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  1. There are the characters who are written to be disliked. I call them the ones I like to dislike. Then there are the characters that I think are just terribly written. The like to dislikes are: Liandrin, Elaida, Slayer/Luc/Isahm, Most of the whitecloaks, Galad and Gawyn, Fain etc. The absolutely dismal characters because of writing are: FAILE (I can't stress how much I hate her, I tend to skip over most of her stuff in re-reads), Nyanaeve, Elayne, The later Sheriam, Aviendha, Moghedein and Cyndane start to become rather irritating as well.
  2. Her balefire was in fact weak. I believe it was in TFoH that Moirane talks with Rand about Balefire after he burns the darkhounds. I remember her mentioning that her balefire could only erase a couple seconds from the patter. I imagine Nynaeves only erased a second or so as well.
  3. It possibly could be a slip. Though it sounds like Egwene is saying it's near impossible to accidentally run into someone. Rand was actively seeking out Asmodean. Perhaps that is the difference?
  4. I wouldn't suggest only audio. I read up until CoT several years ago and now I am currently listening to the whole series from the beggining. Without having read at least a book to start I think I would be lost by now. One thing that does help is encyclopaedia-wot.org (Google it because I'm sure I misspelled it). I listen to wot during work so when my mind wanders and I miss some things I refer to the website for names and chapter summaries. Though if you are into the series for the first time be aware that you may come across spoilers.
  5. I did a college thesis on Schizophrenia. I can't say for certain that RJ was basing the madness of Saidin on any particular mental illness, but from what he describes, it most closely resembles schizophrenia. Basically we all think with a voice, but we recogize it as our own. In schizophrenics there are multiple voices that they do not acknowledge as their own. I think that this perhaps could be what is happening with Rand/LTT. They aren't seperate souls, just thoughts seperated by madness. In Rands head the information transactions seem as if they are from LTT to Rand when in reality it's knowledge that Rand already has because he is LTT reborn.
  6. This is kind of tricky to explain but I see it like this: Rand and LTT are the same person. They aren't two seperate souls but rather two seperate manifestations of the same soul. Due to the madness of Saidin, Rand is keeping what he believes to be the old LTT from simply just integrating with his thoughts. What Rand knows of LTT is that he is a mad man from the age of legends so consequentially what he is keeping seperated in his head as LTT are the maniacal laughters and depressions over a wife he did not know. I don't think LTT was reborn mad, rather I think he became mad from the taint on Saidin.
  7. As far as I can tell, and hope, Rand's love life will take a bit of a backseat to TG. Though I believe Min's viewing is evidence enough that Rand is stuck with the three of them. However I don't see them all 4 marrying and settling down together. Their work is more important.
  8. Perhaps we're all thinking too much about it. Aside from the fact that there could not be 12 more books had Rand died in the inn, The fact is that Ishamael did not want him dead at that point in time. The Myrdraal presumably were under Ishy's command. The DO's orders, or rather, ability to order at that point in time are only assumptions. However, I think that it is intended to be believed that Ishy was the only Forsaken free. Also that the bore was very small and therefore the DO's insight on the world (and ability to order) was limited.
  9. Perhaps this has already been discussed, but I didn't come up with much by searching the forums. I apologize if I'm flogging a dead horse. I've been thinking recently that Rand is mad but it is the madness that is saving him. Because he's schizophrenic so to speak, he's keeping that seperation between himself and LTT. This would seem a good course because in order for prophecy to be fulfilled LTT must die. It also aint a bad deal for LTT being that he wants to die. I also recall Rand musing a couple of times to himself that only mad men talk to other people in their heads, or something of the like. The madness of Saidin has never been described in great detail, but generally the mad men will destroy their villages, hurt loved ones, etc. It would sort of make sense that their symptoms are schizophrenic and they are battling with their alter egos for control of Saidin as Rand does with LTT. Though to Rand's advantage both he and LTT are trained where as the average sparker is not. I've heard theories of body transplants at TG and I suppose that could happen, though I'm sure that somehow in the end LTT will die and Rand will still live.
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