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  1. woops sry guys guees i didnt look hard enuf lol
  2. there hasnt been much info on his Amyloidosis treatments for a while and i was just wondering if hes feeling better at all??? if yer reading this RJ GET WELL SOON!!!
  3. i think it couldve been done in a few less books but really i enjoyed everysingle one tht ive read so far (almost on 6) maybe about hmmm 50-100 pages in tFoH coulve been cut whith no one caring but almost every single wrighter does this also most of the time most of these pages led up to something or anothr so yea as far as the money thing goes robert jordan doesnt get nearly as much money as J.K Rolling or Tolkein do.plus RJ hasnt done NEARLY as many books as Salvatore has
  4. personally i think even if theyhad to make12 movies it wud still work look at harry potter theres probably gonna be at least 7 and maybe 8 movies this is only 4-5 more star wars 6 movies plus abought 50 games based on them so i dont think it wub be too hard
  5. k ive been wonderin about this for a while u know when the dark hounds come in and start attkin rand in tFoH then the hounds bite matt (dark hound saliva makes u die) but then rand cats balefire on the hounds so they die and since balefire like burns the thread of the thing who dies from it matt lives (as explained by moiriane) what im thinkin if rand saw someone dyin then he could cast balefire on the thing tht killed them and then theyd be alive again does any of this make sence to u guys???
  6. last year it was liek a week b4 harry potter 6 was comin out and my mom really wanted me to get a book so i asked a dude at mycnally and he said tht he really liked WoT so i was just like sigh thinkin tht id trash it in 2 days but i got into it som much i put off harry potter till end of july lol im right now on tFoH and i really am tired of it though (my mind always starts to drift places other thts in the story and i end up readin the same page 4 times b4 i get it) so i took a break and started readin eldest lol im comin back to it though
  7. lol this topics been up a couple of times no offense to u or anythin but from what i can remember there hasnt been anyone who actually put some actors on yet lol but yea i think it wud be freakin awesome if they did
  8. k ive read eragon and am in the middle of eldest (i stopped readin WoT needed a change for a bit) and im not tryin to criticise or anythin but here are my views -urgals same as trollocs i imagined them a bti different but still had same idea -the "power" completly different a man and woman use the same thing and everyone has the abbility to but only every say 1/100 people do (not includin the elves because they all use it) -urghals attck village in the first one ra'zac (wich look nothing like shades) came and killed his father and destroyed his farm while saphira (his dragon) sorta "kidnapped" him. in the second one (eldest) the empire comes and trys to take eragons brother (roran [i think thts his name]) but they dont let him and a battle occours -the same strtin idea a bit the same but i didnt care almost every single middeval fantasy strts off like tht all writers look at eachothers writing and compliment it and this will never stop im thinkin tht it wasnt really paolini who in a way "copyd" jordan i believe tht jordan "copys" another writer, who "copyd" another writer and so on as far as if WoT got made into movies ID FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! one example of this is tht i absaloutly HATED harry potter b4 i saw the movie and now its my 2nd fav series so this wud open to a whole new group of readers it wud be slightly hard to make it into it though cuz thiers freakin 12 books in the series (1 comin)
  9. practically anyone can read WOT as long as they can make out what at least 4/5 of wat half the stuff means
  10. hmmm id love if thier was a wheel of time game but since id b too young too play it if it had nudity i say there shouldnt be any they might be able to alter it a bit so that maybe there werin lingirie or somethin but it stuck too exactly the same story line dont give it to any cheap developer or publisher like they did with the all those stupid movie games speakin of movies wouldnt it be cool if there was a wheel of time movie series!!! i think tht would b awesome
  11. Crusher


    thx for welcoming me also i see that there are some organiztaion things in these im just wondering how to join i was thinking of join thw WOLKIN but i just wwant to make sure of that the wolfkin are the people who are like Perrin right???
  12. Crusher


    k well first off id like to say hi to everyone and hope that i can be friends with evereyone second is that im on THE FIRES OF HEAVEN in the whell of time sires so im just wonderin if i can get a headsup that there might be spoilers in these forums wich there probably are hope i can get to know u guys
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