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  1. So, the idea that the vast amount of energy channeled through the Choedan Kal might have healed Rand's madness isn't completely off the mark? Quite frankly that's the first thing I thought when I read the final scene in TGS, but then I heard dissenting opinions from friends on the subject. Personally, I believe it repaired the worst of it, but there will still be traces of the damage left in the last two books.
  2. <--- MagickalMan btw That was great fun. I've Tweeted back and forth with Brandon a little, but I really liked the chat room setting. And no, I wouldn't have really bribed him with my Black Lotus ($3000 card!), but it was fun to see the reaction. haha
  3. 14, IMO, is a bit young. That's not a blanket statement, there are a select few who are mature enough to handle such content, but the average person of that age is not. My nephew is very bright, but he lacks that maturity. I can tell because he's admitted that certain books have given him nightmares due to disturbing or unfamiliar imagery. I don't think it will scar him for life, but it would have been better if he'd waited until 16 to start reading this type of material. There's no sense in rushing to grow up if you don't have to.
  4. Early on, she was using only her natural abilities, but as the story progressed she came to rely on her angreal with much more frequency. Also, I think she was pushing herself harder, taking her ability right to the edge of burning herself out.
  5. Goofkind is horrid. Almost every other writer in the business is better than this hack.
  6. No doubt. My sister has been buying them for my nephew, he's 14. ??? I tired explaining that they were too mature for him, but she just wanted him to read and she didn't seem to care. What's worse, he won't talk with his parents about certain... things, so he calls me to ask questions regarding the series. I believe the worst was when I had to explain to him why Lollys was so messed up and why Tyrion killed Shae. For a while he was calling me several times a week.
  7. Damn, they drug their feet and I missed my chance to get Mistborn. >:( Edit: I just had a thought, in the email that was sent for the current book there's a link to "forward this message to a friend", could someone here do that for me with the Mistborn email please? my email is magick72@gmail.com Thanks,
  8. Actually, it works in the real world, it's simply not as dramatic. Quiet your mind and visualize the process. I've used it in traffic jams and tense meetings, it's quite relaxing. It's just a meditative focus, like 100s of others.
  9. Robin Hobb J.V. Jones Raymond Feist Roger Zelazny Brandon Sanderson
  10. Sweet, free books are the best books. :D I was just wondering though, does anyone have problems reading an entire book this way? Do you prefer books in this format or would you rather have a dead tree copy?
  11. Include OSC's Alvin Maker series, brilliant stuff. Also, I recommend: J.V. Jones Robin Hobb Roger Zelazny Raymond Feist and George R. R. Martin (of course) Seriously, I don't know whose writing I enjoy more, his or Jordan's.
  12. I don't "hate" her, there's just times when I'd like to throttle her. Acting like an ass and not thanking Rand for saving her kingdom *really* rubbed me the wrong way.
  13. The top 3 are damned close, I'd be happy with any of them. 1. Blue - I like fighting for a cause, plus there's political intrigue, travel, and adventure. 2. Brown - I'm a bookworm and love history. 3. Gray - I don't mind arbitrating and haggling. The next 2 aren't horrible, they simply aren't "me". 4. Green - Can't see myself surrounded by warders or itching for battle all the time. 5. Yellow - Healing is... ok, I suppose. Wouldn't want this to be my vocation. The final 3 are completely alien to me. 6. White - No, I enjoy my emotions. 7. Red - Idiots and hatemo
  14. Look at the bright side, A Song of Fire and Ice is going to be produced for TV. That's many, many steps above Gooberkin, IMO.
  15. If most of the Forsaken weren't being such pansies, and actually worked together, they would have been successful.
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