm correct in assuming that an obvious AoL remnant would be placed in the tower, or a museum, then there may be at least one stasis box, possibly with very useful items inside, available to the Light side. If they ever realize what to look for, or even that they should look. Maybe with Semirhage available, Cadsuane can winkle that bit of information out of her.
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