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  1. Master Ablar, I concede the point to you on the Tower's progress. That was an impressive bit of research right there.
  2. I disagree that the tower is just foundations at this point. In one of my earlier posts I discuss Elaida pov chapters in which she thinks on going over the mini model tower to discuss progress on her tower. She also thinks on how upset she is that the sisters are not working on her tower as much as she wants them to. Though she wants more cooperation a partly power constructed project would likely have made decent progress. This Tower from reasonable deduction is clearly beyond the foundation stage.
  3. I still think we will see a black tower in Tar Valon. That said if memory serves Master Ablar and I agreed to disagree so I will leave it at that. I believe that Perrin will need to be involved in the black tower showdown as well. Upon learning from Grady that travel to the black tower will not work Perrin puts visiting the black tower in the wolf dream on his to do list. I also think this will be the second time in Min's vision that Perrin will need to be there for Rand to avert disaster. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  4. I think you are all correct in some regard. Elida's unfinished project will become the home of the Ashaman, Logain will lead the Ashaman channelers in helping the Aes Sedai save the White Tower from the Seanchan, and because of all this he will become the head of the new reformed Male Aes Sedai. First though he will have to kick Taim's behind in the Black Tower helping to preserve Elain's Kingdom. Well, unfortunately, I dissagree with most of the first part of what you said. I don't believe the Ashaman will be going to Tar Valon. Also I doubt Taim will let all his hard work go
  5. This to me makes for an interesting new thread or poll question. What Wheel of Time Character did you marry? I think for me the closest would be Min. My wife is a loving supportive woman. She is patient and understanding with me, but also willing to tell me when I am acting like a jackass. I would say on the whole neither one of us is the dominate partner. Which is how we both want it. I do not have the inclination to run roughshod over her ordering her about every which way nor does she with me. I think that I have more than a little Mat in me, if she were to decide that she were sudde
  6. Just be a boy in his early teens who wants to read about the boys he can identify with and not about the authoritative woman who always knows better would be my advice. That's how it was for me. I remember the first time I read Eye of the World I skipped straight through all the female POV because I didn't want to read them Pretty much this for me. I was a boy in my late teens when I started reading the Wheel of Time, and reading the storyline of women and teenage girl who seemed to act like they just got home from the beach and never bothered to get the sand out their undies was not
  7. I started reading the Wheel of Time in the summer of 2000, right after graduating from high school. It was love at first read. I read obsessively trying to chew through the series as fast as I could (at the time I had not yet realized that the series was unfinished), I just had to know how everything turned out in the end. I followed the character arcs and mostly responded typically e.g. I loved Mat from book 3 on and my love for his pov chapters just kept growing, I became increasingly frustrated with Rand's choices, and increasingly disgusted with Perrin's Faile oh my Faile storyline. T
  8. I was lazy and skipped to the end of this thread after reading the first page or so. That said forgive me if someone has already covered this aspect of Min hate/dislike. It is my contention that Min is directly responsible for Rand losing his hand. During the confrontation with Semirhage, Rand could have thrown himself out of the way of the fireball. He did not because he knew Min was behind. If Min was just kinda there when they stumbled on a by chance ambush I would take no issue with this. Rand took an injury to protect the woman he loves. Admirable, if someone threw something at me th
  9. Never underestimate the patterns ability to move things in the direction it needs them to be moved in. Rand once told Mat that fighting the Pattern was impossible. Whenever he did so he was forced in the direction he was meant to go in often unpleasantly so. He then told Mat only when he ran in the direction he was supposed to go did he have any measure of freedom in doing things at least a little his way. I agree many of the sisters have been bonded against their will, and to balance that Rand has ordered an equal number of Asha'man bonded to Aes Sedai. This does not take into account
  10. That is a somewhat one sided argument. A Twin Towers arrangement would give the Asha'man legitimacy in the eyes of the world. Over time the close living arrangements will help to soothe and erase the old tensions and prejudices. Besides such close proximity would give the two sides a greater chance to keep tabs on one another. Yes the Aes Sedai will want to take a hand in Asha'man affairs, but it also will give Logain a chance for the same. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In this case literally. We know with the turning of the Wheel men and women wielding the Power w
  11. I've thought that ever since she said it should be equal or greater in size to the white tower itself actually. "Well, that's where the Ashaman will be one day" And the Ancient symbol of the Aes'Sedai will be complete again. Black and White, rather than just the white teardrop. I did the same thing when I first read about Elaida's palace. Glad I am not the only one. As I said before I just love the symbolism of the two towers so near one another equal in size and splendor.
  12. I also like the thought of Logain standing as an equal to the Amyrlin. That is why I also like the idea of a Twin towers in Tar Valon setup. With Traveling now so widespread the Andor to Tar Valon distance does not mean much, but if the towers stood side by side it has a certain symbolism to it. Not to mention the proximity will allow for daily common interaction. Eating meals together, novices attending classes together, and simply working and living side by side. The theme throughout the series is that the greatest feats were accomplished when men and women worked together with saidar an
  13. Agreed, although I think that Logain is going to earn his acknowledgment as equal to the amrylin. Also I think that he is basically going to lead the BT to great heights after the Last Battle, and seeing as he could live a long time (he's pretty strong after all) by then end of his life he will have indeed attained a glory such as few men could dream of. He'll probably be a major player for the light forces at the Last Battle too. That should be enough for Min's viewing. On a similar line of thinking, to paraphrase Elaida's Foretelling the Black Tower is going to be rent in blood and fi
  14. I was just casually reading this thread not really intending to post on it when I came across Lily's 10 reason to not like Mat post. I cannot be silent on the Mat is a male Nyneave point. She is the embodiment of all that I hate in the gender stereotypes and that is on either side of the gender line. Overbearing, bossy, self righteous, judgmental,etc. That list could go on and on. There are many reasons to like Mat, and in my opinion few not to. There has been much said of his trying to run from his responsibility. I started reading this series 8 years ago when I was 19 and
  15. Let me do some flipping of pages it is either in Lord of Chaos or Crown of Swords, possibly both as the converstaion is between Sammael and Graendel. ok I found one of these conversations between Graendel and Sammael Lord of Chaos page 485-486. In this to sum up Graendel states that Lanfear and Asmodean are dead Sammael demands proof "show me a corpse".
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