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  1. I probably overlooked this, but what did Rand do with the angreals from Rhuidean?
  2. A grat book, but got one question When Rand and LTT became one, did Rand gain LTT skills and memory alsow?
  3. What will Elayne do with the two river rebellion, now that she is queen of Andor?
  4. Okey. Here we go again.Is Verin black ajha? In book two Verin is caught in a direct lie, when she says Moraine sendt her after Rand and Ingtar, something Moraine denys later in the book. Is this proof that Verin is black ajha?
  5. In the prologue of Crossroads of Twilight Bashere says that he agrees to a mans proposal. What proposal, and who is this man. Logain Ablar maybee?
  6. you said "The presence of at least one Sitter from each Ajah is also required", but i don't think that one from the blue Ajha was there. How can it be legally if not every Ajha was present?
  7. Min's viewings said that "A falcon and a hawk, pershing on your shoulders. Both female, I think". We know that Faile is the falcon, but could queen Tenobia be the hawk? She is unmarried, and she holds the broken crown, that we know Perrin will have.
  8. I think Rand can break Semi, because of his conection to LTT, and that he knows a lot of creepy weavs ;D
  9. It's probably most likely that they learn from looking on other damanes, because then they can ses what they do, and just copy it. Just like Alivia is doing :P
  10. I don't think it's a prophecy of all the White Cloaks dying in TG. I'm just hoping that they all will die, because I don't like them. Randland would have it better without them, and for Berelein falling for Rand is not going to happend, because of Min's view :-\
  11. Didn't Moridin tell Rand in the first book that their had bin a fight between the dark one and the makers since the start of time, so it's likely thats their bin many TG before... Likely TG will come as a long time battle with a climax when rand taks his armies and Ashamahns to Shayol Goul, and I think it's not likely that rand will lett Mat travle around for abouth two more months. It's more likely that he will find Mat, and take him to the tower himself, and Lan will be in the last batle. It wouldn't be the same without him there :P
  12. Who knows, maybe even a First of Mayene... ;) Thats very possible, because Min's view that Berlain will fall for a man in whithe, and Galad is dresst in white, but that their story will be a lovstory like Bergith and Gaidal, because he will die a glories death in TG, and with him many of them that calls themself White Cloaks
  13. One of the oaths says that they can't kill, if their not in danger (except darkfriend then), but all they rialy have to, is to put themself i danger, our fell in danger. Thats why I think the 3 oaths its just bullshit. Just a way to keep the people around them satisfied
  14. I hope you are right Trakand 01, but I fear he is a lost cause. Dosn't Min have a view that says that two times Perrin has to be there for Rand, our something wrong will happend? and still I would only count that he's bin there ones for Rand, at the battle at the end og book six. therfor I think Perrin will come back in good old Perrin style :)
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