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  1. I vote carridan too. He did a great job seeding "Dragonsworn". But for the most part, they were all patsys from the forsaken sowing choas. Savanna did her share, but a large part of the choas that resulted from Sammael duping her and scattering the shaddo came from them being scattered all over, while she tried to reunite them. She probably even prevent some chaos by keeping the channeling wise ones with her, rather than having 2 or 3 in each of the scattered bands. Liandran was shielded off my Moggy before the Chaos order. Suroth did her part...she did expand the seanchan invasion more than s
  2. Ishy only healed him enough so that LTT would recognise where he was, who he was with, and what he had done. I do not think he was sane during the following converstation and follow-up suicidal mountain formation, just more aware of his surrondings than he was when he was killing his family.
  3. I also think that both the WT and BT are going to be destroyed. Although "sisters walk it's grounds" the BT has yet to be "rent in fire and blood". And the WT is practically dead from the inside as it is. When Elaida fortells that tower will be stronger than ever...i think this refers to the "tower" as in Aes Sedai, not the physical White Tower building, and with Egwene's dream about the white flame being scattered, with some flames being snuffed out implies a period of fracture before being reunited. Eventually, the AS, Asha'man, Kin, windfinders, wise ones, etc form a new, stonger "tower" or
  4. I vote Rahvin. Mat overhears him ordering a DF to kill Elyane, and knows that she should be in Tear, so obviously he is in on the plot.
  5. Correct. A similar fog strikes the Rahad before that, in the same book or the one before, and Mat identifies it as a bubble of evil...only from hearsay, but it seems clear that while the bubbles can have many different forms, they fall into several catagories: Flying Object Poltergeist, Image/Reflection Attacks, Butcher Fogs, Vomiting Insects (maybe), etc.
  6. As a follow up... I concede that it isn't Tuon. Forget the whole skin tone issue; Tuon is supposed to have a shaved head (or stubble, for KoD when she has been away from the razor for a while). No offence to the artist (its a stellar image, no matter whom its supposed to portray), but it doesn't scream "Faile" to me.
  7. I always pictured Tuon as a darker asian...like Nepalese or something. I guess there are too many Imperial Japan and China similarities with Seanchan to get the asian image out of my head. The pic may be Faile, but without the trademark Bashere Beaknose, its hard to tell.
  8. I don't think so. The playing "both sides" quote does not imply that he is actually supporting both sides, or changing his mind frequently about who he wants to win. He want the dark one to win. He just "plays both sides of the board" in the since that he is manipulating events to the degree that the light THINKS that they are the ones controlling their pieces...
  9. My impression is that women are second-class citizens in the eyes of the whitecloaks and/or Amadician culture. There was a quote somewhere...where Byar or Bornhold or someone quotes some cathesism about the sins of the father lasting for five generations but the sins of the mother for ten. Im sure that the Children consider women a good thing as long as they walk in the light...and that means approved female roles: servents, wives. No soldiering or dealing in herbs. It is odd though, as women have a more important role in almost all the other randland cultures, from reverence in Two Rivers and
  10. When I read the title, I thought it was a terrible idea. After reading your reasons, though, it makes sense. Would like to read the book first, though, so the notes don't spoil anything, then release the notes (not just AMOL, but the whole series perhas) so we can understand it in context.
  11. Hi there. Been lurking on the site for a few weeks, and decided that I should jump in and weigh in on the disscussion. Picked up WoT about two years ago. Bought my dad New Spring for Xmas...we both had just finished Stephen King's Dark Tower series, and I thought that he would enjoy having a new series to start. He never got very far in New Spring, but I managed to read it and was hooked. After a few weeks of NS buzzing around in my head, I caved in and went out and got Eye of the World, and read each book in about a week each. I'm currently on my third read-through...my memorial read-throu
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