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  1. There's never a shortage of things to read :) Just started Assassin's Apprentice by Robin Hobb, after finishing Brother Odd by Dean Koontz. Have a pile of Raymond Feist to get through, Empire series and Serpentwar saga. I'm sure there will be a read through of some sort, maybe LOTR or Dark Tower. Closer to release of AMOL, WOT of course. Now if your wanting a reading recommendation you must read The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. This guy is seriously talented and I'm not joking but its one of the best books I've ever read. His blog is a hoot too 8)
  2. Apart from being cute and cuddly, are the loss of the Ewoks a big deal. I never really liked them in the movie anyway.
  3. At this very moment to myself eating a sandwich. If you mean musically Send Away The Tigers by Manic Street Preachers.
  4. I've only just realised about the upgraded forum because I wondered why anyone hadn't started a Harry Potter thread :-[ I really really enjoyed the book. I lined up at a local store, got my free copy (paid for by a rewards scheme here in NZ) at 11.01 am and had it read by noon the next day, which is fast for me. I'm still waiting to be able to discuss with someone else, as know one I know has read it yet. I was pleased with all the deaths, as I felt it gives the story a bit more realism. I never thought JK would kill of Harry, Ron, or Hermione, or though Harry sort of died (must say the WOT prophecy went through my mind during this sequence). Most of the deaths were passed on like a news item and didn't have the emotional hit. It was a bit sad for both Lupin and Tonks to be killed as they were now happy together. I'd seen mentioned on another forum how they thought this mirrored Harry's situation. Dobby's death was sad because he'd been so loyal to Harry and would have done anything for Harry. I was glad to see Dumbledore was actually dead. I still had a little sneaky feeling that he was going to miraculously reappear. I liked how we got to see Dumbledore as being human with faults just like everyone else and how Harry resolved his feelings about him in the train station scene. Loved Molly Weasley taking on Bellatrix. It was unexpected and one of the great bits of the book. Also the under-estimation of Neville's grandmother by the deatheaters. As to Harry not killing Voldemort himself, I would have been really disappointed if he'd done the avara kedavra curse on Voldy because it had never been in his character to kill. The backfire curse was the ultimate payback as Voldy had always under-estimated Harry, thinking he knew more about magic and power when really he was nothing than the little boy still in the orphanage terrorising his fellow inmates. I've seen some express their dislike of the epilogue but I thought it was nice. If it hadn't been there I would have wanted more, at least what happened straight after Voldy died. It was also a huge signal to say there won't be another book :( I felt content after finishing the book but I've been feeling down ever since. I know this is how I'm going to feel after RJ finishes the WOT. At least we the last two movies to look forward too :)
  5. From what we know of Asmodean, I'm fairly certain if his strength in the power was returning he would have done all he could to hide it until a time came that he could benefit the most from it. His staying with Rand certainly kept him safe from the other Forsaken. He also very aware that if he stepped out of line and was caught by Rand, he'd be dead. Of course we don't know what plans he would have had, once his strength had fully returned, it would have still been in his best interests to align himself with Rand. Unless of course, he was a very fast talker and could convince one of the Forsaken otherwise, they would kill him on sight(which probably happened).
  6. Sure the books might have themes and storylines that are similar to other books, it doesn't mean I can't enjoy reading the books. It's this type of book, with the audience that it's aimed at, that can introduce a wealth of new readers to the fantasy genre and I for one think thats a good thing. You imagine that Eragon is the first fantasy novel your reading, and once your finished you'll be back for more. As a relative newcomer to fantasy, I don't have the reading experience that a lot of posters here have, so maybe thats an advantage for me in reading these novels . There's not many books I've started that I couldn't finish (the third Elder Gods novel - David Eddings was really bad) and I had no trouble with these. Was going to go to the movie but after looking at some reviews it seems the movie doesn't even closely resemble the book. It seems Paolini may have sold the rights without retaining a say in how they were made.
  7. I'm in my thirties too, 33 to be precise. Started reading the series about 3 years ago and haven't looked back :D KOD was the first book that I've pre-ordered - ever. Currently on my second read through, finished TPOD last night.
  8. I don't know that I'd want to see her fully restored because she's grown as a character without her strength in the one power. She's had to find alternative means to accomplish her goals and not just be able to bully people into doing things because of her position and strength. Her interllect and die hard spirit have got her into and out of scrapes that if it had been anyone else stilled they'd probably have curled up and died. It could also be interesting to see her fully restored and where she would fit into and what role she would take. But we'll have to wait and see what RJ's got installed for her.
  9. Yes Min is one of my fav female characters. Her visions are really cool but putting all that aside I've her to be the most normal of the females in Randland. I personally liked how Rand always felt that he could sit down and talk to Min unlike any of the major female characters, and that she would tell him straight when he was being a woolheaded sheepherder.
  10. I work in a public library, so of course I see a lot of books. I'd come across the WoT books while shelving but hadn't thought too much about as I wasn't really into reading fantasy. One of my co-workers is really into fantasy and I knew that he really enjoyed the series. Now where coming into the year before the Lord of the Rings movies come out and I thought I should give the books a go before seeing the movie. As it turned out I loved them and this had wetted my appetite for fantasy. Scroll forward a bit and the cut in half version of the EotW crosses my desk. This looks interesting I thought to myself but do I really want to read a series thats 10 books long. Decided to read it and there was no going back. Read the first 4 books from the library and then decided I'd have to purchase my own copies. Now I'm like everyone else and I can't wait for the conclusion.
  11. I've always pictured the first age being one where there is no Aes Sedai or channellers. Nobody knows anything about the One Power or possibly the Dark One as well. It's during this age or it sets of the beginning of the next age when the One Power is discovered and people start learning to channel. I could agree with you about the state of technology being at a similar level as it is in Randland.
  12. I started reading WOT late 2004. Am now on my second read thru, currently reading Lord of Chaos. I certainly agree the second read thru is much better. I found first time thru that there was so much to take in that it was hard keeping track of everything. With the extra knowledge I am able to focus better on some plot lines and be able to work things out for myself. You get that "so thats how that fits in" when you come across something you missed that first time thru. I don't know about anyone else but I think you tend to forget things after a while so a reread thru can get you back up to speed when a new book comes out.
  13. We may love RJ as an author but we love his creation more. It's got to be WoTers.
  14. I agree with Jason the Otori trilogy by Lian Hearn is an excellent read. Another series aimed at teenagers I've just read is the Pellinor trilogy by Alison Croggon. The first is titled "The Gift" while the second which has just been published is "The Riddle". A most enjoyable read with second book improving on the first. The last book should be really good. The series has good characters, an interesting form of magic, lots of different locations and plenty of action.
  15. Lets hope not. It would end up being like those dream sequences they have on tv. The book is finished before it's started and we have to have a dream to see what has actually happened. I know your just using it as an example but I certainly want to know every detail of Moiraine's rescue from the Finn's. How many of us won't buy the book if it's a monster 2000 pages. Not many I don't think. We may complain it's to heavy to carry around but I think we would rather RJ included everything.
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