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  1. "The Saga of Recluse" is a great read... the story is told on kind of a funky time line, but it's easily understood once you get it. Also, "People of the Wolf" is good, too! From one newbie to another... welcome :)
  2. ... or at least I hope I'm not ;D Funny how many times I've visited this site and it's forum and I'm just now registering. So often, I've read a topic and wanted to respond, but because of time constraints or just pure laziness I've passed. I feel like I've missed out on a lot of good times and spirited discussions. But as they say, it's never too late (just who the heck is "they" anyhow?) :D The news of RJ's passing caught me off guard, as I'm sure it did many. I can't completely express how much the WoT books have given me, though I certainly hope (and am mostly convinced) that he enjoyed the telling as much as I enjoyed the listening. I am thankful for the privilege of reading these fantastic works of art especially considering many parts of the world don't get the same chance. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and theories with you all. Peace, Liath
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