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  1. It has occurred to me that it is doubtful that the dark one is a god. If the dark one was a god, then the only other person who could stand up to him would be the Creator, and he has stepped out of things, letting the mortals decide things, for good or bad, on their own. If the dark one is a god, Rand stands no chance. He is crippled, half mad, going blind, and missing an arm. There is only one way that Rand can win if the dark one is a god. My theory is that he was a man, a remarkably powerful and evil man but a man none the less. There are many ways that this theory fits. The battle be
  2. the forsaken are fighting for position, true, but it makes sense that the one who freed the DO would promoted instantly out of gratitude on the DO's part. also there was never any mention of the use of technology in the drilling of the bore. Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time said that Lanfear was trying to access a power source that both men and women could tap into, and makes no mention of any technology. Besides, how would you bore through the pattern with any mechanical device? It is insubstantial, and could not be accessed by any normal means. the only way you could use a machine
  3. a very interesting thing just occurred to me. Why have the forsaken not re drilled the bore after their release? Fel said that no man could match the creator, and lanfear managed to bore the original, so why not do it again? they have so many channelers at their command, why bother trying to destroy all the seals.
  4. she may have her kids by the time the last battle comes around, and she is one of the most powerful Aes Sedai in the tower, she can defend herself
  5. my theory is that elayne, aviendha and min all need to be at the last battle, and since elayne is a member of the royal house of andor, the royal house of andor is key to winning the last battle
  6. The seals may need to be destroyed so that rand can repair the dark ones prison completely with Choedan Kal
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