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  1. Somehow I always forget how majestic the Tower is, Myriade mused when she dismounted and handed Fire's reigns to a stable hand who retreated bowing. It towered above her, catching the last rays of sunshine, shining like mother-of-pearl. She'd had it in her view ever since Tar Valon had been barely visible on the horizon, as if it was a homing beacon drawing her ever closer to itself. Myriade didn't even really take a look at the man who took care of Fire for her. It wasn't so much that she didn't care, but she had been used to grooms and stable hands all her life and they kind of blended
  2. Someone up there said that RJ became ta'veren in a way and for me and my life, this has certainly been true. Without WoT my life would have been vastly different. - I would not have the circle of real life friends I now have - I would not have the fiance I now have - I probably would not have the job I now have. It is astonishing to see how much a book and an author can mean to someone, and how a writer can reach lives not only through his physical books, but through the thought of the world he has created. It is like the ripples of a pond, ever spreading outward. My deepes
  3. It was still early in the afternoon and sunlight streamed through the windows. Odd, for it seemed to Irina that lifetimes had passed since she'd been taken to the test down below in the bowels of the Tower. She had somehow expected it to be the dead of night, but nothing of it. This was supposed to be a time of contemplation, on how one supposed to be a Servant of All. Irina reflected while she slowly walked across the room, looking at the familiar cracks in the wall, the chipped crockery, the hard bed. Her two spare Accepted dresses hung on a peg on the wall adjacent the bed. Today would
  4. I've not read any further than Seggies post, will do so after this. Seg, Kath, Owen, my comments on communication were not directed at you. I know you guys are just the messengers, and I know you could not have informed anyone earlier than you already did. Sorry if I did not put that in my post - I should have.
  5. I'm a big big fan of SMF boards so in that respect, hip hip hurray for these new boards!!
  6. I've been here for a long time (since 1999 in fact) - and I've been away for quite some time too - so I guess I've basically seen all the incarnations of DM from the beginning. From DM before the split, terribly slow and not as big yet, to DM after the split, with offsite boards, and now consolidated again. The way I see it, there are many benefits to moving from the offsite boards to the DM boards. It is easier for newbies to find their way around without having to find out about offsite boards as well. There are no additional hosting questions involved - it costs less money to be
  7. There were no clothes. Irina turned around in the shoddy corridor, putting down the tray with food and drink and calmly collected the waitress dress and shoes that were neatly folded and lay nearby on a cupboard. She put them on, not in the least perturbed by the strangeness of her actions. She moved as if in a trance, picked up the tray, walked into the crowded common room of the inn, until her feet rested on the star inlaid in the floor. There, she put away the tray and started to weave the first weave, quite naturally, as if she wasn't started at by numerous customers. They all rose as
  8. The room was situated way below everything Irina had ever seen, even below the chamber where she had been tested for Accepted. The massive door gave way to Pia's single knock, and when she and Irina walked in, it was like stepping into a deja vu. The ter'angreal in the middle of the room wasn't exactly like the Arches, but it resembled them to a fair extent, as did the women who were present and kept it going by constant channeling. A shiver ran through Irina. Her Arches were something she didn't fondly remember. She'd come out of them steaming in anger - as was the case with most of the new A
  9. OOC: the bio for this character was approved over a year ago, but I never really did anything with it. I've decided to revive her today, after some discussion with the White Tower. Since I had a full sister before, I've decided to start this one off on the day of her Aes Sedai test. IC: "Ouch!" The weave dropped and Irina reeled on her feet, her head ringing with the blow she'd just received. Caira, who'd once again managed to sufficiently destract her, sat giggling on the bedspread behind her, banded dress spread out around her. Irina kicked the nightstand in front of her. I
  10. A Tinker ... It was the first thing that crossed Irina's mind when she looked the girl up and down. The uncertain smile on the novice's face, the way she was braiding the white beads in her hair, the fact that she had not changed into her white dress yet which lay forgotten and crumpled on the bed beside her ... It told Irina much and she wasn't sure she liked it. At the same time she was very relieved she'd kept all her valuable belongings on her person (not that it was much) for everyone knew that Tinkers stole like the ravens if you gave them a chance. "Hi there, I guess I'm your ne
  11. This is my waking hour, This is my place, I can feel it. I feel the power in my heart, And it's my moment, It is right there, Staring me in the face ... Waking Hour - The Gathering If someone had been able to question her later, Lyanna would have said that the mere seconds that lasted between the moment the lightning left Caladesh' fingers and the moment it struck her, lasted ages. Time seemed to double upon itself, triple again, quadruple, until it became a dense pocket in which anything could happen, anything could be done. It is said that is how it is, dying, and Lyanna would hav
  12. The second Syl ran into the room, throwing herself between Lanfir and Caladesh, Lyanna knew the slender girl could not be saved. Terror and horror washed through the link towards her, as Lanfir realized it too with a sharp "SYL!" But Lyanna never could have braced herself enough for what came through the link next. In a way, linking was like temporarily bonding, and Lyanna had been aware of the living breathing thinking entity next to her that was Lanfir. The second Caladesh crushed Syl with Lightning, she could feel the girl dying through Lanfir's connection with her. Even worse, she coul
  13. I can hear you Calling … Your voice is bright Hear me Calling back … After fighting You’re always right Always right I tried … The Gathering - "Forgotten" There was a moment of total confusion when Lannie and she went through the floor, a moment of dust and dry coughing, of bruises and aches everywhere, of a dim awareness that she had to be on her feet now - but for what? And then on the other end of the room something shifted and Lyanna realized that they were not alone. Lanfir still held on to the Power, they were still shielded and Lyanna amazed at the sheer force of wi
  14. I can see it I can feel it This my waking hour This is my place I can hear it I feel the power in my heart And it’s my moment It is right there And it’s staring me in the face The Gathering - "Waking Hour" On their way down they could already hear the screams, and with a glance at eachother, Lyanna and Lannie broke into a quick trot, both hiking up their long flowing skirts. For yet another moment, Lyanna cursed the day that had made her Keeper - if she hadn’t been in this position, she probably would have been training with her quarterstaff in the yards right now and in a m
  15. The wine in her glass trembled, and she let go of the glass, rushing to her feet and already on her way over to Lanfir before the liquid hit the floor along with a multitude of glass shards. Her brain registered her movements a fraction later. She had to protect Lanfir, especially now that Alec was gone. The aura of the One Power winked on around her, and she anticipated Javaran to come crashing through the wall now, debris floating behind her and an insane smile on her face. It had been a recurrent image in Lyanna"s dreams for weeks now, ever since that fateful day. But no, no cracking wa
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