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  1. My only argument to that is that Moridin has a mind trap on Cyndane and short of his death, I see no escape for her at this point. Still it will be most interesting to see what becomes of her... Long live Moraine!!!
  2. oops... :oops: AND I meant to add....... the whole sword killing incedent that made it all tie up.....
  3. I think waking from the dream is finding out that the early Aiel followed the way of the leaf...now thats a dream only the leaders get to wake from.......SO FAR Just my thought
  4. Yeah, Personally untill I own an "Old tongue dictionary" I just dont know to many words left out!!!!! :shock:
  5. corruption or not, did it ever cross anyones mind that by the time rand "kneels" its just because he can show respect to a leader...who just happens to be his best buddies wife? He knelt to the Amyrlin seat because of who she was but also didnt swear anything...or even show proper (if ya wanna call it that)respect to her station after that. My point being that a show of respect can go a long way with negotiation and phrophesy can be sooo literal at times. (It didnt say swear to anything or any other complicated plot twist) He also knelt to morgase, but she was his queen. just my thoughts...
  6. which is why I said what I did...NEED
  7. wow! Not only interesting, deep in thought in context as well!!! I must consider this, because as you mentioned it seems in a time of need...all our heros and heroins...come up with something here before unknown, or lost. Good Post Jonn!
  8. Weather she is speaking truth or not, I personally feel the ultimate goal is to plant seeds of doubt in Rand's followers no matter what she is speaking about. Promoting chaos if you will.
  9. Elaida! Definately Elaida. Foolish Arrogant and generally as dumb as a box o rocks handling the WT!
  10. yeah maybe so, but in RJ's eternal words...its a forsaken...you believe them? (granted he was talkin bout one of the others, but it is fitting)
  11. I made the mistake of getting my friends and family to read the books and now I am missing 2 of them! :x Dont do it! They will steal your books!!!
  12. ...you refer to your neighbors children as shadowspawn. ...you call your son-in-laws mother a flaming trolloc. ...your pretty sure tanchico is on the eastern seaboard. ...you practice in the mirror to achieve a mask of serenity and carry unreadable expressions on your face.
  13. Oh well, It's not the first time I have been called down for that exact phrase...so I guess I wont get excited about it.
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