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  1. You also have to take into account the cultural differences between the two. Faile keeps waiting for Perring to act how she thinks a man is supposed to act, the way they do in her home country. Perrin is a man of the Two Rivers and had no idea what she expected. Things did cool down to a degree once he started yelling at Faile and ignoring Berelain.
  2. Since Morgase has slowed and is unbound by the oath rod, does this mean that she'll live 300 to 400 years?
  3. Hmnnnn, maybe if she was careless, practicing when she wasn't supposed to and seriously injured or killed someone? That'd be pretty traumatic.
  4. Theoretically, I suppose that if a trained channeler were to experience some sort of tramatic event, they might put some sort of block in place as a defense mechanism. I don't know what sort of event that could be, but the human mind is capable of many things.
  5. I've recently come to realize that Mat is my favorite character. He's so deeply layers. I love that there's so much more to him than meets the eye. He's of good Two Rivers stock and his upbring shows. Although he'd be horrofied to hear such a statement.
  6. I think we have to look at the battle tactics of Rand and the Asha'man. When LTT seized the source, he introduced things like deathgates and arrows of fire. The other male channlers were pretty quick to pick up the weaves and were able to wreak massive destruction. If it wasn't for LTT, they most likely would have been over run and killed. That battle wasn't anything like the attack on the Two Rivers. Apples and oranges. And as others have pointed out, she probably could have mowed them down on a direct assualt with no villagers in the way. But killer innocent villagers woudn
  7. Yes, cheers, four times in the last 13 years ;) Unless you meant the version prior to this one, which was a bit threadbare. I've beefed it up since then to better reflect the style of entries such as that for Lord of the Rings (which is the gold-standard for fantasy book series on Wikipedia, since it was made an Article of the Week for the whole site, which is considered a great honour). Also, the previous version was rather spoilerphobic, which violated Wikipedia policy of not concerning itself with spoilers. That said, whilst the article still doesn't exactly spoil anything - it doesn't
  8. Avi didn't like Rand at first because she thought he was being a jerk to Elayne. Aiel don't look at relationships the way the Randlanders do. If you and your friend like the same guy, you become first sisters and you both lay a bridal wreath at his feet. When Avi first went into Rhuidean, she was still hell bent on being a Maiden. Going into Rhuidean and discovering her future with Rand had to have pissed her off. She didn't want to be a wise one, she didn't want a husband and she didn't want babies (1 or 4).
  9. I know what you mean. In 1994, I was in the large group of people who performed in the opening ceremonies of the Soccer World Cup (footie) in Chicago. We had a rehearsal at Soldier Field and I accosted this girl reading one of books I hadn't got to yet. I was walking down the steps and I noticed the wheel at the end of her chapter. I almost peed my pants in happiness at finding someone who even knew what I was talking about. She thought I was nuts (she wasn't too far off base ;) )
  10. I read the first 7 books and stopped (got married, had a couple of kids. Who had time?) My dad gave me the first 3 books and I remember being extremely upset that I had to wait for the next book to come out. I got my brother reading the series around book 5. Neither one are exactly people you can sit down with and talk about different theories. That's why I so enjoy coming here. I don't post very often but I come here quite frequently to read. I've learned so much. I'm on my 3rd reread (picked the series back right after the last book was published) and I'm defintely looking at things more
  11. Here's my own personal story: Today, I went to the gorcery store to pick a few things up. I was walking to check out and this young man passes by (20ish). He's tall, really broad with a gentle face. His arms were thick with muscles....almost like a blacksmith's apprentice. Did I think, what a great looking guy! Or, wow, he's hot! No, my first thought was, now THAT'S Perrin. *sigh* Only thing missing was the golden eyes and the beard. BTW, the term 'geek' wasn't meant to be offensive. It's only a word I'm using to describe myself. :)
  12. When did Couladin decide to be Mr Fake Car'a'carn? Probably right before he packed up the Shaido and headed off to Alcair Dal. With the help of Asmodean. I don't think it took much convincing. Couladin never believed that Rand was the Car'a'carn because he saw him as a wetlander. Reading through the thread that RAND posted on the Shaido, something did occur to me. Before Couladin tried to pass himself off as the Car'a'carn, he tried to act as clan chief for the Shaido. When Rand was in Rhuidean, he saw the gathering of the Chiefs who were called by the Jenn and the very old
  13. I think Nynave has always been a bit of a bully with the temper to match. Where was it that she thinks about the time she was 16 and got into a fight with another girl. Didn't Ny throw a bucket of water on her and the girl came back swinging? If Ny hadn't been made Wisdom so young, she would have had to temper herself. But since she was Wisdom, people showed has respect and accepted behavior from her that they wouldn't have had she still been an apprentice. But she's grown and matured as the books go on. As far as people hating Egwene, I've always liked her. The woman in thes
  14. I had to think on why I picked Cabriana. I've always liked the name Cabriana Mecandes, especially the Cabriana part. I think it's because it reminds me of my daughter's name to a degree (Julianna). I always get a smile on my face when I think of Julianna so I guess Cabriana just palin makes me happy.
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