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  1. Thanks for taking th risk and finishing this series.

    Mistborn was an incredible trilogy.

    Please tell me Alloy of Law was NOT a stand alone book, i need more Wax.

  2. If you're the real Brandon Sanderson, how come I have more profile views than you do? lol Love the books!!!! Can't wait for AMoL!!!!

  3. Brandon! There are many, many topics worthy of your hallowed opinion in the Writers board, for which I am willing to pay you FOUR THOUSAND blinks. Here's an advance... *blink* *blink* *blink* ...

  4. First... >.<

    You should say hi more! Thanks for all the awesome books, I hope my appreciation and buying of the books is just compensation! Hopefully I'll see you in Sacramento.

  5. You may know that I do bonus material for all of my books. I like to do annotations which work like the director's commentary you might find on a DVD. However, with this book, I don't know that I'll feel comfortable doing that same kind of commentary. It's not my book; it belongs to Mr. Jordan. So, if I'm allowed, I'm thinking my bonus material for this book will bet to release on my website a chapter-by-chapter discussion of what Mr. Jordan left me, and how I chose to adapt it. That way, readers like yourself can search the novel and find the parts Mr. Jordan wrote and see the last
  6. The first scene and the last scenes are among the very most complete among the material I've been given. I find that poetic and appropriate, and will only need to do the most bare of changes to them. (Mostly, I have to change tense, as they were dictated. Instead of saying "He looked up" Mr. Jordan said to the person listening "And then, he looks up." So, while I'll have to change it to a narrative, I won't do much else and try to leave scenes such as these (there are others like them) near pristine. If I do this right, I'm hoping the reader won't be able to pick out where his writing
  7. Just a quick note to thank you all for your good wishes. I just wanted to let you know that I have now seen the notes, and while I can't say anything specific without breaking my NDA, I will say that the notes are in far better shape than I had expected. Mr. Jordan's staff are very skilled, and they have complied an outline for me that goes scene-by-scene. After reading through it, I'm confident we can produce a book that Mr. Jordan would have been pleased with. Also, I DO finally know who killed Asmodean, and I promise to include it in the book to finally answer that question for yo
  8. Way back on the first page, somebody mentioned NAME OF THE WIND, by Rothfuss, and I'd give it a second vote. Read it now, the first year it's out, like I did with WHEEL OF TIME when I was a kid. This guy's going to be around for a while. Daniel Abraham is another author to check out. I think he's under-appreciated, and well worth a read. And then, there's always that Brandon Sanderson guy... ;)
  9. My guess would be that it's due to the large numbers of people visiting the sight in relation to Mr. Jordan's death. I know several news pieces I looked at mentioned Dragonmount, and it is one of the first sites that shows up when you Google Robert Jordan. (By the way, nephitess, I like the nickname. ;) )
  10. Actually, this doesn't at all indicate that too many were published, or that the book sold fewer than expected copies, or even that there was a misprint. In the book biz, we shoot for around a 75% sell through. If you get more than that--selling, say, 90% of the print run--it can actually be an indication that you printed too few copies. 90% or more usually indicates that you'd have sold far more copies if they had been more widely distributed. For a smaller author, like myself, a nice 75% sell through will leave four or five thousand extra copies. Nothing big, often not worth r
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