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  1. The uses of the gateways feels so much like portal game . Redirecting bullets/balefire with portals/gateways .
  2. Why would the black Ajah kill Egwene? . The division of tower into two is their master piece . If they kill Egwene the division would be lost . Except for the readers almost none of the characters know Egwene is going to become one of the strongest Amrylins ever . There is no clear-cut proof she is a dark friend , it is more of a hunch .We can predict at least 1 surprise DF before the series ends and I am guessing its Leane.
  3. Well the advantages of Min's viewing are counter weighed by obscurity of her viewings at least to the characters in the story . And all her viewings come true , inspite of the characters actions . There is only 2 if / then prophecies and one of them is not in control . It is more useful to us readers in predicting the story .
  4. I didn't mean after her stilling but before when she was the Amrylin . I actually think Leane's stilling was part of a punishment from BA for not uncovering Siaun's plan with Morraine .
  5. Leane I think is a dark friend . She is one of the only few important characters we don't have a first person POV . The black Ajah wouldn't have left Siaun alone . Considering their power ( They were responsible for Siuan's stilling and made Alviarion the new keeper) I don't think they would have left Siuan alone .
  6. Land and Nyanvae dying has some foreshadowing in the Aiel wise woman's statement to Nyanvae saying Lan won't survive her death by a day . As to Rand dying the amount of prophecy on his death is staggering it would not make sense if he simply dies . Prophecies of dragon Min's viewing about one man dying and another living (LTT and Rand) Alivia helping Rand die 3 woman on a funeral-byer Egwene's dream ?.. Elayne's death also has foreshadowing I think . Her statement about her not dying till she bears babies due to Min's viewing .
  7. Selucia will break his neck before that . And Tuon is pretty strong herself as seen from COT .
  8. Given that Morgase , Elayne both mistrust Perrin in this case it won't suprise me.
  9. I did forget about forcing as the reason for the Ashaman's growth Reason I said battle experience or training is a female channeler cannot see weaves of a male and vice versa . Slicing weaves you cannot see requires some special training . I am not sure though whether the Aes Sedai have the knowledge . The forsaken have shown the knowledge and Rand has learnt from Asmodean . Cadsuane might know from her terangreal .
  10. How did the Ashaman become so strong in OP so fast . It takes decades for the Aes Sedai to gain strength but the Ashaman become strong in just 1 book ?. They are formed in LOC but start facing Sammuel in the ACOS !! . Even the super girls start learning in TEOTW and it is only by TFOH that they achieve strength . It is not an isolated case with just the Ashaman though . All those male channelers , false dragons required more than one Aes Sedai to capture them and the AS suffered casualities even then . The man had no one to teach them and had no experience fighting female
  11. That is a good theory . Elayne mentions many times that she would be safe since Min predicted she will have normal babies .Is this a foreshadowing? It might mean she would be not be killed till the moment she bears the babies . This fits in with the Royal line of Andor important to the last battle foretelling . She does something important which saves Rand but results in her death . Also since Aveindha would be their mother if Elayne dies Min's foretelling of something wrong with Aviendhas babies fits.
  12. I think Fain will take out an important character most probably a minion of dark one . He would hurt Rand as well but somehow indirectly help Rand by taking out a forsaken / dreadlord . Slayer vs Fain would be interesting as well. 2 non- channelers battle.
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    “I have always thought that was a bad saying,” Verin said suddenly. “There are birds that dive and swim. And in the Sea of Storms are fish that fly, with long fins that stretch out as wide as your outstretched arms, and beaks like swords that can pierce . . . ” Her words trailed off and she became flustered. Moiraine and the Amyrlin Seat were staring at her without expression. Gotta love this Verin moment . Morraine and Siuan were trying to browbeat Rand into following their plans when Verin suddenly goes into this tangent .
  14. It was a 3 way fight but taking out the shaido will only help the tower AS get away. The shaido attacking gave Perrin's group an opening. Otherwise they could have been pretty screwed up till the Ashaman showed up.
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