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  1. Just how many times has each character been captured? I would have to say the girls were captured the most often. It kind of got very repetitive... Tr born.
  2. perrin. I went to racing to the sections he was in... Two Rivers being saved.... to skipping his sections of the novels. I cant stand what he his storyline. the queen comes a close second. how the heck did she ever manage to rule a kingdom? she makes terrible decisions and is very unlikable. tr born.
  3. thanks for the replies. i posted because of the reread i did of those sections.... RJ really notes that the it is made or silver repeatedly... that got me thinking along the silver would do the trick line of thinking... but the posts make sense....it most likely has to be the amulet. i wonder if Mat will pick up something to kill the gholam when he rescues moraine. or if he will make a shotgun and use his amulet as the bullet. TR born.
  4. I always kind of thought AV was pregnant from the tryst in the snow but obviously she is not.....but the way the wise ones were acting and making a big deal out of her after.... What I wonder is if RJ had planned on her being pregnant but then thought better of it.... if you read the section with the wise ones afterward. they sure are acting like AV was. Mat and silver.... will silver kill the gholam or does it have to be mat's amulet? Mat could make some silver shot and make a shotgun with a tube and fireworks and.. BAM... no more gholam. that is how he takes down the gholam. thoughts? TwoRivers Born.
  5. BS is going to flip out when he sees realizes we have figured out Bela's true role in the books. I'm sure he was all thrilled with being able to spring it on us in AMOL. Long live Belatopia. Tworivers born.
  6. Bela killed amodean? We need pages and pages of evidence. What a break through.... I knew it. Everyone else has been eliminated as a suspect.... I have never laughed so much at a thread..... TwoRivers Born...
  7. Here are some good authors and series. 1. Michael Moorcock's Eternal Champion there are several series that are tied to the one overall eternal champion. Elric series is my personal favorite. Although the Hawkmoon series is great also. 2. The John Carter of Mars series. very old and every chapter leaves you in suspense...I believe these were originally written for pulp magazines. 3. I am trying to read Jordan's Conan books. TwoRivers Born
  8. Good points everyone. Thanks for the posts. I love how in depth this series is. I have not really thought as much about a series as I have this one. Although the Eternal Champion series did keep me thinking but not like this series. Happy Holidays TwoRivers Born
  9. Thanks. I will reread that section and understand what is going on. TwoRivers Born
  10. Who did Bashire want added to the list of people to be given to the unnamed man? I thought it was a list of people to have killed...I have skipped around the later books some...but i do not have a any idea what was going on there. I know there is thought that Bashere may be a Dark Friend...if so? Who does he want dead? If he is not a Darkfriend...who does he want dead to protect Rand? TwoRivers Born
  11. This topic has been posted before but.... The one power looks like it is failing. I was hoping that the 4th age would not be one power free but the evidence is stacking up. 1. The new techno stuff Rand supports point to a industrial age... 2. The failure or problem with the one power noticed by the Rebel AS. 3. New age introduction for the end of a epic series the loss of magic is a clique that if often used. 4. The one power is gradually slipping away. There were TA or SA items in the Age of Legends (I don't recall which or if it was both) that did not require the one power to work. However, I thought that now many or all of these items did need the one power now. When I read the new inventions Rand supported, I thought he would do something to the one power like create a world wide shield that would disappate (sp) in oh 50,000 year or so. This would cause the loss of the one power but allow its return. Now I'm leaning to the failure of the one power. However, it is the power that turns the wheel, so I do not understand how it can fail and the wheel keep turning. Perhaps part of AMOL will be the saving of the one power. Maybe there is another bowl out there. (groan) Wait, it is the last book. Saving the weather took half the series it seemed. I don't see how they could save the one power in one book. Not enough build up. TwoRivers Born
  12. What about the ring of 13 compulsion? Didn't that one captured black ajah talk about how they punish and compel the members of the black ajah? Why kill someone who does not want to be a member of the black ajah? Just turn them black with the ring of 13 like Egwene's testing foreshadowed? Also, why is the white tower not completely members of the black ajah? Think about it, they have hundreds of years to kidnap, ambush, drug, shield, or any means you can think of to corner each and every sister and her warders and compel/turn them to turn black ajah. It may be much more difficult to keep the warders in line but they could lure sisters away from their warders and just turn them and not the warders. Yes, there could be a problem forcing the sister to mask her bond when they are captured. I admit that, but what about when they are novices or accepted or newly raised? This could explain why the black ajah seems to be heavily populated with red ajah. They are the easiest to corner and capture. They have no warder bond they lets someone know they are in danger. TwoRivers Born.
  13. Now both Rand and Mat have sworn to die before killing a woman. (even the evil forsaken women.) How do the moments of truth come to pass for them? Rand seemed to be lined up to have to kill Lanfear at the end but will he instead go insane and stop killing everyone when he is about to kill Min? I pick Min over Lanfear because of the three women he loves, the time spend with Min has been the longest and most to me the most enjoyable to read. Av and Elayne were mostly annoying. I would say Min is the most popular of the three but that is merely my opinion. (For me, Min is my second favorite character after Mat.) It would seem obvious that Mat is on a collision course with Tuon. Personally I would like to see Tuan spend a few weeks on the wrong end of a collar. I think that would help her see the collaring of women in a whole new light. (It would help if most of the women in the stories were not really annoying. It is hard to have sympathy for them being collared. But collaring is still tremendously cruel.) But another viable option is Mat is on a collision course with Tuan's maid/shadow Selucia. They could be headed for a confrontation. She seems ready to skin Mat alive. And she appears to be a ninja in disguise. A lot of set up has gone into the showdown between the heroes and the oath they took. A great author, like Jordan, would not build this up if he did not have some payoff in mind. Thoughts? TwoRivers Born.
  14. Is it possible that Taim and Semirhage will be forced to fight in Tarmon Gai'Don while wearing adam? I seem to recall that Taim said he would be at Rand's right hand at the last battle...how ironic would it be if he was but forced to be there? We all ready know that a adam was used on a Forsaken to force her to teach what she knew. Why not use them to force them to fight? Everyone is thinking Rand will be collared and forced to fight for the Dark One but it would be a real surprise to see that plan get turned around 180 degrees. TwoRivers Born :'(
  15. Thanks for the post. There was always something that bothered me about the first book. I could not put my finger on it other than it seemed to be a long adventure and then a hurry to wrap it up at the end. You make valid points. I don't have an answer but I now plan a re-re-re-read of the book to pay attention to what you have said. TwoRivers Born
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