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  1. What about the Black Tower? Do the guys over there have pillow friends? Or are they just called butt-buddies?
  2. There is no future for Manetheren. It's six feet under... Oh and the Black Tower isn't gonna get destroyed, is it?
  3. Because the army to fight the Last Battle is to gather there. And why not make Deathgates? Would be easier and there is no water problem... Also why don't just make huge circles with Aes Sedia and Asha'man? They can kill all the Forsaken who are left without breaking a sweat. Or you could let all AS and AM stand in line and let them make two huge lines of air. One where the knees are and one where the head is --> DF and shadowspawn rush forward and they all get killed before the get close :p
  4. Kill the Forsaken. Create new Gholams = victory.
  5. I think Tam knew from the beginning... Look at the reaction when Rand told him about the Fade in tEotW.
  6. He can like, ingnore her so I don't think there will be any probs when she dies...
  7. For Rand and Rand only: Neaera - I Love The World Worse than Pain Is the Pain You Can't Feel Anymore Harder than the Truth Is the Lies You Don't See Bitterer than the Tears Are the Tears You Can't Shed Anymore Worse, Than a Weak Mind Is a Dead and Cold Heart Sometimes You Must Embrace the Sorrow To Recieve the Cleansing To Shores of Joy We Sail Through Seas of Suffering and Pain To Woods of Harmony We Ride Through Valleys of Death and Unlight Deeper and Deeper Into the Abyss Higher and Higher to the Sky If there was no Darkness How Could We See the Light? Worse than Grief Is the Grief You Can't Feel Anymore Worse than a Weak Mind Is a Dead and Cold Heart Sometimes You Must Embrace the Darkness When You Seek Light Sometimes You Must Let Go To Keep Holding Tigh
  8. I think only the Band will use the firearms. Against the Seanchans? *Does a radiovoice* Sniperteam Alpha take out that damane! I repeat! Sniperteam Alpha take out the damane! *Hears a shot*
  9. Yes, they were specified. It was in the beginning of CoS.
  10. Could somebody give me the poem in the beginning of the book? Something wrote by Kyera Termendal or something... I want the English piece of it. And could somebody also give me the English part of the song the Aiel sing at Dumais? thx
  11. I wished he'd be able to kill women. He wouldn't be in this kind of ****. And now Aes Sedai aren't worth a thing. All they saying: "blablablabla I'm better than you blablabla". Yeah, well guess what Rand is the one who needs to fight the Dark One and not you Aes Sedai! He has every single right to act the way he does. They aren't the lamb that needs to be sacreficed... They should all be kissing his feet goddammit!
  12. What's going on between them? I'm on my reread of Lord Of Chaos and Sulin says something about being his daughter... Would somebody explain please? thx
  13. The first 100 pages were freakin boring, I almost thought of stopping. But I kept reading and I'm happy about it :p
  14. They should make it anime. It would be alot easier. Less money and you do need 12 movies so the people in it would change to much.
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