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  1. Ok Talmanes may seem a little different, but all that was from Mat's POV. Mat may finally be beginning to understand him, or may be seeing things that are not there because he thinks Talmanes should be laughing at him.
  2. What was the name of the weave LTT used in KoD when the Trollocs attacked. Oh yeah Blossom of Fire, what happened there seemed like it could fit the "rent in blood and fire" prophecy.
  3. I think Rand and Morridin have a lot in common, back in the Age of Legends I think Morridin had a similar moment to Rand's but went the other way. But lacking a CK did the next best thing and became the DO's lackey in an attempt to destroy the world. Also Rand is going to be so much more dangerous now, instead of attacking his own side he is going to be focused solely on the DO and Forsaken. He also is going to have all the memories of LTT, making him as powerful or even more so than Morridin.
  4. Does anyone else think Noal is Jaim Farstrider? I've had that thought almost since we met the guy.
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