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  1. Wow great stuff folks! Any chance the pictures on the blog represent these weapons. (i.e. the short black spear in one of the pictures) Also Aiel belt knives has been suggested to me to resemble a Kukri.
  2. Many thanks the Katana was what I assumed but the Naginata was not in my list of possibilities however that looks nearly perfectly correct. If anyone has any more ideas as to what is what I would be very pleased to hear them.
  3. Greetings I am not a regular to these forums but, I have read all of the wheel of time series and enjoy it greatly. I am curious if any of you would be so kind as to provide me with the Names or a guide to relative equivalents to several weapons listed in the books. Of course very little will be exactly as Mr. Jordan described it however there are a few that I would greatly enjoy researching and possibly eventually crafting a few myself. The weapons in Question are: Ashandarei - Japanese naginata Aiel Spears (there are many different types of spears from around the world I am looking for a specific close comparison)- suggested to be a pilum Perrin's Axe Aiel belt knife Rand's Sword - Modified Kat or Katana (Any artists wanna take a stab at this one?) I have a general Idea of some of these however some confirmation or opinions on what most closely suits these weapons would be greatly helpful in my research.
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