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  1. Good theory. It reminds me of an idea I had a while ago. We know from Perrin POV that when Rand had his epiphany on dragonmount, he was also in TAR. I think that maybe he now exist simultansely there and in the real world, which is why the taint no longer affect him and why he can channel a lot more of the OP than ordinary channelers. The limitation of the flesh no longer concern him because he has a limitless dream body supporting him
  2. I'm pretty sure that the devil wanted to turn job against god, which would have been a win. maybe in Christianity. in Judaism he was just doing his job (no pun intended)
  3. I think the biggest flaw in Ishmael reasoning is that he assume that the dark one wants to win. since, as was pointed out in this thread, the dark one should have logically won long ago it is not that certain. maybe the dark one is just doing the same thing he did in the book of job; testing people by making their lives miserable. the people who pass the test get to reborn in a better life.
  4. I always wondered if that means that some people who are turned that way refuse to serve the dark one out of arrogance. after all, if they are ambitious enough, and think that the dark one could be defeated they might want to take over the world for themselves...
  5. You know, there are some subtle hints in the viewing that make me think that the future Seanchan might not be as oppressive as they are now. first, there are the miners who refused to trade with the Aiel. they were worried about losing their charter, not about their lives or their freedom. this seem to suggest that slavery and the death penalty are not very common anymore. second, there is the fact that the Seanchan have made an agreement with shara about the isolation of the Aiel. considering that shara is ruled by channelers it isn't very likely that they would find common ground with people who enslave their kind unless this was no longer happening. and finally there the fact that the Asha'man were still free and fighting from their hiding place. how long do you think the Seanchan would be able to hold against people who are completely undetectable until they burn a village and can secretly "wife bond" people of means into giving them support? let's face it, those guys would be the most efficient terrorists freedom fighters ever.
  6. Balefire erases threads of objects it hits from before the time it hit them. It doesn't erase everything that crossed the path it travels before it was launched. Think of it as actual burning. It hits something, the thread catches 'fire', and the loose end left in the pattern 'burns back' a little bit. The more intense the fire is, the farther back it burns. Mat and Avienda are alive because Rahvin didn't exist when he was supposed to kill them. By that logic, Graendal is suppose to be dead because the palace didn't exists when it was supposed to hold her. This kind of proves my point. Nyneave wasn't hit by balefire but her position was altered because of something in her past that wasn't there when it was suppose to. The fact that she was "in" the boat is irrelevant. It's not like the pattern is some kind of computer game that redefine people who board boats as part of the boat.
  7. A Sul'dam can see weaves when she is linked with a Damane, so she can learn how to make them by looking at a more experienced Sul'dam.
  8. There something that bothers me about Graendal escape. Balefire destroy things before it hits them, so even though she escaped before the attack, she was still in it when the palace was vaporized. Logically she was suppose to find herself in the bottom of the crater with a broken neck
  9. There is also the fact that the guards might attack a channeling man who will suddenly appear in the city and the fact that he doesn't know where it would be safe to open a gate without hurting anyone. By the way, why does everyone seem to think that Egwene is arrogant and irrational? I see her as prideful but otherwise she is the most sensible person in the tower (sure that doesn't say a lot but still...)
  10. I wonder if all the structural anomalies the tower has gone through lately would be undone when rand will show up.
  11. The Graendal who was killed was actually Cadsuane in disguise; she was compelled to kill Min in that form by the real Graendal, to mess with Rand mind. but before the plan was executed Graendal saw Rand give a coin to a small beggar child, and figured that the child was the real Min and that the person in the tent was just a decoy, so she quickly balfired Cadusane to get rid of the evidence.
  12. The Questioners already know the truth, they are just looking for a confession. Thom said something like that to Nynaeve in tEotW when she threatened to run to the whitecloaks to get the four away from Mo. Asunawa "knows" Galad is a darkfriend or is manipulated by darkfriends. If the Lord Captains become convinced Galad is innocent Asunawa still has the Seanchan forces and the Questioners to keep them in line. Let's look at the situation through the eyes of the Seanchan commander that was sent to babysit the whithcloacks. In one side there is a crazy sociopath that is loated by his own troops and thinks he has a monopoly on truth; on the other side there is a well disciplined, well respected soldier who has connection to the Andorian royal family. If they would believe that Galad would serve them they just might get rid of Asunawa themselves.
  13. I've been thinking the same thing. I wouldn't be surprise if she would think that the new softer rand is some kind of a ruse to get his enemies to underestimate him (just like she herself did by exaggerating her "pleasures") and when he wouldn't react to her manipulation the way she anticipated she would think he is on to her and look for hidden meanings in his actions to try to figure out what he plans for her. When I found out she is still alive I was disappointed because it seem fitting that the local chess master would die by a ridiculously simple plan, but if she would spend the rest of the book trapped in a "wilderness of mirrors", fighting against a shadowy rand that exists only in her head, it would be totally worth it
  14. I think Asunawa got himself into a bit of a bind here. Galad put doubts into the minds of the other lord captions and he has 7000 soldiers loyal to him. Asunawa would need to get a confession fast; otherwise the rest of the children would become convinced that Galad is innocent and would demand his release.
  15. Rand was too hard on her for the simple reason that the whole incident was his fault. By now he should have known that there was no way a "half trained girl" could have stopped one of the forsaken. He had every reason to assume that semi escape was a result of his refusal to kill/still her.
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