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  1. Nigh on a 19 year old journey almost at an end, during which time so much has happened. Loved ones lost, loved ones gained. All intertwined throughout this journey through the wheel of time. It feels like I can finally move on and re-begin my life after the final book has been read. I just didn't know what I was letting myself in for all those years ago as an 18 year old boy.
  2. And here I was going to comment about Perrin's "tubbyness" sp? :-p Shame the collectors edition has sold out :-( Edit - Meant Limited Edition ^^
  3. After nigh on 2 decades of reading this series (The best I have ever read followed by Erikson and Martin) I just hope Moridin and Lanfear survive and its the best book it can possibly be. Disappointed at the release date. However, from reading Brandon's comments there is the outside chance it could be released earlier. So here's to hoping. Under promise, over deliver!!
  4. Lanfear would be awesome. However, not just standing and looking pretty, but in a combat stance while channelling or something akin to that. I would love a cover dedicated to the Chosen - they seemed to have been missed out.
  5. No doubt we are all getting our votes for Goodkind and Eddings in!!!
  6. I have been waiting for this for a while now as I never wanted to buy an incomplete set. I wonder if we will get a digital version for tablets too? Would be nice :-) I so wish the main series can be completed in a similar vain or an animation series to be made as I dont think a movie is going to come about and even then if I am wrong, and it does; I dont think it will meet expectations. I feel the series has become too big to be reproduced for cinema and would culminate in a watered down product.
  7. Not sure if this goes in this thread ( I'm more of a lurker on these boards than a liberal poster) but here goes anyway. All these people that have been balefired out of the pattern so they never existed, is it possible that the pattern will throw them out again at a later date as "newborns"? Hence people like the fallen chosen returning at a later time and date, maybe the next age? for The Wheel of Time to turn anew? Also if someone is burned out of existence shouldn't they be forgotten by people otherwise i think if they are not ( all of the chosen are remembered after their demise)
  8. Thanks Stefania, I would love to join up. Where do I sign up?
  9. Hello everyone, I'm a new member to the site but have actually been visiting it since about 1996 - 1997 or thereabouts, when it started off with a little flash anination if I remember correctly. I have always looked at this site daily and probably more for a good many years but never actually signed up to it. I did try once but there were problems so did not try again. I never thought it would take RJ's passing for me to sign up. RJ's death hit home for me even moreso than under normal circumstances, because at the time RJ was diagnosed and he revealed to us all what was happening
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