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  1. When Nynaeve drops Lan off at Worlds End, how does she immediately make another gateway a zoom off to another part of Saldea? I thought the rules were clear on this, "You must know a place really well to travel from there." She had to look up where she was going from a book in the Library before she left. So obviously, she did not where she was going or the location. Is this a new Nynaeve talent???
  2. The reason I ask, is connected to Elaida. She appears to influence the ter,angreal to such an extent that one of the other sister glares at her as she leaves. Even from Moraines pov, she beleives Elaida was trying to make her fail. And as far as I can remember (Without going back of 11 or so thousand pages) we never hear about anyone failing the test for the shawl. Maybe it is do or die!
  3. Bob T, The only thing I can recall about the Kin that we have met is, none had tried for the shawl. Saying that, the only one I can recall who was not a run away was Reanne Corly and she failed the test for becoming an Accepted.
  4. POSSIBLE SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT READ NEW SPRING I have a bit of a question concerning the testing for the shawl. After reading New Spring, is it just me or can the Aes Sedai controlling the ter'angreal downstairs kill off anyone who fails one of the weaves? Is that what they do? We know from reading that the Aes Sedai can see what's going on inside the ter'angreal and influence it. So, if an Accepted makes a mistake, do they just kill her off?
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