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  1. I do LOTS of training coupled with very healthy eating habits... now I can do nothing else than agree with you as I can definitely relate... sad how I did not see it by myself :) You just made me see the light!!! Thanks alot :)
  2. I agree with both of you... My question is more regarding his obsession... as far as I see it anyway... Like when he was practicing against 5 opponents in the courtyard and Bashere throw a knife at him to make a point... And now with his hand gone the first thing he thinks about is relearning the forms... It just strikes me as an obsession which goes beyond just protecting himself when he cannot channel... that is what I do not understand but try to... I guess RJ would have told me RAFO :) As for that was a lame attempt at humour :)
  3. Hi, I hope this has not been discussed before (which I doubt) but I did not easily find any topics on the subject... unless I am typing my keywords wrong as my first language is French... Why is Rand so obsess about fighting with the sword??? Will it play a role at TG??? One many occasion, people have told Rand that with his one power he does not need to fight with the sword... forsaken have said it was ridiculous... Bashere told him also... Taim thinks this is beneath him... Now that Rand lost his hand in KOD, he is focused to relearn all the forms using only one hand to f
  4. I must agree with you here, I remember reading the book The Redemption of Althalus and thinking that all the characters were Silk from the Belgariad.
  5. I had never made the connection on the first read, but in chapter 15 of TEOTW is the first time Rand meets the Whitecloacks... and he almost used the one power then... that gave me goose bump on the second read and every one after that...
  6. I have enjoyed the following: 1. The Belgariad and The Mallorean (David Eddings) I call this old school fantasy 2. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever (Stephen R. Donalson) 3. Wars of Light and Shadow (Janny Wurts)
  7. I also bought mine using the Audible subscription. CoS and PoD did not come out right away, but I now have them all from Audible
  8. Hi, I have read the whole WOT series many times and I have recently bought all the audiobooks in unabridged format. I will admit that being used to listening to audiobooks, I found the WOT ones very good. Michael Kramer and Kate Reading did a superb narrating job as I can recognized each different caracters just be the sound of their voices. Before book 12, I will do another readthrough. And it will definitly be with my audiobooks. But let me assure all of you that I will read book 12... I have to hold the book while I read it to truly get the full immertion feeling. Has an
  9. It would seem more reasonable if he wore a blindfold! I agree... I would also use a blindfold instead of gauging my eye out... ;D I was more making reference to the prophecy of giving up half the light of the world as in Matt doing something to fool the finns instead of going over to Seansean... The fact that these 2 paragraphs are part of the book, to me, seems more like what the prophecy means... however he chooses to gauge his eye out :D
  10. It might be excessive but I have just found the chapter I remembered... I beleive they are linked... Knife of Dreams - Dragons' Eggs p228-229 "What did they do with memories, anyway? They had to have some reason for gathering them beyond giving them away again. No, he was just trying to avoid where this led. Burn him, the bloody foxes were inside his head right then! They had to be. It was the only explanation that made sense. "Well, you look as if you're about to vomit," Tuon said, backing the razor away with a grimace. "Who in the show would have herbs? I have some knowle
  11. Hi, I am going from memory here, so I might be wrong and it would not be the first time... I seem to remember Matt figuring out or suspecting that the finns can experience life thru the eyes of others and therefore can see thru Matt's eyes... Now if he has still his eyes to go rescue Moiraine, they would kinda see him coming no?! Therefore he takes his eye out to save Moiraine, which is essential to saving the world... Am I right in my assumption?
  12. I have enjoyed Janny Wurts so far with her Wars of Light and Shadow series... But I do find it very complicated and difficult to read sometimes... Anyone has opinions about her??
  13. I just had an idea which might be completly crazy... and might have been discussed before but I have not found any references... so here goes... Moridin seem to keep helping Rand... The Dark One does not want Rand dead... Rand needs to die to live again... Could it be that the only way the Dark One can break free is by having the seals broken but more importantly to take over the Dragon's body??? That could explain a few things...
  14. I would just use compultion on her and be done with it... Simple and if she is too strong... have many Ashaman and Aes Sedai link together to do so... So why wait hours... I know using compultion is something only the Shadow does... but eh! I want to make sure the Dark One does not win...
  15. THIS THREAD IS STILL ALIVE???? I am shocked LOLLL :o
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