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  1. I think she just needed a real good f..well, you get the idea...
  2. I'm pretty sure the Third Age is everything from the Breaking until now. The Second Age was the Age of Legends, and consists of everything from the sealing of the Bore backwards until we-don't-know. Therefore, the Third Age has been roughly 3000 years. I don't think the lengths of the Ages are uniform, either.
  3. Ah, that does make sense. I guess that's what I get for viewing things like a wetlander.
  4. I noticed something strange about the Aiel that I think must be an error or inconsistency on the part of RJ. The Aiel refer to people by both their first and last names, and via Aviendha POV's, we know that she feels awkward just calling someone by their first name, as per Aiel custom, you only do that when you're really close to somebody. But the thing is...Aiel don't actually have last names. It could be a custom that just refers to wetlanders, but since they're so rare in the Waste, I doubt any of them have ever stuck around long enough to get buddy buddy with an Aiel.
  5. Although I agree that Noal isn't a Darkfriend...I don't think Padan Fain would agree with your reasoning. ;D
  6. Forget hoards of Trollocs, bring on the worms! (or jumara, for you sticklers out there) I'd like to see the Isle of Madmen, but that probably ain't happening
  7. Probably a typo...there's a scene in Lord of Chaos (after Alanna bonds Rand) where Alanna is twice referred to as "Manna".
  8. Pillow friends have a sexual relationship. "Pillow friends are not just good friends. Oh, they are that, too, but they also get hot and sweaty together and muss up the sheets something fierce. By the way, pillow friends is a term used in the White Tower. The same relationship between men or women elsewhere would be called something else, depending on the country. The Official Robert Jordan Blog, September 30, 2005" And don't forget this: "“…I had a little talk alone with Shalon. After a little gentle questioning, she spilled out the whole story, and Ailil confirmed everythi
  9. I find the "Great Aravalon" part of this interesting...the future of Tar Valon, I'm assuming?
  10. Luckers might have a point. Sanderson could have just found out what little information we have about the possible outriggers/prequels, or something as minor as a one sentence description of them. Remember, I think he said in an interview that he didn't know for sure if Moiraine was alive or dead, which implies he hadn't read Knife of Dreams yet. I did infer from his statements that there are some notes that at least sketch out the prequels and outriggers, but, really...we just don't know :p
  11. I think the relevant part of the quote is this: "and I now know what the prequels and outriggers would have contained." This seems to imply that there's at least something he knows more about the prequels/outriggers than what we know, that he presumably read in the notes.
  12. You said you weren't reading any more of this, so consider these to be just hypothetical questions for the rest of the people still reading this thread. I have no problems with your beliefs, but it kind of boggles me that the things that offend you in the books are lesbianism and polygamy. I mean, there are plenty of other things that are in this book which to me, seem should be seen as more offensive than lesbianism and polygamy. How about murder? Rape? Torture? Think of some of the acts that the Forsaken have committed. Are they actually less offensive than a culture where les
  13. I agree with Luckers...the Aes Sedai are hypocrites. Compulsion is banned, but they just don't consider the Warder bond the same type of Compulsion, even if the results are similar. In defense of the AS however, Warders are supposed to know what they're getting into when they become bonded, so I guess it's just part of the package.
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