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  1. If Rand could only see the cords while close to SG or Skimming or something, he wouldn't see them later in the books because he learned to Travel and hasn't been near SG, etc.
  2. Rand's white cord connected him to the Eye of the World. He had to fight it away from one of the Forsaken. I think Rand's ability to see it is a rare Talent. I also think it's only possible in certain circumstances, like while Skimming or near SG or something. I don't remember the exact circumstances of when he sees them, but I don't think he's ever seen the black cords in regular Randland.
  3. The New Spring novel was about 20 years before the main novel timeline. There would have been many more Malkieri and they would have still been adapting into their new lands. I agree with cloglord. Most of the fighting men would have died of old age if nothing else, especially considering that the life expectancy for non-channelers would be significantly lower than life expectancies today. Considering how everyone in the Borderlands is familier with Malkieri, even though most would have been born after its fall, it's not surprising that the Hadori would be common knowledge.
  4. Ishmael could have been laying a trap, but that doesn't mean that he knows Rand had actually made it to the eye. He's not all-knowing. It's possible he lost them when they went into the Ways and they arrived at the Eye before he discovered where they were.
  5. I think it's more like the access key was destroyed because the female CK was destroyed. Destroying the key wouldn't affect the larger sa'angreal. They've already found a broken female key when they got the male a'dam. The sa'angreal could have been destroyed for any number of reasons... the taint, the strain of that much of the OP, drawing too much OP, or a manufacturing error.
  6. SH's powers use the TP. It's possible Fain's powers would also include a level of protection from the TP, since it's repelled by Fain's evil. At least enough for him to sneak up on SH and cut him with the knife.
  7. My mistake about the fog... But we've seen Fain's power grow over time and we haven't heard from him in a while. He has powers through touch without the dagger, the dagger itself is dangerous, and he can create illusions.. He might be able to sneak up on SH with the help of some illusions...
  8. I think SH is directly tied to the DO, while Moridin is he leader of the chosen. So far, they seem to be working in concert, but I would think Moridin would ultimately have to answer to SH. I'm not sure if Moridin knows that or not... he could be in for a nasty surprise.
  9. Personally, I would love to see Fain face off with SH. Fain's powers have continued to grow. He more at his disposal than the dagger. He can affects from his touch, which is probably what he used against the Fades. In the later books, he's also able to summon the deadly fog and cast illusions. At this point, we really don't know what he is capable of doing. On the other hand, SH seems to be able to do things derived from his connection to the DO (channel TP?) and we've seen him cower some of the most powerful people in the series.
  10. In my mind, TG will be brought on by Rand, not the DO or a Trolloc army. At the end of the last book, he's already moved a lot of his forces to where they need to be for TG. Rand is also the one, according to Fel, who will need to break the DO seals in order to fix the bore. I think TG will be a massive strike at SG, where he'll break the seals.
  11. I doubt we'll hear anything about the Shaido since the Seanchan took care of most of them and the rest are scattered. The Shaido will probably be obsorbed into other lands/Aiel clans. There's already so much going on in the last book, I don't see any room for the Shaido plot line to have any further resolution. With that said, it might be a nice touch if a few bands of the remaining Shaido do something great in the last book to regain their honor.
  12. I'm not sure I understand the question in the second line. Mordeth and Fain are the now same person.
  13. I think Rand needs to break the seals at TG, but not because they are evil. The same seals that prevent the DO breaking through the bore would also prevent Rand from sealing the bore. I think if they were really radiating evil, one of the channelers who touched it would have felt it, like the male a'dam Liandrin wanted to use on Rand. Back to the main topic, I agree that the DO can't be a man. But Rand doesn't really need to go head-to-head with the full power of the DO. Rand only has to go head-to-head with the power that the DO can send through the bore. They can can reseal the D
  14. If I remember correctly, there's been at least two vesions of SH during the series. The first is a regular Fade that has a sense of humor that appears before the super Fade version of SH appears. There's a quote somewhere from RJ that says the first Fade with a sense of humor was kinda like a Beta version of SH. Even if Fain was able to capture the Beta SH, he would have no control over the super Fade version of SH. Besides, with SH's access to the DO and special powers, why would he honor any plans that he had made with Fain?
  15. Maybe. Moridin has already been named the leader of the Forsaken by the DO. It would be a lot safer if Moridin simply died BEFORE the DO was free. Also, I'm still not sure that even Lanfear could break LTT's barrier on the current bore. They're two different things. Lanfear lead the effort to create the original bore, but I'm sure she probably had a powerful circle that she was leading with sa'angreal. None of the current Forsaken have any sa'angreal and wouldn't trust each other to link. If I remember correctly, there were attempts to open the seal all the way during
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