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  1. mat wont lose his memories but i think he will lose one of his eyes. Remember it said somewhere "and he shall lose half the light in his world" or something like that.
  2. ok guys now thats be realistic here. I would love a huge book too but 2000 pages? I doubt it. I think it will be SLIGHTLY bigger than the usual but it wont be that big. RJ said he wouldnt finish all the subplots. As for me...Ive loved the series but im happy its ending. It was great but like all great things they have to come to an end.
  3. Yes she is definitly alive. 100% people. Min said she would be coming back. Im just curious about what cool new powers she will have when she comes back.
  4. yeah i know man. gives a new meaning to "hung like a horse of course of course" =)
  5. oops i didnt see the previous page. tee hee hee. but i did have that same idea even if it was later.
  6. Yes ive been thinking for a very long time that faile may die! Glad to know im not the only one. but since there is only one more book i seriously doubt it. ok i have a crazy theory about avi's babies. Maybe they are born being able to channel both sadiar and saidan? maybe. its a reach though.
  7. I never thought about lan fighting SH but i think that would be one really pimp sword fight. =) and yes apollo that was a very bad joke.
  8. I dont think that rands hand will be that much of a problem. I mean he still has it even though it doesnt work that well. I think he can still bring it. yeah but i have to admit that the first thing that came to my mind when rand lost his hand was star wars. He should have lost his big toe! thats original!
  9. Ok so we all know that lan is going be coming back with a huge kick @$$ army for the last battle. Do you think he will take his throne before the last book or do you think thats one of the ending that RJ said he wont finish.
  10. 1)OK one thing that has been bothering me for awhile is what the last battle will be like. Do you think that rand will right the DO or will he fight his chosen one moridin and the battle will be decided by that?? As for me(i hope this doesnt happen) i think he will fight moridin since the DO hasnt really made a big appearance in the series. 2)How come shadar haran doesnt come to any of the meeting of the forsaken. Does moridin know him? 3)I dont think rand will kill all of the forsaken. I think our favorite pschyo padan fain will take a few out. i think he will fall to rand at the end though?
  11. I think that they can see or sense what is going around the both of them. Remember that rand was looking in a mirror one time and saw moridin but he was suprised that rand noticed him and disapeared. I think rand doesn know this yet but i think moridin knows. Maybe thats one of the reasons that he doesnt want rand to get hurt. Hurting rand may hurt him in some way. I doubt it though. but i dont think they have the same body. poor rand. He has not 2 but 3 voices in his head now. I have trouble with one. =)
  12. ha ha. maybe bela dressed as rand and did it? ha ha. Ok but seriously maybe lews therin takes over rands body for awhile and he does like attractive women right? Well another strange thing was the fact that they said she would have rand's kids....but they never said they would be all hers. She may look after rands children in case elyane dies? Maybe.
  13. In book 11 moridin gave very specific directions that rand wasnt suppose to be touched but that he wanted everyone to kill mat and perrin. What do you think is going to happen? We all know the forsaken dont take orders that well unless its from the big man downstairs.
  14. I do wish rj the best on trying to fight this. but i just wish he didnt take so damn long to finish the series now. i think he will finish the series though. remember rj promised he would be writing until they nailed his coffin shut.
  15. Hey all! I have been a HUGE wheel of time fan and i just love to talk about whats coming up in the new book. Can anyone answer me why book 10 was called knife of dreams? I have been thinking about it but i STILL dont get it. Maybe im just dumb like that. ha ha. Tell me what you guys think.
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